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For the new version, see History of Sweden

This is the version that was used for the former version of the history of Sweden page, which was completely changed in 2018. Note that this version only covers some events during the first years of the game, but can still be of interest.

The Dawn of Man


Sweden was like all of the Nordic countries, a part of the original line up of countries. Sweden started out with a small population and only a pair of mildly successful parties. This would all change very soon and very quickly when the event that would change the New World forever took place.

The Great Immigration


Just short of a month after the creation of the New World a phenomenon which had never been seen the population of Sweden boomed. It went from being a small country far up north to being the LARGEST COUNTRY IN THE NEW WORLD.

Party-Flashback Sweden.jpg

The reason for the Great Immigration was that the word of the game had spread like an STD across Swedish internet forums, the most significant was of course Flashback.info (which is an underground internet forum, the biggest forum in Sweden). The immigrants from Flashback created the party that has been holding the power in Sweden: Flashback Sweden (FBS). Other forum immigrants created parties like Militantsocialistiska Arbetarpartiet (MSAP, Loading.se), Det Nya Sverige (DNS, Gamereactor.se) and other.

Trying to define the growth of the Swedish population is rather hard since it took place in during the Beta and therefore a lot of info is missing but according to the wiki, Sweden continued gaining circa 500 new citizens every month until May 2008. The immigration could have continued much longer if it wasn't for a strange occurrence on Flashback.info. The threads that were promoting eRepublik were shut down by the moderators and, according to Flashback, it was because it was making money for members (back then you got money directly for recruiting people without limits).

An uneasy Europe

This article takes place in the days of yore when there were no wars, when even the most insignificant country had a piece of land to call their own, this was a time before the great release of the war module. eRepublik was fading with interest, people didn't see a point playing a game where close to nothing happened, Sweden was by far the mightiest country in the world but what was the point?

Then February came and the rumors were confirmed, the war module would be released in March. Suddenly the countries of Europe (you got to remember this was the time before the US was big) started fearing the bloodthirsty Swedes who had their plans set on world domination, so the Northern Alliance was founded.

Now that the countries of Europe were filled with some good old paranoia they decided to create an alliance that would be able to tackle a full-on attack from Sweden or alternatively attack and destroy the threat of the homicidal swedes. This alliance was called the Northern Alliance (NA). Most of Europe was a part of this alliance but I will only mention a few prominent members (this because the pre-V1 era is horribly documented and it's nearly impossible to find any info on which countries were members, also I don't want to make a list), the leader of the alliance was the United Kingdom which in retrospect seems strange since Sweden and the UK have been long time allies until recently. Norway was an early member which wasn't very surprising at the time since Norway and Finland were prime targets for the planned Swedish Empire. Denmark wanted to join NA but was not allowed because:

 We would join Northern Alliance if it wasn't for them thinking of us as a lia-fucking-bility. 
(Grev Per - President of Denmark)

Filled with blind pride and bravery Sweden thought they could erase the Northern Alliance from the face of the New World without really trying (the rules of battle weren't widely spread). But, the Northern Alliance never engaged in battle against Sweden because of the simple fact that the alliance dissolved before the war module.

A first glance at war

On April 7th the war module was released and the world took a deep breath to prepare for the mass invasion that many people thought that Sweden would commence (see next paragraph). But there was no war. For three days the world waited too see who would throw the first rock. The first official war was the Belgium-United Kingdom War, which was in fact merging of two countries, not a real war.

Ziggyzag (the Swedish president at the time) went against the will of the masses and didn't invade Denmark or any other country. The Riksdag (Swedish government) decided to wait and see how warring worked. A wise choice indeed. As the New World exploded in a petty bug filled wars Sweden viewed and learned. The best example for a war gone totally wrong for the attackers is the US-Canadian war (see North America at war where the US surprised the whole world by losing due to bugs and mercenaries fighting for Canada.

The first "real" war

The same day as Belgium started their "war" against the UK, Slovakia invaded their neighbor country Czech Republic, at first glance the Slovakian people had the advantage in numbers but what they didn't expect was that the world wanted to try out their new toy and the Czechs received help from curious fighters from around the world. So the Slovakian plan backfired and all five regions of Slovakia were conquered by the Czech Republic. These two minor wars were nowhere close to what the world would witness when the United States of America invaded Canada.

North America at war

While there were minor conflicts in Europe being fought the USA decided to try out their strength by attacking a seemingly weaker country, Canada. This is the first major conflict in eRep history. On April 11th the USA attacked Canada, first off it looked like USA would bag the victory fairly easily but just as Slovakia they didn't count on warriors from other countries helping Canada, this was not the only problem as this war would be riddled with bugs and glitches. As the war began people from all around the world (quite a lot from over here in Sweden) moved to Canada to aid them in their struggle. Many claimed to do this to "protect the rights of the Canadians" but in fact, the relations between Europe and USA at the time was quite unstable especially here in Sweden where some people even went as far as saying that they hated the US. But that being said there were a few people who went to aid the US but this was just not enough and the Canadians were surprisingly seeming to win the war. After fifteen days of bloody battles and great casualties on both sides, the war ended with an agreement where all regions would be returned to their previous owners and a three month Non aggression pact would be signed. Many Canadians were upset about this decision probably because they thought they could win the war and conquer the US.

A world in Flames

A world in flames.jpg

After the US-Canadian (some Canadians call it the War of Nave's Toe) there were some minor conflicts around the world, but three major wars became of great importance in the forming of Sweden.

An Asian invasion

On April 13th Indonesia invaded Australia, the reason for this attack is claimed to be because the Australian President sent an insulting letter to Indonesia, I have been unable to find sufficient historical proof to back up this theory so I cannot confirm it. The battle for Australia lasted for 5 days with the result of an annexed Australia. One battle worth mentioning is the battle of Queensland where zaney defeated over 60 Indonesian soldiers, an act of great of brute force seldomly seen on the battlefield.

After the war, many Australians emigrated from their homeland to new countries among these Sweden. This was an important historical happening for Sweden as this was the first time there was a community of English speaking people living in Sweden so many newspapers started writing in English.

The Öresund War

Ziggyzag could only postpone the inevitable and on April 21st, on the same day as the Norway-Finland War ended, Sweden invaded Denmark and started the Öresund's War because the Danish President Grev Per at numerous times insulted Sweden (one particularly catchy insult was calling swedes "homoswedes" which according to Grev Per is a kind of ape).

 If we're going to get invaded, we might as well deserve it 
(Grev Per apparently said)


The actual war didn't last more than two days regardless of the Danes, Bulgarians and South Africans efforts to stop it. The real important thing about this war is what happened afterwards and how it affected Sweden. The Öresund War (or Sweden-Denmark War to the rest of the world) was the first war ever fought by the Swedish army and it ended with the unsurprising result of a conquered Denmark. Someone else worth mentioning is the Swedish pacifist josefstark, one of the only Swedes against the invasion of Denmark, he argued valiantly but as history has shown; the people who want war tend to be louder than the ones against. The Öresund war's results still echo loudly in Sweden and the Danes are not likely to forget the invasion of their real-life rivals.

The Swedish war machine

Now that the Swedish war machine had been fueled with blood it didn't take long until Sweden decided to invade Germany (only 9 days actually, May 1st). The sudden invasion caught the Germans by surprise, they were expecting an invasion but not so soon. The accelerator was the fact that Germany had allied themselves with Indonesia.

Sweden was the world's most effective killing machine who was allied with Norway (rank 2 at the time) and the leading European countries. They had just crushed Denmark and the population was screaming for more blood. The Germans were scared so they looked for help in anti-Sweden Asia and Indonesia offered them an MPP. This made Sweden nervous and frustrated since it would bottle them up from the rest of Europe so they decided to invade Germany as soon as possible, the same day the MPP between Indonesia and Germany became in effect Swedish forces stormed Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg.

At the same time as Sweden invaded Germany Norway attacked Russia. This was an agreement between the two allies and it proved successful. While Indonesia was busy helping on the Russian front Sweden conquered region after region in Germany.

The war was not as quick as planned and after 19 days of heroic battles, Sweden and Norway emerged victorious (although the Norway-Russia war was considerably shorter, it ended May 6th). But all German regions were not annexed as the Swedish government and Germany made a deal which stated that Germany would be allowed to keep a part of their land, this at the cost of a few regions and Icon - Gold.gif 500 GOLD were given to Sweden. Also, there would be an MPP (Mutual protection pact) and a NAP ([[Non aggression pact) between the two countries. Germany, however, did not follow these requests and it resulted in the Second Swedish-German war but that is a story for another article.

A country divided


A country divided.jpg

During the First Swedish-German war the neighbouring countries France and Italy, which were members of the Mediterranean Alliance (MA), decided they might as well do some warring of their own.

On May 11th, 2008, France and Italy invaded the traditionally very neutral country (both in real life and in eRep) Switzerland. This was the first war where two nations attacked the same country simultaneously, the reason for this war is disputed. The MA's citizens claim that it's because of that Switzerland had an MPP with Norway, while Switzerland citizens often say that it was an unprovoked act of aggression. The goal, however, is quite clearer, the MA needed to show off their strength and Switzerland was a relatively easy target.

This war was internationally disliked and even Spain, a member of MA protested it, this resulted in people moving to Switzerland to help them in their struggle, Norway helped the country immensely and for a while, it actually seemed as if Switzerland would get to keep their land. The Swedish government even sent aid to Switzerland even though they had a war of their own to manage. Don't think they all helped because of the goodness of their heart, no, if MA was to conquer Switzerland they would have a gateway to Sweden and NA (which we're witnessing at this very moment here in Sweden). However this failed and Switzerland was annexed in two days, Italy got one region and France was given three.

The German Way


Sweden mercifully let Germany keep their independence, although this may seem like a good deal for the Germans it had crippled their pride greatly and they were accused of being Sweden's puppet (which they were) and became the laughing stock of the world.

The proud Germans couldn't take this kind of treatment and decided that invading Poland would be a good idea. So they did and against terrible odds they managed to conquer Poland, a huge factor was the help the Germans received from Pakistan (a powerful country at the time and also the pinnacle of evil).

When the Swedish government saw this they thought it was time to collect on a debt overdue, as it seems the Germans had not signed off some of their MPPs yet and therefore had broken the peace treaty signed a mere month before.

Sweden used this to her advantage and asked the Admin to give them all German regions back to Sweden. But the admins were too busy eating cheese and drinking wine or whatever so the Swedes decided to take matters into their own hands and invaded Germany once again. There were two official reasons for doing so; taking back their legally rightful German regions and reclaiming Poland to the Polish.

So the second war between Germany and Sweden started (Krushnow named it Fortsättningskriget (The Continuation War). On July 16th, 2008, Sweden invaded Germany which now consisted of Poland and three original German provinces. This war was long and bloody. The war ended with a Swedish Victory on July 28th (which actually was much longer than most thought it would last). The war was certainly very interesting at the time it was fought but it has suffered the same fate as the Crimean War has in RL, pretty much all anyone remembers about it is that happened. But the aftermath of this war has played a very important role in Swedish history. This war anchored Germany as Sweden's main enemy, before it had been natural rival Denmark.

A free Poland


After conquering Germany Sweden was put in a seat where they had the choice to give Poland their independence back (which had been promised in the campaign against Germany) or keep the land to themselves. There were many supporters on both sides but President Flammbar didn't want to dishonor the agreement and gave the Polish their country back. This act led to a friendship between the nations which we can still see to this very day.

Extras and information

Almost everything in this text is from Krushnow's newspapers - Daily history A great salute to him.

Some data was taken from Gustavius numerous articles and from an article The Glory and Fall of Empires/Sweden.