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This article provides a detailed account of the history of New Zealand from when it was first created on the 6th of October 2010.

For a timeline of events, please see History of New Zealand/Timeline


Formation as a nation

On the 6th of October 2010 or Day 1051, New Zealand was introduced as one of the six new countries of eRepublik. Myles Robinson was elected as the provisional leader of the country until the first official presidential elections were held.[1] By the party presidential elections, three political parties had been created. With three political parties, the country was at a greater risk of Political takeover (PTO).

Throughout the month of October, the population of New Zealand grew rapidly. By the 13th of October, the population surpassed 300 people. With such rapid growth New Zealand eventually became the most populated new country in the eWorld. That is, before the Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) had their first significant baby boom.[2] The number of companies in New Zealand was also significantly higher than the five other new nations with a report on the 12th of October stating that there were a total of 54 companies created in a time-frame of 12 days.[3]

Citizens of the old country's on eRepublik were given the option of creating a free-alliance system. In this system, the new countries would be allied with every existing country in the New World. New Zealand quickly formed an alliance with every country except Australia. Indonesian-Australian congress members feared New Zealand would help the PTOed Australian Government, so they refused the alliance offer proposed by New Zealand.[4]

A study undertaken by Artorious Perim shows that the majority of New Zealand's population originated from other English-speaking nations. Many came from English-speaking nations such as the United States of America (26%), Australia (13%), the United Kingdom (11%) and Canada (11%).[5]

New Zealand's first Party Presidential Elections came on the 15th of October. The Provisional Government's Anti-Takeover department devised a plan which would help the Anti-Takeover party maintain control over all five of New Zealand's parties. See Elections of October 2010 for more details.

First Congress, and Presidential Elections

Before the initial Congress elections, there had been a huge surge in the number of Serbians moving to New Zealand. Many of those coming from EDEN nations believed that the Serbians were coming to PTO New Zealand, and therefore felt threatened by Serbian Migration.[6] However, many Serbians felt the same way about Americans and those from EDEN countries. They too believed citizens from Eden countries were intent on PTOing New Zealand. Serbia endorsed the movement of Serbians, as it was interested in suppressing the Provisional Government, and effectively driving Americans out of the country[7].

Fionia, then ATO commander was deeply concerned about the amount of Serbians that could potentially get into Congress. Vote coordination[8] occurred and by the 26th of October, the Serbians were able to get 19 people into Congress while the Provisional Government got 19 into Congress as well.[9] The two remaining were considered unknowns, and even at one point they were described by writers like Arjay Phoenician as "the two most important people in New Zealand".

The first New Zealand General Election was held between Calbe and Gaius Julius Ceasar00. Previously, Adasko, the leader of the Kiwi Social Democrats had declared his intent to run but ended up supporting Calbe. Calbe, the winner of the General Election and also a New Zealander in real life, had the support of 6 out of the 7 parties, including his own. By the end of the elections, he had received a total of 352 votes while Gaius Julius Ceasar00 received 83 votes. Calbe became the first Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Calbe's Government

Calbe's first government consisted of New Zealanders from all sorts of origins, with a significant amount of the government that came from the USA and from Serbia. This was so that a coalition could form against the Kiwi Independence Party that had previously opposed the Provisional Government. Calbe, wanting to maintain New Zealand's neutrality, arranged for MPPs to be signed with both Serbia and the USA.
Controversy ensued mid-way through the term as the coalition that the Serbians and the government had put in place was breaking apart as the Serbian group had arranged a Mutual Protection Pact with France, which was started by the president of France. This meant that there were more Phoenix MPPs than EDEN MPPs and made New Zealand look pro-Phoenix. Many of the government were appalled by their actions which ultimately led to distrust between the two groups.

Don KronoX's Government

On the 5th of December 2010, Don KronoX was elected as the 2nd Prime Minister of New Zealand.