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Thailand was founded in November 2007, just like most other countries. The first president of Thailand was K.C. Tcholok, elected in December. Not much is known about the next two months, however, it is known that Ian Dunross was the president in March. For the next three months, the country was ruled by the iron fist of Don Ado. It is believed that he died shortly after the end of his third term. For a month, Admiral Ackbar of Uno Di Noi was the ruler of Thailand. He later emigrated to Spain and as of November 2008, is a citizen of Norway. Ackbar was infamous for his corruption - he donated large amounts from Thailand's budget to himself. August was a month of unrest. First, the president FlameR was banned after spending about half of his term. blue_daffodil spent less than a week on this post. The end of the month was led by s33vald.

Rockman's Reign

In September Rockman 9 was elected. He would go on to serve two terms in office. After a rigged Congress elections he started calling himself the "emperor", blackmailing the opposition and even going as far as outlawing it by making his own constitution official and approved by his party members. He was also involved in the infamous "Czech Hospital" scandal, (also named Czechgate), in which he bought a Q1 Hospital for Flag-Thailand.jpg 99.999 THB, which was 83% of the National Treasury at the time, despite claiming he had an offer for a Q4 Hospital for Flag-Thailand.jpg 10.000 THB a week earlier. Most of the money was then donated by the hospital factory to many key people of his party as well as companies affiliated with Thai Nation Together. He lost the November elections to Jack Roberts, who was supported by almost all opposing parties.

Struggle of Antonio Salgado

TNT had since been headed by Antonio Salgado, who had made many attempts to clean up the image of the party. The December elections had seen a dead heat between Joint Reform candidate and former USA President Korbin King, and TNT party president Antonio Salgado, which was won by King because of experience points. Another run by Salgado was against Guy Kilmore of Sabai Unity Party, who was supported by the same pool of parties as King. The race went off without Antonio Salgado, many of his votes suspected to go to an unknown ViusSolaris, though not even close to enough to match Guy Kilmore.

After a rather uneventful 2 terms, Thailand saw a large loss of population when many former TNT members and others fled to Brazil. Since then Thailand has seen some new faces. In the next election, Jack Roberts, representing the Pattana Unity Party (a union of former Thailand Reform Party and Sabai Unity Party), would run again against newcomer Defenestration, who came in after the Brazil exodus to take over the remnants of TNT.

Indonesia splits Thai Politics

Jack Roberts was victorious once again and regained office. In February, Indonesia came to Thailand to ask for passage through Southern Thailand to Tamil Nadu as they were working towards a previous agreement they had with Iran and Pakistan. Jack Roberts took much heat for this since it was done in private because of Indonesia's need for secrecy for their plan to unfold. A rift had split Thailand a bit, driving a wedge into politics as many didn't disagree with the action Jack Roberts and the cabinet took but because the "secret" plan wasn't publicized. Jack Roberts nor his cabinet received any sort of compensation from Indonesia for helping them. After a couple of days of debate, Butidigress called for an impeachment that had not passed. The final vote was 6 for YES/13 for NO. No impeachment would happen but the term would be rendered null because of the backlash. Since this large debacle, a few of the game's veterans left the game altogether, such as Ealb and Korbin King.

Federal Republic of South East Asia

On August 3 2009, Thailand and Malaysia merged into the Federal Republic of South East Asia, or FRoSEA. This Merger was engineered by the Thai president Albert Neurath, the Malaysian president Nagyzee and a small number of advisors and ministers. This merger was made in order for Thailand to avoid a PTO. The Merger was kept secret from much of the general public, so on the day of the merger, there was much chaos. There was a resistance war, which many citizens who had confused this for a takeover fought in, leaving them very weak. The value of the Baht plummeted leaving many Thai citizens with lots of worthless money, however, the Thai Ministry of Finance offered a fair exchange program, which helped make the merger go over smother for the ex-Thai citizens. Thailand regained its Independence on November 1 2009.

The Indonesian PTO

A group of Indonesians took the chance to migrate and PTO the country with their party, the Thai-Girl Party. They succeeded in their first attempt in the November 2009 elections, which was the time for Thailand's independence and breaking up from the Federal Republic of South East Asia, and even won in the month's presidential elections with Thai-Girl Party candidate, Masila.

The New Era

After consecutive successes in PTO attempts of the Indonesians to the country, on January 2010, Thai-Girl Party member and Thailand Country President, ina_indonesia proclaimed her reign of the term as a New Era. She officially said, as published in her newspaper, that there will now be a coordinated and unified government between Thai and Indonesian politicians. As part of her promise, she publicly stated that she would continue the MPP and training war with Malaysia even if they are under Indonesian influence and even appointed non-Indo citizens to Ministry positions.

The Peaceful Reign

When most of the anti-PTO congressional candidates won during the January 2010 elections, the first proposal made was the impeachment of ina_indonesia. The impeachment was passed and Thingol succeeded her. This time of peace reigned for only a month, but was already enough to let the economy, military and government to further its development.

The presidential seat was then passed to Jeff Hamilton, a longtime citizen of Thailand and former government minister. His term was uneventful, and passed with few problems. After his term was completed, the Indonesian PTO attempts resumed, also coupled with the snooping around of a series of unknown Polish citizens.

Erepublik V2

Thailand's entry into V2 was marked with a series of problems. In the first free election since the previous election of President Hamilton, an inactive President was elected. A first impeachment attempt called against him failed, while a second succeeded after some discussion. The Indonesian presence once more reared its head in Thailand, forcing the government to call a primary. This primary was monitored by Albert Neurath, a former President and Congressman. During the primary, massive election fraud was perpetrated in favor of one of the candidates, kristijanxxx, forcing the cancellation of that primary and the calling of a second one. This second one was also marked by election fraud in favor of the same candidate, but in the end, former President Jeff Hamilton won.