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Switzerland has been a part of the New World since the beginning of the New World. In the early history it was invaded by a coalition of France and Italy and after the liberation, the country was taken over by the Theocrats. After some time Theocrats left and Hungary invaded the country. Freedom was reestablished when the Swiss government paid Hungary for the liberation of Deutschschweiz. Switzerland was part of the superalliance EDEN for where she was suspended for inactivity. Soon after, Slovenia attacked and occupied the country. Today, Switzerland is a free country and a member of the Circle of Trust alliance.

Early History

At the beginning of its history, Switzerland was a quiet country, with a meagre population that had little impact on the world. Little is known about its earliest history because of the lack of interest from its surrounding nations. The Swiss National gold reserve, however, was one of the largest in the world for some time relative to the size of its industry and population, this eventually led to many people coming to take the young country forward in a new direction, at the time a small band of Canadians, after suffering the horrors of the USA-Canada War moved here for a new life, gaining the Presidency against massive odds, with much foreign competition. In its early stages the Swiss economy was held afloat by a few companies, that themselves where sustained by the government and its vast wealth, once the last administration came into place, the Fonti Presidency, more emphasis was put on expanding businesses, this was extremely successful as many companies were established and ran without the need for government support. This was helped by a boom in population in its last few weeks of existence, mainly from the Canadians who came to the nation, who were extremely skilled workers, there was however much more immigration from many nations, the best-known ones where from Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands. Being a small nation, Switzerland had no official armed forces. If war came to the nation as it did, the entire population was expected to help in the fight. However, during the war, International Forces, from the UK, Norway and Sweden made up the bulk of the Swiss Army, which also included many mercenaries.

The attack

The France/Italy-Switzerland war

For some countries of the Mediterranean Alliance, the Northern Alliance's greed seemed to be a proven threat. Moreover, Switzerland refused to sign MPPs with France and Italy but accepted to sign a MPP with Norway. It seemed that Switzerland became a puppet country of the NA. A reaction had to be set up. The two attacking countries declared that if Switzerland would not have signed a Mutual Protection Pact (MPP) with Norway, a full member of the NA and a loyal ally of Sweden, then this war would have never taken place. Of course, Switzerland posed little threat to the two nations in any way, mainly because of Switzerland's meager population of only 200, when compared to the combined population of the two attackers, which was 1400 (approx.) at the time. Switzerland assured France and Italy that the MPP was simply for protection, however, they attacked the country regardless, with many international protests, including from one of their own allies, Spain at the time. It should be noted that a NAP was in the talks between the MA and Switzerland at the time, though they had obviously neglected this point and the fact that many other nations had signed MPPs with Northern Alliance nations before Switzerland had done, Switzerland had no intention of joining the Northern Alliance.

The attacking nations posted demands on the eRepublik forum for Swiss surrender, claiming the full repayment of losses for waging war and an immediate withdrawal of the MPP with Norway, this, however, could never have prevented war as the Swiss did not possess the gold to do this, regardless and the Swiss President did not become aware of the war until events had already unfolded and Italian and French congressmen had passed the bill for war.

Switzerland was aided by the Nordic Nations, such as Norway in the war in a massive way allowing the successful defense of Switzerland in the first few days. Hope was however lost when, despite the obvious flaws of the much larger Italian and French forces, Switzerland proved unsustainable as not enough supplies/men could be brought into the nation at the time to save it. Also the influx of highly trained forces from Pakistan helped to tip the balance in the favour of the coalition. The attack on two fronts appeared to be a great bright stroke, leading to some confusion in the defending Swiss Army and NA's mobile troops while both French and Italian proved to be well organized. In the aftermath, Switzerland was divided between France and Italy and tension grew even more in Europe, that was already divided into power blocks. Italy gained Chur after in the end, it can be regarded as the costliest region as Italy spent over 1200 GOLD on war to obtain it, France and Italy despite a victory gained little from the war and were damaged in the eyes of the international community. However, History shows Sweden and Norway have invaded many harmless regions compared to this 4-region war. Their international reputation remained quite bad.

Almost all Swiss citizens fled the two invading nations, though a resistance group intent on restoring Switzerland is already making itself known in the media in France.

The Independence

The Swiss Independence War began on December 4th, 2008 by Billy Bob Joe in the region of Deutschschweiz. It appeared that the resistance forces were not prepared at all. France secured the region quite easily. Resistance forces tried again on On December 5th, 2008 in the Graubunden - Italian region. Italians secured region.

On December 13th, 2008, Bremer started the Battle for Deutschschweiz II. The resistance forces were finally successful and Switzerland was reestablished on the world map.

Shortly thereafter, on December 18, 2008, Big Brother started the Battle for Svizzera italiana. The resistance forces were hugely successful and the territory was returned to Switzerland.


Flag of the Theocratic Nation of Switzerland

Soon after the victory, Switzerland was taken over by a group of Theocrats. In January 2009 Theocrats took over the Congress and in February and March 2009 Dio Brando won the presidential elections. Swiss Theocrats were well known in the New World for their strength and organization. After the Romanian political take over of Pakistan Theocrats liberated Moldova from the Romanian occupation. Also, as a response to the US embargo to Switzerland Theocrats sign an MPP with Mexico and defeat the American army by making a lot of damage. Switzerland became the stronger country allied with Mexico. After that Theocrats decided to attack Italy because of the insult from the Italian Congress to the Theocrat Switzerland. Together with Spain and Atlantis a battle for Sardinia was opened. A lot of damage was made there and the battle was the most fought battle in the eRepublik history by then. Italy surrendered. Also, it’s important to mention that the Theocratic Nation of Switzerland (which was the name of Switzerland under Theocratic rule) decided to cede Deutschschweiz and Romandie to Italy. More than one year later, on Day 616 of the New World, the Theocratic Nation of Switzerland united the Swiss territories again under the Theocratic Flag. The Theocratic Nation of Switzerland was conquered later, though, by Hungary. Switzerland (no longer in control of the Theocrats) was back on the map later when the Swiss Liberal Party purchased above 1,000 GOLD ailing Hungarian companies, with money sources primarily from international donations. Many Swiss citizens were against this for its high cost and would have preferred a more cost-effective solution.

EDEN and the Shaolins

EDEN logo

On Day 720, Switzerland joined the super alliance EDEN, with nearly 90% of the voting population in favor of joining it. Later, though, on Day 842, the National Council (Congress) held a vote for the escape from the alliance. Switzerland left the alliance through popular vote only because of the Swiss Neutrality Party, Swiss Brainslugs Party, and Vive la Resistance, with 92.8% voting in favor. The escape, though, was very controversial, as most Swiss citizens who were not part of the SNP had no idea what was going on. For a long time, EDEN still considered Switzerland a member. This was because Switzerland still occasionally kept relations with the alliance, depending on who was in charge of the country. Switzerland was officially suspended from EDEN on Day 1157 because of the inactivity of the country. They did, however, offer its place back in the alliance if it proves it can be active and implicated in the alliance’s life.

The Shaolins entered Switzerland under the leadership of Arschmann during the presidencies of Eleriel and Nicktheh in early 2010. and came to power with the election of Son of the Stormkin in February. Most of Switzerland considered this a PTO, and a Swiss Resistance government led by JNArno was recognized by many foreign officials, however, Clifford and the SNP sided with the Shaolins which they used to try to legitimize their presence. Both, the control of the Congress and the presidency, flipped hands multiple times during the Shaolins stay in Switzerland. However, the Shaolins were finally driven from Switzerland in August of 2010 with the election of Paul Proteus as president from an SLP/SFP coalition. Even after the ousting of the Shaolins the SNP managed to maintain power as a major faction of Switzerland for many months to come.

Luna, ONE occupation and EDEN talks

Switzerland under Slovenian occupation

The Slovenian Invasion of Switzerland started when the ONE nations of Slovenia and Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) together invaded Switzerland in April of 2011. Macedonia took Romandie while Slovenia took the rest. Switzerland remained occupied until May 2011, when Switzerland joined Luna and had Svizzera italiana temporarily freed. Luna, the alliance of small, neutral countries that Switzerland had joined, started to fail, though, and lost all power it previously might have had. Slovenia again took the regions Switzerland had taken. Switzerland stayed occupied throughout June, July, August, and the beginning of September until President JNArno started talks with EDEN (Romandie was temporarily retaken in July when Macedonia left Switzerland and the Italian peninsula, but it was taken by Slovenia after a week or two). The forces of EDEN, specifically sympathetic, independent forces from Croatia helped to free the whole country for the first time in months on Day 1,405. Throughout September, Swiss regions were in and out of Slovenian control as Switzerland was considered for EDEN membership. Negotiations later ended, though, when EDEN again lost control of Europe. In late October of 2011, President Borgogian drafted a very controversial deal with Slovenia, which encouraged trust and friendship between the two countries (for a price). Many Swiss citizens were appalled by this deal and several emigrated to other lands, mostly former allies like Canada. After many revisions and debates, The Flying Dove Treaty was passed on November 13, 2011

The switch to ONE and the Croatian invasion

Switzerland under Croatian occupation

In April 2012, Switzerland made the switch from neutral to proONE. This was due to a majority of Swiss citizens getting tired of being used as a bridge by various "allies" in TEDEN (Terra & EDEN) in order to reach Poland. This was very unexpected because Switzerland had been leaning towards TEDEN ever since Slovenia had first attacked, and PTO'ed Switzerland. The switch caused an almost immediate backlash from Switzerland's northern neighbor, Germany. Because of the recent choice of sides, Switzerland became a major front in WWV for a short time. It took a bit, but Germany eventually left. Switzerland has remained in relative calm since the skirmish ended, being left alone by neighboring TEDEN countries due to other attacks on these countries by Swiss allies. In late June 2012, Croatia decided to invade Switzerland, they had just conquered Austria, and they were expanding westward. Switzerland was in the way. There were many peace discussions between the two CP's but the invasions still came. The invasion came at a congress election time, and many Swiss citizens fought hard to keep Switzerland afloat. Despite the help that came from fellow CoT countries Switzerland didn't have enough power to win. There were some close fought battles, but Switzerland couldn't win. Croatia managed to completely wipe Switzerland before they could receive a congress.

The attack on Croatia and the treaty with Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)

Switzerland after the treaty with Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)

In August 2012, a coalition made of Slovenia, Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and Poland, attacked Croatia's regions in Switzerland and Austria. Croatia had no chance to win by fighting on three fronts so the war was over soon. Switzerland had Romandie and Deutschschweiz under her control while Svizzera italiana and Graubunden were under Macedonian control. Before the war, Switzerland got a promise from both Slovenia and Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) that the Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) would retreat from all Swiss original regions. But, instead of a retreat, Switzerland got an offer from the Macedonian government about renting Deutschschweiz, or otherwise, the Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) will keep Svizzera italiana and Graubunden. Negotiations had begun with a lot of offers from both sides. The final agreement was signed soon and Deutschschweiz was given to Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). The Slovenian president shouted that he was disappointed with the behavior of the Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and he apologized to Switzerland because he couldn't fulfil his promise. This was the start of the Slovenian-Macedonian disagreements which last till today.

American invasion

Switzerland after the US attack

In October 2012, the USA attacked the Republic of Macedonia in Italy and soon after in Switzerland. The results of the war were a retreat of Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) from Swiss and north Italian regions. The main US goal was to attack Hungary via Austria. But the attack was stopped when the US reached the Hungarian border. Hungary and Slovenia attacked the USA together and won the war soon. Switzerland was now completely under Slovenian control. The Swiss and Slovenian governments agreed on a region rent but Slovenia didn't assist on that because "Slovenia didn't want to be like Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)".

Multi-account invasion and PTO

While the USA-Macedonia war was on, Switzerland got a new citizen: Cronoss, a well knows PTOer from Singapore. He got into the country because of one of his multis who got into the Congress and allowed his Swiss citizenship. Switzerland is fighting Cronoss even today. Switzerland and Slovenia signed an agreement about wiping Switzerland every month before Congress elections, to prevent Cronoss and his fake accounts to enter Swiss congress and allow them to steal more money (He had already stolen 400 000 CHF a few months earlier). In the January presidential elections, when everybody though Cronoss would win the elections since he had made a lot of multi-accounts, Switzerland got a RL Swiss as president.


On October 2013, Switzerland was occupied by Slovenia for the fifth consecutive month and the fourth consecutive month without a congress. President Alexandre Walen (Today, Walen II), tried the diplomacy to solve the problems with Slovenia and grant a congress for Switzerland, however, the Slovenians got divided about the treaty and it was broken. The failed negotiations with Slovenia showed the Swiss once again that a treaty would not be possible until Switzerland show strength and get its regions back. Walen started to work in a plan to release Switzerland, but he faced opposition. The Pickle's (Group commanded by Thedillpickl) was against any military conflict with Slovenia, the fights between Dill and Walen were so heavy that Dill threatened to leave the country if the government start an RW against Slovenia. The threats were ignored by the Swiss government which has contacted around 100 military units to join the fight for Switzerland, there are rumors that the presidential cabinet sent around 400 messages during the campaign. The RW started on 21st October, coordinated with the Italian RW, Switzerland liberated Graubunden and proposed "Natural Enemy" first than Slovenia. After the successful war (fought after a couple of months of unsuccessful Slovenian NAP's), Walen revealed a secret plan made with Canada (then new member of CoT) to rent Alberta[1]. He proposed an airstrike (and won with no congress to vote in favor or opposition). The Swiss attack on Canada started hard due to the Canadian shield, but Switzerland had supplies and combat orders on, granting its victory and the success of the operation which liberated 6 thousand golds from Swiss treasure. This event is nicknamed the "Graub-und-Run", as it sounds like both "Graubunden" and "Grab-and-Run" (as Switzerland "grabbed" Graubunden and "ran" to Alberta), after former President Paul Proteus suggested the term on IRC.

French War

Switzerland after the failed French attack

On 22 July 2014, Switzerland has all it's cores regions and also conquered Tyrol from Austria. France decided to attack Switzerland to get the bonus and block the advance of Poland in France. The declaration of war shocked Switzerland and its allies once Swiss-French relations have been friendly for a long time. It was predicted by many people that Switzerland would lose the war after "ping-pong" battles because the shield influence, however, Switzerland was able to defend and conquer Alsace and Lorraine from France. This war, coordinated by the Minister of Defence (Felllix) and the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Walen II), showed that Switzerland has enough international support to beat countries way bigger and allowed Switzerland to get 60% food bonus and 40% house bonus. 2 weeks after the conquest of Alsace and Lorraine by Switzerland, a meeting was held between France and Switzerland to restore the friendly relations. The regions were returned to France and so Poland was able to take it back. [2]

Theft of National Bank

On October 2014, the Swiss Treasure guarded in the National Army's organisation was stolen by the Minister of Finance, Er0sensei. Switzerland lost around 2 thousand golds, the worst loss in the history of the country. The Government did not support this act and the thief changed his citizenship immediately. Er0sensei was a trusted man in Switzerland, he has been Vice President of the country once, and for these reasons, the theft has shocked all world. Switzerland didn't get a refund from the administration once he has legal access to the Swiss organisations. The crime was a few days before the Brazilian Minister of Finances steal 1 thousand golds from Brazilian orgs, which lead people to think both cases are related to a big scheme.