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Party Logo

The following is the history of the Peace 'n' Prosperity Party.


Founding Generation

The founding logo of the PnPP (Oct 2010 - Oct 2011)

The Peace ‘n’ Prosperity Party (PnPP) was founded by Thingol on the first day of the existence of NZ in October, 2010. The PnPP became an active member of the Provisional Government and included members like Thingol, James Rellori, deVillefort, Michal Lodziana 1, Albert Neurath, Paishpi, Crusadercarl, Blacklist Rose and SledDog. In the October's Party elections, Thingol was chosen over Rellori and Paishpi.

The party took part in the “unity primaries” during the October 25th Parliamentary elections. Many members stood for the New Zealand Union Party, while some for the PnPP. The party ended up winning 1 of 40 seats but quickly had six NZUP members join them, including Carr De Vaux, Artorius Perim and Marcos Arolia.

In the nation’s first presidential elections, the PnPP supported Calbe, who went on to win with 80%. In his subsequent Cabinet, the party secured nearly half of its members. This solidified it as one of the most active and influential parties in NZ.

Albert Neurath Era

In November, party founder Thingol retired and an election took place between Albert Neurath and Aotearoa's founder Don KronoX. Albert won 19 to 4, one of DK’s very rare defeats.

Albert’s leadership coincided with the rise of the PnPP as the chief “opposition party” in NZ and led to major internal changes. Under his leadership, a “forum primary system” for electing PP’s was instituted and the position of “Party Secretary” was created, with Michal Lodziana 1 becoming the first. He also undertook to build up the membership after NZUP collapse. New members like Oboacer, Xanthar Zaiban and runningtings emerged during this period.

In the November 25th Parliamentary elections, the PnPP captured 8 of 40 seats, with 111 votes. It emerged as the largest non-Aotearoa party in NZ. In the December 5th Presidential election, the PnPP candidate Fionia emerged as the primary challenger to DK but was defeated, winning 31%. In the subsequent KronoX Cabinet, the PnPP had six Ministers.

The Bristel Akina Period

Albert did not stand in the December primary and it pitted deVillefort against Bristel Akina. deVille won but due to RL issues he stood down and Bristel was subsequently elected PP. Michal was re-appointed PnPP Secretary and Marcos Arolia became the “Deputy Leader”.

The December 25th Parliamentary elections saw the PnPP win 5 of 40 seats, compared to 24 for Aotearoa. It was replaced by the Kiwi Social Democrats as the largest non-Aotearoa party in Parliament. Following these results, Bristel went MIA (due to RL sickness) and the party witnessed the migration of some of its veteran members like Albert, Michal (who resigned as Secretary) and Jeanlouis to Austria.

The party choose Bedi Vere as its Presidential candidate for January through a primary and she stood with the backing of the KSD and the Kiwi Independent Party (KIP). Vere lost but won a respectable 32% and 104 votes to Aotearoas' kurojca.


Arolia Era

In January, Bristel stood down and his deputy Marcos Arolia ran for PP. He won the primary and was subsequently elected. Arolia appointed rookie citizen Oboacer as the Party Secretary (the first of 3 terms for him). In kurojca's Cabinet, the PnPP placed four Ministers.

In the January 25th Parliamentary elections, the PnPP retained its standing of 5 of 40 seats. It regained its position as the largest non-Aotearoa party but witnessed Aotearoa increase its majority to 28. The party also began to hold serious talks with the KIP, UNZIP and KSD about merging into a new “opposition party”. To indicate their seriousness in the February Presidential elections, the PnPP did not run a candidate but supported KIP leader (and former PnPP member) WelshLad. He lost to Aotearoa’s Koska de STRAH with 30% of the vote.

Following this loss, the party continued to hold talks with the other parties and successfully absorbed the UNZIP membership before the “Indo-Kiwi” land-swap took place. This seminal event completely shattered the political membership of most parties and reduced to the PnPP to a low 8 members. In the chaos, Arolia was re-elected as PP, although he had not stood in the primary due to a technical glitch.

He quickly appointed two co-secretaries in Oboacer and Octavius Dryst who sought to rebuild the party and in the February 25th Parliamentary elections, the PnPP retained its 5 seats, not a small feat considering the mess the party had been only weeks prior. The party rebounded and declandonaghy88 (DD) was nominated as its Presidential candidate for March.

However, another technical glitch on Arolia’s side meant DD could not be nominated and therefore the PnPP did not run a candidate. The fallout from this was immense, considering it was the second occasion DD had been unable to take up his rightful position.

Declandonaghy88 Interlude

Arolia did not stand for a third term and in the subsequent primary declandonaghy88 (DD) won, he was elected PP on March 15th. He sought to build up the PnPP membership, especially considering the sudden upheaval in Aotearoa following’s Bass Junkie's victory.

DD reappointed Oboacer as the Party Secretary for the third term and the pair set out preparing for the March Parliamentary elections. But in the upheaval that followed, the PnPP became collateral damage as the ex-Aotearoa members flocked to new parties only days before the vote and knocked the PnPP out of the top-five. The aftermath of this event, the second so called screw-up for the PnPP led to bitter public infighting and severely damaged the PnPP’s credibility.

After a calm, that witnessed some PnPP choose to leave the party, the membership regrouped and held a primary for President, in which Xanthar Zaiban won. He was duly nominated and stood for office on April 5th against Red label Party candidate IvanMiletic. He lost but won a respectable 32% and 83 votes.

Oboacer Era

declandonaghy88 (DD) announced he was leaving for Austria and a PP primary was called. Only Oboacer put his name forward. After a very public outcry on the forms, he was duly acclaimed and officially put his name forward for April 15th. He was elected 15 to 0.

Changes quickly took place, as efforts to engage inactive members and to prepare a strong PnPP slate for the upcoming parliamentary elections took place. This engagement paid off as a record number of PnPP candidates stood in the April 25 Parliamentary elections, in all four NZ regions. The party had a strong showing winning 64 votes (24%) and electing 7 of 40 seats. This was the best PnPP legislative result since November, 2010. Notably, members elected included Xanthar Zaiban, Mortelbeta, Pretty Panda and Crusadercarl (CC).

In the May 5 Presidential election, the PnPP shocked many when it nominated former NZ President Don KronoX. Quickly it was joined by the RLP, Ranginui and Aotearoa. On election day, KronoX stood unopposed and was elected with 166 votes (100%). This was a monumental moment as it marked the first time a PnPP candidate had been elected President.

Quickly, the new President appointed a Cabinet that included six members from the PnPP. This included Oboacer (Vice President), Marcos Arolia (Minister of Information), Dvfeen (Minister of Education/New Citizens) and Fionia (Minister of Foreign Affairs), to name a few. This marked the highest Cabinet representation the party had held since the kurojca's Cabinet of January 2011. The members worked tirelessly and played an active role in the government during the First Argentina-New Zealand War. The Ministers worked well with their counter-parts, leading many to claim this was the most successful government in the history of NZ.

On May 15, Oboacer was re-elected PP over Xanthar Zaiban by a vote of 15 to 6. Following this, the party set out to prepare for the upcoming Parliamentary elections. It nominated candidates in all four regions and worked out an agreement with the other major parties (RLP, UIS, Ranginui) on the number to run. On election day, the PnPP won 8 of 40 seats, with over 50 votes. This tied it with the November 2010 elections as the best showing in its history.

In the June, 5 Cp elections, the PnPP nominated veteran eRepublik Kiwi CC for President. He won the support of Ranginui and UIS. In the election, he defeated former CP Kosak (endorsed by RLP) winning 66%-35%. This marked the second consecutive PnPP CP elected under Oboacer.

Rootbeer123 Time

After two months under Oboacer, who decided not to seek re-election, a PP primary was called. Both Rootbeer123 and Fionia put their names forward. After having the primary, Rootbeer emerged the winner. He would be running against a communist(in-game) who had not taken part in the primary. On June 15, Rootbeer won the vote for PP, 31 to 8.

Shortly after being elected he would make to two new jobs for the party, Director of Information (Ivan Blair) and Director of Recruitment (zuludude). He re-appointed Oboacer as the Party Secretary.

During the congressional elections, the parties of New Zealand made a deal that would give each a certain amount of seats in the Congress. The PnPP subsequently won 9 seats in Congress, the best showing so far. The party captured 48 votes in the elections, the second best.

Next came a changing time for the PnPP.For CP primary, Bass Junkie put his name forward against mortalbeta. This primary caused bitter in-fighting and set the stage for the upcoming PP race. However, the primary was held and Bass won the nomination. In the subsequent CP election, he came second with 32% of the vote. Following this, Rootbeer announced he would not seek re-election.

Oboacer "round two"

The July PP primary saw four candidates step forward, with former PP's Oboacer and Arolia joined by new members Ivan Blair and Zachery Veilleux. After a detailed forum debate, the party held the primary and Oboacer emerged victories. During the in-game vote, he defeated a lesser known candidate, 30-7.

Oboacer made recruitment a priority during his third term and appointed zuludude as his Party Secretary. He also sought to increase the party's parliamentary standings. This led the parties of NZ to again reach an agreement on seat distribution. In the July 25 parliamentary elections, the PnPP won 11 of 40 seats, its best showing in history. It also won 55 votes, the most of any party.

The party began a recruitment drive in the lead-up to the August 5 CP election and saw its membership increase from 53 to 63 members overs the preceding weeks. It also made the move to endorse Ranginui candidate, Srnica in the elections. This marked a return to the cooperation between the two parties in the May and June elections. However, Srnica was defeated, taking 36% of the vote. This move caused both the RLP and UIS to openly break off cooperation with the PnPP.

Following this, Oboacer announced he would not seek re-election as PP and declared an "open primary" for the Party Presidency.

Marcos Arolia and Crusadercarl Tandem

In the August PP Primary, former PP, Marcos Arolia was chosen over former party secretary zuludude by a vote of 7-5. However, in-game Arolia was defeated by Crusadercarl (who accidentally forgot to remove his candidacy). Therefore Crusadercarl became PP in-game but left all official party leadership duties to Marcos Arolia.

Arolia focused upon building up the membership, which had begun during Oboacer's 2nd term and throughout this time saw the PnPP stabilize at around 65-68 members. It managed to continue to retain its position as the largest party in NZ which it held since April. He benefited from the hard work of new DoR mjoybgd and veteran member runningtings. Arolia also sought to re-establish ties with the RLP and UIS, which had been damaged when the party endorsed Srnica in August.

It was during this time that the PnPP Appreciation Program was started. This saw the PnPP leadership donate weapons and food to the PnPP members as a "thank you" gesture for being part of the party. The hope was that this would help to build stronger ties to the party and show the members that their support was appreciated. This program was spearheaded by mjoybgd, Oboacer, Ginny Tory and Valentyme.

In the August 25 Parliamentary elections, the PnPP ran candidates in all six regions (4 original + 2 Australian) and made a concerted effort to increase its representation. However, due to Australian RW's, and the loss of Auckland, eNZ was reduced to 3 regions and therefore the party seated only 6 members. However, this was enough to tie with the RLP for the largest party and with 33 votes, the PnPP had secured the most votes overall.

In the September Presidential election, the PnPP nominated veteran member mortalbeta for CP, she secured the support of the Ranginui and the National Front New Zealand. On election day Mortal won, capturing 63% of the vote and became the first female CP in NZ history. Her subsequent Cabinet included 4 PnPP Ministers.


In September, the PnPP help a primary for PP, as Arolia and CC choose not to seek re-election. Veteran member runningtings put his name forward and when no one else nominated, was acclaimed the PP candidate. In the in-game election, he defeated a little known player, winning 30 to 4. Following his victory, he re-appointed Oboacer as the Party Secretary.

The main focus of runningtings term was to help stabilize the PnPP membership and to make gains in the upcoming Parliamentary elections. He had good ties with the mortalbeta's administration and had the party support her on most major issues. He also sought to increase the party's profile, via a series of articles and help it maintain its status as the nations largest party.

In the September 25 Parliamentary elections, the PnPP received over 52 votes (largest share) and won 13 of 40 seats. This was a record for the party and marked its best showing in NZ history. Members elected included veterans like Teoslav, Spud of Doom, Fionia, runningtins and Oboacer, along with new members like Hit & Vanish, donAsher and Valentyme.

In the Presidential elections, the party honoured its "coalition" with Ranginui and support Srnica in the coming votes. On election day, Srnica was defeated by UIS candidate DaRkO 206, winning 40% of the vote to 59%. While this result was not hoped for, the fact the PnPP backed candidate increased their vote from the August election was a vindication for both parties.

runningtings, announced he was moving from NZ following the completion of his term and therefore called a new PP election. Three candidate entered, with Aleda542, Carr De Vaux and LukeW500. The race proved to be strong as both leading candidates (Carr & Aleda) both offered their own platforms. On voting day, Aleda emerged victorious taking 28 votes to 8 for Carr. He was inaugurated the next day.

Aleda & the KMG

Second PnPP logo (Oct 2011 - Oct 2012)
KMG Logo

Following his inauguration as PP, Aleda re-appointed Oboacer as the Party Secretary. He made his focus building the party's membership to 70 and on finally founding the Kiwi Military Guard (KMG). He allowed Oboacer to focus on the former, which has seen the party jump to nearly 67 members, its highest in history.

In the October parliamentary elections, the PnPP won 46 votes, dropping to third place and won 9 of 40 seats (third overall). This was seen as a setback for the party, especially as a large number of veterans had opted to run in Tasmania but it was re-taken by Australia only a day before the vote. Members elected included veterans like Fionia, Oboacer, Teoslav and new members like mitro95 and Ginny Tory.

The major accomplishment of Aleda's term was his successful founding of the KMG on November 3rd, 2011. This was accomplished when former National Front PP Balkan Beast agreed to sell the morbid Order of the Southern Cross to the PnPP for Icon - Gold.gif 30 GOLD. The party paid this fee and after taking command, disbanded the old unit and re-founded it as the KMG. By founding the militia, Aleda accomplished one of his and the party's long-term goals.

In the November Presidential election, the party nominated veteran member Oboacer for office. He resigned as "Party Secretary" before his run due to RL issues and was replaced by Ginny Tory. However, the party campaigned alone, as former ally Ranginui ran its own candidate, contrary to their past agreement. In the campaign the PnPP supported Obo, who came a distant second, taking 32% of the vote, compared to Helen's 62%.

Following the race, Aleda announced he would not stand for PP but would put his focus on the KMG, making it clear that the party needed a figure who could handle the politics more than the military aspects.

Zulu Time

Due to the inactivity and technological issues that plagued the NZ forums, the PnPP decided against a primary and instead allowed any candidate to stand for office. In the November race, five candidates put their name forward. Leading figures included former PP rootbeer, former Party Secretary zuludude and then activist Isaac Anderson. In the end, Zulu won taking 29 votes, to 10 for Isaac and 5 for root. He subsequently appointed Isaac as Party Secretary.

It was during Zulu's term that the party leadership was radically altered, with three core positions now making it up. The set-up included the Party President, Party Secretary and KMG Commander. During this time the party hit a record of 70 members and Zulu decided against a primary and duly nominated former PM mortalbeta as a Presidential candidate, nearly two weeks in advance.

However, the party began to experience a decline in members, due mostly to inactive members and a failure to address the forum issue. Zulu, along with veteran members like Oboacer, Fionia and Ginny Tory, finally decided to use the "temporary" forum set-up by former PP runningtings as the permanent account for not just the party but also all of NZ. However, this did not halt the decline and the party was affected by this in the November Congressional elections when it fell to 8 of 40 seats.

As the Presidential elections neared, Zulu became inactive and most of the party activity centred on Isaac and Oboacer. The party strongly support Mortalbeta in her campaign and also successfully launched the PnPP Express, the party's official in-game newspaper. In the campaign, Mortal was supported by Ranginui, Crocus Valley and, to many surprises, Red Squad. She was defeated, taking 40% of the vote to 59% to UIS candidate PedjaT.

However, in a major surprise, PedjaT was impeached by the NZ Parliament only one day into his term and Mortal quickly assumed the Presidency for a full second term. The party placed 5 members in her Cabinet, this included Oboacer (Vice President), Valentyme (Defense), Ultimateternity & Fionia (Foreign Affairs) and Johnny Jr (Information).

The Queen Arrives

With Zulu inactive, the party held a new PP race, which featured current Secretary Isaac Anderson against current Minister and former Congresswomen Fionia. In the ensuing vote, Fionia was elected 22 to 13. She then appointed Isaac and Oboacer as co-Secretaries. She set her immediate task at reversing the decline in membership and increasing the Congressional membership.

Her success in the membership happened quickly, as new members began to join the party in a steady stream. This was largely the result of major recruitment by Oboacer and also by an increased media presence for the party. It quickly jumped from a low of 58 to 70 in her first two weeks. A major push was also made to keep members informed by the party newspaper and also through various contests.

The December 25 Congressional election did not go according to plan. Falling on Christmas Day (Roman calendar), a large portion of the party membership was inactive and this adversely affected the party's results. It lost another seat, falling to 7 but fell to 6 when one of its elected MP's was banned for using multiple accounts. Fi viewed this as a failure. Only days later Isaac resigned due to RL issues, leaving Obo as the sole PS.

A high point came in the new year when the PnPP nominated popular eKiwi Xanthar Zaiban for President. He quickly won support across all major parties, excluding the Red Squad. He went on to win a landslide victory, taking 86% compared to 14% for zoomanager. He duly appointed 5 PnPP members to his Cabinet; Fionia (vCP), Oboacer & Ginny Tory (Ministry of Information), Spud of Doom (Ministry of Security) and Valentyme (Ministry of Defense).

She decided not to seek re-election in January due to RL commitments.


Oboacer's 3rd

Following the completion of Fi's term, the PnPP held a new election to choose a party president. Veteran former PP and Party Secretary Oboacer again sought the leadership. He faced little resistance from the party and was duly nominated and elected PP on January 15. He campaigned on a platform of supporting CP Xanthar and also building up the party's Congressional base.

During his 3rd term, the PnPP continued to see major success, as it successfully aided XZ in winning re-election in February, the first NZ President to do so. The party also supplied a number of Cabinet Ministers including Obo and Ginny (Ministry of Information), Valentyme (Ministry of Defence), Daniel Dodge (Minister of Education) and mortalbeta (Vice President). During this time, Obo also sought to increase the party's profile abroad by launching a series of articles that former PnPP members published in their nations' news feeds.

The January parliamentary elections were a setback for the PnPP as the party dropped a seat and fell to 6 compared to 22 for the UIS and L&P. Many blamed this setback on the party's focus on government. However, in February Oboacer was elected to his fifth term as Party President, this indicated the party supported his leadership during these times. Once again he supported the XZ administration and appointed CrackShotNZ as the party secretary.

His term also witnessed the emergence of the KMG as a significant fighting force in NZ. This was largely thanks to the hard work of members like Valentyme, Pretty Panda and Conner O'Farrell. The unit was organized into a more determined fighting force and aided the party during elections. In the February parliamentary elections, the party emerged as the top vote-getter and seat holder with 4 of 10 (in a reduced Parliament).

Obo ended his term by nominating veteran member Spud of Doom for March President. He was defeated by UIS candidate ByBojan taking 43 votes and 20%. Following these results, Obo announced he was taking an in-game break and would not run for re-election.

Valentyme Show

With Oboacer stepping down, the party had an open field. However, there was little doubt who would win when KMG Commander Valentyme placed his name forward. A detailed platform was released and Val secured the endorsement of high profile members XZ, Ginny Tory, Spud and Trento96. He was easily elected.

One of his first focuses was building up a more active base. To accomplish this, he sought out new NZ immigrants to the PnPP. This paid off when a large contingent of former Iranian players joined the party. Leading figures included E.L.E.A.N.O.R, Pjtor and Sor3naa. This new group was also joined by former PP runningtings and new recruits Dizzy Ramone. With these new players, Val launched an aggressive push in the March parliamentary elections, which saw the PnPP jump to 9 seats (second overall).

However, the term was blighted by bitter fighting within the NZ government. The PnPP and some members of L&P openly began to oppose the UIS administration, blaming it for communication failure and NZ's poor war results against Argentina and defending Chile. The PnPP took great exception to this and openly challenged the government. The party supported two "impeachment" proposals against ByBojan (although both failed due to UIS/L&P/RS opposition). Val was seen as the chief instigator of this along with PnPP MP's Fionia and Sor3naa. These actions caused former CP mortalbeta to resign from the party.

These events eventually led to the NZ Documents Leak Scandal. This event saw important military documents leaked to the Australian CP who handed them over to Terra HQ. They incriminated Chile and led to its eventual ouster from Terra. The backlash caused bitter words to spread and led to a row between the PnPP (Val, runningtings & Fi) against L&P PP Mister Terminator.

In early March Val nominated Spud of Doom again for CP. He was seen as a compromise candidate for most eKiwis and therefore had support from all parties (the UIS backed him, ignoring Val's actions). He was duly elected and formed a "national unity" government. Later Val announced he was stepping down as PP.

Ginny Tory Rises

With Val deciding against running for PP, the race was clear for veteran member Ginny Tory, to run. She faced limited opposition as the party had yet to develop factions and Val had damaged his reputation due to his previous actions as PP. Thus she took the leadership with the support of veterans like runningtings, Oboacer and new members like Isaac Anderson and the recently joined mudduck95. In a sign of cooperation, she offered Val the role of Party Secretary, which he duly accepted. The pair agreed that the PnPP needed a fresh team and better relations with the other parties, notably UIS and L&P which had strained ties after Val period in charge.

Anderson's Hope to Extending

Isaac Anderson have been serving Oboacer's 4th Term as the Party Secretary. He decided since Oboacer is not re-seeking Party President, to run and go against 3 Candidates. He won with a major victory with 77% of the votes. His focus was on the Parliament due to two failed terms of having fewer PnPP seats in the Parliament.

Anderson soon thought a plan with former member mudduck95 to extend PnPP within neutral countries. They have successfully made it and have got a new branch in Belgium. This makes the Peace 'n' Prosperity Party of New Zealand as the Headquarters of PnPP.

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