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The Philippines emerged as a nation in the New World in February 11, 2009 along with Serbia, Malaysia and Singapore.[1][2] As the country was introduced in the game, citizens all over the world, especially citizens which are Filipinos in real life, moved to the newest nation.

The Historical Timeline of the Philippines


For the Timeline of the Philippines of 2009, see Timeline of the Philippines/2009.


For the Timeline of the Philippines of 2010, see Timeline of the Philippines/2010.


For the Timeline of the Philippines of 2011, see Timeline of the Philippines/2011.


For the Timeline of the Philippines of 2012, see Timeline of the Philippines/2012.

Important Historical Events

March 2009

During this month, Bunaly was sworn into the Presidential Office. Before he was banned by the Administrators, he looted the Treasury of the Philippines. The Treasury was divided by the four PTO Groups. Days after the ban, he was then impeached by Congress. He was the first President of the Philippines to be impeached. Later on, he was replaced by blitzwithlimes. At the end of the month, Filipino Progressive Movement moved to the Philippines.

The Bunaly Fiasco

As the nation was still a neonate, the nation faced problems that had threatened the nation's security, treasury, and stability. One of the threats were caused by groups of citizens of Turkish, Hungarian, and Iranian origins whom had politically taken over the First Philippine Congress in February 25, 2009. Brazilians offered help to the Filipinos, but later betrayed them and joined the three groups.[3] With the alliance within of the four foreign forces, they were able to steal the fresh treasury of the Philippines.

With the great victory of the foreign forces, they have divided the gold they have stolen and then left. The Brazilians, led by Bunaly, decided to stay behind. They planned to steal the development Philippine Peso funds after they have secured the Presidential position on March 5, 2009.

On, March 6, 2009, Bunaly was proclaimed President of the Philippines despite wide disapproval of the public. He was also able to get the development funds intended for the development of the Philippines.

He would later get a temporary ban on March 9, 2009, from the Administrators of eRepublik due to his actions in the Philippines. His temporary ban was lifted on March 12, 2009.

As lots of Brazilian Congress members moved out from the country, the Filipino Congress members dominated the Congress. Due to this, Maeve Traugott, a Philippines for the Filipinos Congress member, initiated the impeachment of Bunaly.

After Bunaly was impeached on March 14, 2009, the Presidential candidate of the Philippines for the Filipinos, blitzwithlimes, assumed the President's Office.

blitzwithlimes Mandate

During the blitzwithlimes administration, he initiated in creating diplomatic relations with the foreign nations especially with Indonesia. He initiated reforms in the economy but would later be ineffective and would fail. Food prices soared high, and moving tickets had only become a luxury for rich citizens.

Despite these economic troubles, hope was still in the minds of the remaining citizens of the Philippines, as much of the population was in the diaspora. Hope was also evident in local newspaper articles.

In March 21, 2009, a group of Filipinos, headed by raramos24 and Prince Terence I, created the first Filipino corporation in the world, the Pearl of the Orient Corp..[4] It was hope that powered this corporation, despite the economic situation the Philippines was facing.

In March 25, 2009, the second election for the Second Philippine Congress started. On March 26, 2009, the Philippines for the Filipinos won 12 seats, about 31.50% of the total seats in the Congress.

Filipino Progressive Movement

In the end of March 2009 before the election for the Second Philippine Congress, a group of British people entered the Philippines. They created their own party, calling it the Filipino Progressive Movement. This group of people came to aid the country with their personal accounts. The Filipinos, who were still traumatized by the recent political take over, neglected the presence of these people. They feared that these foreign people will again destroy the Philippines, just like what the Hungarians, Turkish, Iranians and Brazilian did.[5]

The Filipino Progressive Movement was able to hold the majority of the seat in the Second Philippine Congress after the March 25, 2009 elections. They then created many reforms in taxation. Much of the Filipinos were still against them despite their good efforts.

Second Presidential Election

The second Presidential election was so shocking when blitzwithlimes, the President that time, decided not to run for the seat. He also supported the candidacy of Big Boy Bulley of the Filipino Progressive Movement for President.[6] The members of the Philippines for the Filipinos were puzzled by their Party Presidents decision.[7] Despite the public against in him and with his party, he still created an article having his manifesto for the development of the Philippines.[8]

It was on April 06, 2009 when Big Boy Bulley won the elections.

Big Boy Bulley's First Mandate

After Big Boy Bulley's succession to the Presidential seat, the Filipino Progressive Movement continued their reforms in the Philippine Economy. Big Boy Bulley created his cabinet and appointed its Directors and Deputy Directors along with some trainees. He was the first President to create a cabinet. He also created the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the defense arm of the Philippines. [9] He had also initiated the purchase of the first Defense System of the Philippines for the Palawan region.[10] It was followed by the purchase of another Defense System for Visayas.[11]

And soon days passed and much of the public had accepted the Filipino Progressive Movement and Big Boy Bulley.

The Guru Varnish Invasion

Before the April Party Presidential Elections started, few mysterious people moved to the country. Though their presence was not felt, they pose an unknown great threat to the country. The group was called the Secta Guru Varnish, a group of loose political group from Spain.[12] It was revealed they wanted to colonize the country and create a Guru Varnish society.[13] To start with their plans, they have first taken over the Nacionalista Party, which they have done. After the Party Take-over, they then established their real goal in the Philippines. Their real goal was to make the Philippines a puppet of Spain. The leader of this take-over was Jurgo Evergetes. Jurgo Evergetes, a second Bunaly in the Philippines, is a cult leader, spammer, and a racist. He mainly jeopardizes everything in the Philippines with his bunch of gang touring around the country.

April 25, 2009 Congress Election

During the April 25 Congress elections, Jurgo Evergetes and his friends had managed to control the Third Philippine Congress despite the effort of the coalition between the two major parties, the Philippines for the Filipinos and the Filipino Progressive Movement. Soon after their control of the Congress, they have looted the remaining accounts of the Philippines, caused havoc in the Congress, and have destroyed the taxing system of the Philippines.[14][15][16][17] Thus leading to an increase in the prices of the local commodities especially of the food.[18]

May Presidential Election and the The FPM-PFF Coalition

The FPM-PFF Coalition Campaign Slogan.

After winning the Congress elections, the Secta Guru Varnish moved to their final goal, to control the Presidential seat. If they would ever control and have the power of the President, they could then control the Philippines.

So with this, the Philippines' two largest parties combined their forces in stopping the full blast of the take over of the Spaniards in the Philippines for the election.

The May Philippine Presidential Elections
(Results: May 06, 2009)
Party Candidate Votes Percentage of Votes
Party-Filipino Progressive Movement.jpg
Filipino Progressive Movement
Big Boy Bulley 152 89.94%
Party-Philippines for the Filipinos v4.jpg
Philippines for the Filipinos
supported Filipino Progressive Movement --- ---
Party-National Filipinista Party.jpg
National Filipinista Party
kaszi 17 10.06%
Party-Secta Guru Varnish.jpg
Secta Guru Varnish
--- --- ---
Total Votes --- 169 Presence

Fortunately, the Secta Guru Varnish, decided to withdraw from the Presidential race and move to France.

Here is the official statement of Jurgo Evergetes translated into English with the use of Google Translate:

This proposal is serious. I am a man of his word.

If I donais [demand] 40 gold in the next 7 hours, [I will] ordered all the Congress [members of Secta Guru Varnish] to leave their SEATS AND RE-SPAIN [re-Spain: return to Spain] TODAY.

If you do not continue to destroy the Philippine economy and troll in the press.

If we want to make a contract in the forum. If you do not comply, I will be baneado [banned].

Terms of contract:

- 40 gold donated Jürgen [Jurgo] Evergetes before 23:00 (Spanish hours)
- Withdrawal of the candidate of the sect's guru Varnish of presidential elections
- Members of the sect Congressman leave their posts within 24 hours
- Members of the sect did not return to Philippines

Jurg [[Jurgo] Evergetes
President of the Sect's [Secta] guru Varnish

Though Jurgo had set some demands, the Filipino Community just laughed at it. Few hours after the May 5 Presidential Election began, some of the Secta Guru Varnish Congress members vacated their office and left the country.

Big Boy Bulley's Second and Third Mandate

After Secta Guru Varnish vanished from the Philippines, the Philippines through the efforts of the elected Congressmen stabilized the economy. Later on, the Philippines acquired Hospitals and Defense System for the country. Also, in his second mandate, the Philippines requested membership from PEACE Global Community, though this was kept secret from the Philippine Public.

During Big Boy Bulley's last days in his third term, Big Boy Bulley decided not to seek for re-election. He picked HazzN as his successor. HazzN eventually won the Presidential election and succeed Big Boy Bulley with Ariel David Buena as his Vice-President.

HazzN's Mandate

During HazzN's term, he initiated reforms in Philippine Educational System, a System that will aid new Filipino players in playing eRepublik. He created the opened the University of the Philippines. He also opened the National Museum of the Philippines, in which all Filipino related photos will be placed and stored. He also opened the Ministry of Merriment. The Merriment Department was responsible for making the quizzes, programs and other stuff that will entertain the Filipinos.

Since the Philippine Monetary Market was floating unregulated, HazzN initiated his reform in creating the first official money market benchmark, setting the exchange rate to 1 Gold= 50Philippine Peso. He was also responsible for securing stockpile of Q3 weapons for the Philippines. He also confounded the training wars between the Philippines and Malaysia. The training war will later be known as the Sol War Games.

During HazzN's term, the Philippines had acquired the first Q4 Hospital with the help of the citizens especially from the Kilusan ng Makabayang Pinoy (KMP) who donated 100 Gold. The hospital was placed in Visayas. It was a major break for the Philippines to acquire a Q4 hospital. Another major achievement of HazzN was the foundation of Sol, a regional alliance in Asia-Pacific. The foundation of Sol created a big space for the Philippines in International Politics.

After HazzN's term, he decided not to seek for re-election due to his real life commitments.[19] He was succeeded by Ariel David Buena.

Ariel David Buena's First Mandate

On July 31, 2009, Ariel publicly announced his presidential candidacy in an article in his newspaper, The eRepublik Outsider. Ariel wrote a total of 7 campaign articles describing his broad platform for the presidency.[20][21][22][23][24][25][26] After his landslide victory in the August 5, 2009 polls, Ariel assumed the office of the presidency the following morning.

During Ariel's first term he created a series of Civil Service Applications[27]. He also created lots of Cabinet agencies and offices during his first term. He is the first President to appoint lots of Cabinet members and staff. Also during his first term, A Q5 hospital was purchased by the Philippines[28]. He was also responsible for Operation Kimchi. Operation Kimchi is the name given by the Armed Forces of the Philippines to the efforts of international alliances, such as Sol, and other countries to send voters to newly liberated South Korea to help their government avert a political takeover (PTO)[29].

Ariel actively pursued the reform of tax policies near the end of his first term. With NEDA as his R&D arm, they especially focused on taxes protecting the country's inefficient land sectors.

Death of HazzN

It was on August 27, 2009, when HazzN died due to suicide. His contributions were the biggest in the Philippines. It was the saddest day in eRepublik.

This was HazzN's last article[30]:

If you are reading this, then it is too late. I have committed eSuicide. Already a notice of account deletion is waiting in the admins inbox and soon my eBody shall be burned to ashes. For too long I have worked, dedicating hours of my life to the creation and maintenance of eNations, often forgetting that this is in fact a game. But I take no enjoyment of watching what I have toiled for torn down in the month that follows. This is a lesson I have learned many times over and do not wish to learn again.

I return to the Philippines to die, because this is a country that I truly love. I received a welcome like I have never experienced in any of the 14 countries that I have lived. I consider this my home. I have fought for you in battles I don't believe in, and represented you globally and locally because I love you all.
All my worldly possessions have been passed out to those in need during this economic crisis, my remaining Gold has been donated to the Canadian Liberation Fund. I hope they regain the regions that were so unfairly taken from them. Scipio the Great and Hoskin will soon receive the keys to Fruit Bat Mines, and I hope they continue to provide oil, iron and jobs to those who need it here in the Philippines, though if they choose to sell up and run with the profits, I shall not blame them for that.
My affairs are all in order and this is my final goodbye.
Good luck and God speed.
Former President of the Philippines
CEO of Fruit Bat Mines
5 times Congressman
9 times Hard worker
Former Director of Defense and Commanding Officer of the Armed Forces of the Philippines
Former CO of the Philippines Naval Fleet
Former Commanding Officer of the Royal Guard, UK
Co-Founder of the Liberal Social Democrat Party
Former Under Minister of Finance, UK
Former Under Minister of Information, UK
Former Media Executive of The Unity Party
Former NHS Director
Co-Founder of eUK Lottery, IRC Pub Quiz and Inter-Regional Wars
Boblo Award Winner : Stealth Spammer of the Year
Boblo Award Winner: The 'I Obey, Homerotic Master!' Award
Friend, Mentor, Lover

Word War in September

Ariel David Buena decided to seek for reelection for the September 2009 Presidential elections. But, with the interference of blitzwithlimes, delibb and Nina Ayu, the election campaign period was the most controversial ever. Before the word wars between the two parties, blitzwithlimes tricked Prince Terence I, who was Party President that time. He stated that he was not performing his duties well as Party President so he needs to resign. Prince Terence I did resign, as he felt that he had not done well as the party president. After Prince Terence I resigned, blitzwithlimes changed the name of the party to Bro Party and installed Nina Ayu as its candidate for the Presidential election. After that, the word war erupted. However, Ariel David Buena won the election despite allegations presented by blitzwithlimes and company during the election campaign period.

Ariel David Buena's Second Mandate

Despite the bad propaganda presented by blitzwithlimes and company, Ariel manages to win the elections in September.

Ariel David Buena overhauled the primordial Economics Team of former finance minister roadrunnerspeed and renamed it the National Economic Development Authority, "a team of economic experts composed of personnel from the Department of Finance, the Department of Home Affairs, and the newly-formed Department of Trade and Industry, as well as business and financial experts from other countries, such as Australia, Japan and the United States"[31].

Later, he renamed NEDA to National Economic and Development Authority.

Ariel also sanctioned NEDA and the AFP to implement a "work-for-weapons" program similar to those employed by other countries in the New World[32]. Ariel also authorized NEDA to implement a systematic plan to devalue the PHP "to offset factors that initially made doing business unattractive here by encouraging exportation instead of importation of goods" and "[allow] us to inject more PHP into the economy to fuel and stimulate it"[33].

Nikko_33's Mandate

Nikko_33 was the runner up during the October elections. He succeeded Reclusive Monkey. There were little important events during Nikko_33's term as he had only occupied the position for 6 days. He never seeks to run for President in November 2009.

Romansoldier's Mandate

romansoldier was elected on December 6, 2009[34]. He succeeded Slothen, his party mate in Filipino Progressive Movement. He was the sixth elected President from the said party. Being elected as the seventh President of the Philippines, he continues the tradition of the Filipino Progressive Movement placing a President in Malacaňang Palace in a electoral process since April 2009.

romansoldier didn't really made a productive term since he was interrupted by real life duties and issues. Due to these reasons, he personally decided to step down[35]. He was impeached by the Tenth Philippine Congress on December 23, 2009. Immediately, his runner-up, Hekter from the Philippines for the Filipinos takes over.

Hekter's First Mandate

Hekter succeeded Romansoldier after he was impeached by the Congress in December 23, 2009. He was the second President from the Philippines for the Filipinos. Like blitzwithlimes, the first President from the said party, he was placed onto the Presidency due to his predecessor's impeachment.

During Hekter's term, he publishes daily articles in order to update the people with his Presidential activities. Hekter was responsible in making the RP Organization Contract. The RP Organization Contract is a contract designed to prevent the Directors or anyone who has access to the government organizations to take hold, sell, or own the organizations.

On January 2, 2009, Hekter managed to help Malaysia in the Indonesia-Malaysia War, by temporarily taking Sabah to the Philippines[36].

Hekter's Second Mandate

Hekter was elected by the voting public on January 6, 2009. He was supported by the Filipino Progressive Movement, Kilusan ng Makabayang Pinoy and his party, the Philippines for the Filipinos Movement against Philippines Health Party's Keegan Knoll.

During his first term as President, he had helped Malaysia by region sitting Sabah as part of Malaysia's defense tactics against Indonesia[37].On his second term, the region was later given back in January 7, 2009[38][39].

Also during his term, the Eleventh Philippine Congress had passed the Philippine Immigration Law[40].

In the Twelfth Philippine Congress Election, he asked for Malaysia's help after the Philippines experience a political take-over from suspected Serbians. Visayas and Mindanao was annexed due to this event[41][42][43].

Rich Porter returns

On January 6, 2010, Rich Porter, the former Vice-President of the Philippines, came back after being absent for months. He was absent due to real life events that had hampered his social life[44]. He was greatly welcomed by his friends upon his return.

Keegan Knoll's Mandate

Keegan Knoll was the official candidate for the February 2010 Presidential election of the UNITY Coalition, a grand coalition of the 5 major parties in the Philippines. He was contested against no one in the election leading to his sure win in the election last February 6, 2010. Keegan was chosen for the election against probable 888channers who would continue the destabilization attack in the Philippines.

Keegan Knoll's term was more on making the Philippines an icon of democracy and of the power of a small nation. In early of February, he initiated land swapping deals with the Chinese Government in order to prevent Russian forces from acquiring lots of Chinese territories. With this move of the Philippines, it has become an Asian David helping someone who is attacked by a mighty Goliath.

Indienesian Empire/2012 Indonesian Occupation of Philippines

On Day 1581, Indonesia conquered Sabah from Malaysia. This was followed by Sarawak on Day 1583 and Peninsular Malaysia on Day 1584. On Day 1587, Peninsular Malaysia was freed. On day 1589, Sarawak was also freed but Singapore's Singapore City was captured.

Since Malaysia is a long-time ally and friend of Philippines, they proposed Indonesia as natural enemy on Day 1588 which was accepted a day after with a vote of 32-7. On Day 1590, Philippines won their first campaign in Sulawesi. This was followed by victories in Maluku islands on Day 1591 and in Papua on Day 1592. During this period, Philippines has seven territories which then-President Mr aNiallator termed as Indienesian Empire[45]

However, this is short-lived. We only won those campaigns because Indonesia is busy reconquering Peninsular Malaysia, reconquered on Day 1591 and Sarawak, reconquered on Day 1592. They won the Sulawesi Resistance War on the same day. This was followed by victory in the Maluku islands and Papua Resistance Wars on Day 1593. But they didn't stop there, they conquered Mindanao on Day 1594, Palawan on Day 1595 and Visayas on Day 1596. Finally, Luzon was conquered on Day 1598, the same day as the presidential elections where Eldarion Sionnodel won.

On Day 1609, Malaysia signed a peace treaty with Indonesia to free Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak in exchange for Sabah. Sarawak was freed on Day 1611 and Peninsular Malaysia on Day 1612. Since all the Philippine regions are still under Indonesia on Day 1618, no congress election was held resulting to the second month in Philippine History with no congress.

On Day 1623, Indonesia expanded to South America by passing through Visayas to conquer Colombia's Pacifica. They also conquered Andina on Day 1624 and Orinoquia on Day 1625. Colombia's forces regained Andina on Day 1628 and Orinoquia on Day 1629. On Day 1631, Singapore City was freed but Caribe e Insular was conquered by Indonesia. Andina was again conquered on day 1632.

After more than a month of hopeless Resistance wars, on Day 1628, Philippines elected Paul Delos Santos again as their President. Paul Delos Santos asked help from his Chinese friends to free the Philippines. On Day 1632, Palawan was finally reconquered by the Philippines. On Day 1633, China conquered Luzon from Indonesia and Mindanao was gained back by the Philippines. On day 1634, China conquered Visayas from Indonesia. On day 1635, China conquered Pacifica from Indonesia and Colombia's Resistance force freed Caribe e Insular. On day 1636, China also conquered Andina. On Day 1637, China ceded Visayas back to the Philippines and Pacifica back to Colombia. On Day 1638, China ceded Luzon back to the Philippines.

On Day 1637, Philippines was proposed by Indonesia again to be a Natural Enemy which was reciprocated by the Philippines an hour after. Both passed the next day and Indonesia conquered Mindanao again on Day 1639, Visayas again on Day 1640, Luzon again on Day 1641 and Palawan again on Day 1642. On Day 1643, with everything they have, the Philippines gained Luzon back followed by Palawan on day 1644. After a lot more attempts, they finally gained Mindanao back on Day 1663.

On Day 1666, Philippines was again proposed as Natural Enemy by Indonesia which was again reciprocated by the Philippines, both passing a day after. On Day 1668, Mindanao was recaptured by Indonesia again followed by Palawan on Day 1669 followed by Luzon on Day 1670. Fortunately, Visayas was reconquered by the Philippines on Day 1672.

After 10 days of failed resistance wars, the Philippine Ministry of Defense started a new strategy. On Day 1682, Philippines proposed Indonesia as Natural Enemy which passed the next day. Palawan was then reclaimed on Day 1684, then Mindanao on Day 1685.

Age of R

Main article: Age of R

The Age of R began after the confirmation of the eRepublik administration of the victory of Al Raposas as President of the Philippines on July 6, 2013 (Day 2055). Raposas is the 51st president of the Philippines and the 37th president since eRepublik Rising. His term was renewed upon his election on August 6, 2013. He ran for a third consecutive term on September 5, 2013, but lost to agent of chaos with a vote of 28-28.


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