History of South Africa (2009)

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The Republic of South Africa
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In January, the second month since the dreaded Croatian political takeover, the economy was largely dominated by overpriced food and housing, yet co-operatives continued to provide low price Q1 foods in small amounts.

The first presidential elections of 2009 saw two-month-old Browski from the Free Africa party taking the helm, the youngest President since the start of the game in early 08.[1]

It was the first administration that had a fully functional cabinet, and the first administration in which the cabinet held the majority of power in the nation's path. Because of the Croatian and Theocrat takeovers which occurred so easily, an official branch for preventing PTO's was created in the executive government. Ryan Dagari was placed in this position, while retaining the original SAISA (South African Intelligence & Subterfuge Agency) which he founded, designed for anti-corruption and international intelligence, under the Ministry of Defense. This would conflict with the Ministry of Intelligence, which effectively led to two active intelligence agencies conflicting with one another, often with opposite intelligence.

Late in the month, SAISA encountered from a PM source that President Browski was going to accept some Icon - Gold.gif 400+ GOLD in exchange for letting Indonesia conquer the rest of eSA. Overnight the MoD frantically worked to piece together parts of the puzzle, and they even found large donations of Icon - Gold.gif 400+ GOLD being donated from Brazil and Indonesia to the banks, which could have then been sent via donation. Early the next morning, with many from the MoD pulling an all-nighter, it was deemed that President Browski, in fact, did not accept the bribe and the bank donations were used to buy hospitals in foreign nations. This is one of the least-known events in eSA history.

By the end of the month, the two intelligence agencies had declared war on each other, the two leaders, Black8Shadow and Ryan Dagari, constantly fighting in public, a bitterness that would continue for months.

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February saw the election of yet another Free Africa administration, this time under the leadership of ERDWURM. He was somewhat active in the media in his few months in South Africa, and even admitted to being a poor journalist, but displayed a sort of professionalism not seen in other campaign articles. Nonetheless, it was the Free Africa party's massive membership which was now on the verge of 200 that elected him in[2][3].

At this time there were still two intelligence agencies, and while President ERDWURM was out of town Vice President Jizzie McGuire placed Ryan Dagari in the Ministry of Intelligence. This sparked a lot of remarks from Ryan's enemies, such as Black8Shadow and ERDWURM himself, which led to a sort of split in the cabinet, the split regarding FA cabinet members and everyone else in the cabinet.

Many ministers were left without much information throughout their terms about what to do, and many were kept in the dark about the actual movement of the country, as FA preferred to use their own party forum rather than the national forum to discuss their plans. This led to the month of February being the least transparent term of any non-PTO term in South Africa. There was a massive amount of drama soon to come.

President ERDWURM has ordered the Ministry of Intelligence to only research what he requests. By mid-month, president ERDWURM had only requested about two citizens to be investigated, the rest of the time leaving the ministry completely dormant. Ryan Dagari would not continue to do absolutely nothing for a week at a time, so he started a program in which he would investigate all members of Congress, and the president, for multi-accounting and bribe accepting.

After Congress was cleared and no multi's concluded to be found, Dagari found an interesting set of donations in President ERDWURM's account, in which money was sent to a citizen in Indonesia who was three days old, which was then sent to a citizen in Italy who was one day old. As he did whenever he thought there was a potential for a multi-accounting scheme, he reported the multis to the admins with a possible explanation. The only other person to know of this was Dagari's deputy in the MoI, Taylor Ressurected.

Taylor Resurrected told ERDWURM and thus ERDWURM blew his hat off. According to the constitution at the time, if someone were to attempt to destroy the acting administration it was considered an act of treason. Ryan Dagari was thus placed under a treason trial with a judge presiding, who within days of the accused offence was put on hold. Public outrage against the trial soared as many thought it was completely unjust and out of the question, with the MoI doing a job it should have done. Every time an article or forum topic came up about it, there were 20 BLF posts within an hour fighting against it. Eventually, the case was closed, and no verdict ever was given. Ryan Dagari remains to this day the only citizen ever officially accused and tried of treason[4].

Before his term was over, however, a mysterious hidden thread only accessible to the top citizens of South Africa displayed the true intent of ERDWURM. In fact, the President had used the treason trial to turn the country against Taylor Ressurected, in an attempt to have him exiled so that he could move into Theocrat territory and begin subterfuge. Immediately Ryan and Brendan denounced them and demanded the public be shown the thread, which was promptly and very unaffectionately responded to. The thread was taken down, but Ryan Dagari had taken screenshots and publicly released[5] the entire play out of events, not knowing what will happen if he did. From then on Ryan Dagari became public enemy number one of the Free Africa party.

President ERDWURM came out clear for multis charge, however, Ryan Dagari believed that ERDWURM himself had abused the constitution and believes to this day he deserves to be trialled for treason against the constitution by creating the largest behind-door operation in South African history, and for abusing constitutional rights for his own gains. ERDWURM was never further questioned on this topic and after a week most of it had died down, and is one of the great dramatic times of the nation in which few have recorded.

It doesn't end there, however. Taylor, the second in this operation, after his temp ban was lifted, gave the forum passwords and future operations all to the Theocrats, after which time he was permabanned. If you ask any citizen from that time period who Taylor Sawyer, or Taylor Resurrected was, you will nonetheless find hatred in their tongue. If anything, Taylor ended up being the ultimate beacon of treason.

The rest of the month was pretty quiet, with the schism between FA and BLF cabinet members fully complete. It seemed like FA's hold on the position of President was coming to an end.

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In March, Jizzie McGuire was the first Black Lion Front president, breaking the three month hold on politics that the Free Africa party owned. McGuire brought in a massively more open government, with plenty of reforms.

McGuire would be known for his huge articles and emotional wording[6].

March brought with it immediately the threat of Brazilian political occupation. The March congressional elections were watched closely for any movement by several Brazilian PTO'ers, and Ryan Dagari's Department of Intelligence developed the "watch list" program, which put daily reports on several citizens' locations, donations, and writings, to predict future movement.

The Brazilians decided to occupy the Democratic Red and Black Party, a socialist party that Ryan Dagari had been running since December. It was ironically their first month in the congressional bid when the PTO'ers decided to move in. Parties such as Free Africa warned citizens not to vote for any candidates in the DRB, even though half of them were national citizens who were not a part of the PTO attempt. The DRB was infuriated and got a minimal section of Congress as a result.

President McGuire of the Black Lion Front however showed that the DRB was not an evil PTO party after the election[7].

March ended with fears of another political takeover looming the next month.

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In April, Jizzie McGuire was re-elected for a second term as President, the first person of the Second Republic to do so[8].

Jizzie put an emphasis on liberation in April, and after due thought, decided resistance wars were the only solution. Indonesia, which had occupied South African territory for nearly a year, refused to even acknowledge South African diplomats as they tried to contact presidents and congressmen[9].

The resistance wars were an epic failure. Tons of gold were wasted in their creation. The South African government, all but Ryan Dagari, were sure that war was the only solution. A secret government meeting with the heads of ministries and prominent citizens of eSA was called and a war vote was put up. All but Dagari voted yes.

Ryan, utterly disgusted by the idea of a warlike government, refused to continue working for the administration and resigned at the end of the month, turning over operations to Steven Bosch, a new citizen in the country with an itch for secret service work.

War was declared and eSA tried to move in on its regions. Indonesia responded by quickly doing a region swap with Brazil, meaning eSA would now have to declare war against two superpowers.

Before South Africa could move in for a second war, rumors of a massive political takeover force from Brazil rode on the winds.

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May - Fall of the Second Republic

In the week leading up to the May 2009 presidential election, it was called for all national parties to throw their support behind one man, Gabriel Borien of the Black Lion Front. GB had been in some social government positions and was qualified for the position; a rather pragmatist individual he seemed like a good all-party candidate. The Free Africa party somewhat agreed with the plan but their cooperation was questioned.

The Free Africa party had its own intelligence organization, something that appeared to be a government within a government. When Jizzie heard of this near the end of his April term, FA public relations plummeted.

On election day, wizzie_don ran for president under the Brazilian PTO banner, against Gabriel Borien, the South African candidate. The winner of this election would decide the fate of the nation. Unsurprisingly, the Free Africa party put their own candidate, Bazti, up as well, infuriating everyone besides a select few of their own members.

It was one of the longest days in South African history, with people calling in favors from all around the world. International voters had been called in by Gabriel to vote him in. At the end of the day, Gabriel won the election. The vote was 320 to 318 votes. A quarter of a percent of a vote between Wizzie Don and Gabriel Borien. The Free Africa party had succeeded in almost destroying the nation, taking 55 votes that could have gone towards the future of the nation.

It was a day to remember, for not only had we won the presidential elections, but the PTO'ers promised they would be back. In the May congressional election of 2009, the government decided "free for all" elections, as usual, should be in effect. The PTO'ers gained a majority in Congress and impeached president Gabriel Borien, and thus Wizzie Don, as second place candidate, was put in charge. Indonesia and Brazil then invaded South African territory with MPPs cancelled and wiped the country off the face of the earth. Despite Ryan's hate for warfare and his opposition to the war, he was one of the few (approximately, 1 out of 15) citizens to stay behind and fight an unwinnable battle for his region[10].

It wasn't long after the country fell apart that the Party Presidents of FA, BLF, the SAP party, and the UL put together a resistance that would oppose Indo-Brazilian occupation for three gruelling months.

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June to July

South Africa continued to be occupied by Brazil and Indonesia. In July, Limpopo was returned to South African governance by Brazil for the payment of Icon - Gold.gif 300 GOLD to their treasury, allowing South Africa to once more elect their own President.

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August - Rise of the Third Republic

The Third Republic was born, led by Ines Schumacher. However, there was no Congress between August and September and was open to further PTO attempts. The USA was in the middle of a mass invasion and its President, Emerick was negotiating with PEACE. After the war, many US citizens moved to South Africa, Zamrg and Ajay Bruno (a.k.a Pizza The Hut), to name a few. Led by the Golden Ten congress candidates[11], South Africa attempted to defend itself from the new threat.

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In September, Steven Bosch took reign of a turbulent South Africa. It was during this time that the game changed and citizenship was implemented. Bosch responded by implementing a Department of Immigration in order to advise Congress on citizenship applications from an intelligence point-of-view.

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Bosch's presidency continued through to the October term[12]. During this term, Bosch and Ines Schumacher negotiated and ensured the release of five of the nine South African regions, the highest amount of regions that the country had held in over a year[13].

In October, Hull, the seventh president of South Africa, is discovered dead.

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In November, Enoch Root served as president.

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In December, "Channers" hacked into the South African President-Elect Ines Schumacher, retrieving her email, Facebook and other personal details. Mark Morcom was Vice President at the time, and took the reigns in her absence[14]. At the same time, the then national forums were hacked and destroyed. It was abandoned for a new site.

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