History of the United Kingdom

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History of the United Kingdom
Flag of  the United Kingdom   Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom

The history of the United Kingdom as a unified state began on the first day of the New World when England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales were added to the map as the United Kingdom.

Early History

The early days of the United Kingdom were peaceful, the war had not been introduced and like other nations the world over, the United Kingdom fostered close ties with nations it was close to in real life, the United States, Canada and Northern European countries, but especially Ireland. During this time citizens milled about the New World without malice and many former foreigners settled in the UK permanently.


For the UK's mayoral history, see the list of all Mayors

Until the release of Erepublik Version 1.0, the UK, like all other nations in the game at the time, had regional mayors who presided over local issues and in the UK were initially charged with implementing the now-abolished NHS gifting scheme.


November 2007

November 20th was the day the first settlers came to the New World. Of these settlers a few decided to start-up in the United Kingdom. The first 20 of them were given Icon-gold.gif 50 GOLD to start the country up. The most notable of these citizens were snow_gibbon who used his Gold to start up a Housing Company and gathered more gold to start up the first party in the United Kingdom called the Erepublik Party Party (EPP). NiAlma set-up the second party called the Conservative Party (Tory) and his own Weapons company. Samaxius and iPreist also set-up their own companies at this time.

With people still getting to grips with this new world. The Conservative Party hinted at dealing with the French Problem. While it was revealed that snow_gibbon wanted peace with France. With the war module not out till April this squabble but it’s quite funny to see war with France mentioned at this stage. As it comes up a few times in the United Kingdom’s history. NiAlma the next day also questioned snow_gibbon’s business sense in his next Press Release.

The Conservatives also started up the first trade deal with another nation. China would provide quality 2 food in exchange for NiAlma's companies quality 2 Weapons. This could be seen as the United Kingdoms first alliance in the works.

The same day that the Conservatives announced their alliance with China. snow_gibbon released his and the EPP's Manifesto. Putting the economy at the heart of it. As you can see Manifestos have evolved a lot since the olden days of November.

With Elections just around the corner NiAlma was banned. It is speculated that he was banned for the article he wrote calling snow_gibbon a criminal and rapist. The result was a permanent ban on NiAlma's account and snow_gibbon would be unopposed on the ballot the next day.

December 2007

On the 1st of December snow_gibbon was elected as the United Kingdom’s first President. December won’t be remembered for the Erepublik Party’s first and only mandate in charge. It will be remembered for the clashes between UK Reform and UK Action. This is the story of December the true beginning of modern UK politics.

The United Kingdom in December began to grow in December. Future President shadowukcs and Kaleb were born in December. Making instant impacts on the political scene. They weren’t the only ones though as a forum group from LUE and another game called Cybernations also appeared. This months story revolves around these two groups clashing.

On December 20th 2007 Big Duncan Ferguson formed the UK Action party. The members of UK Action heavily criticised snow_gibbon and the Erepublik Party Party for being horrendously inactive. They were dissatisfied with the lack of housing and goods on the market mostly at first. As well as being dissatisfied with the lack of Mayors and Hospitals.

While the UK Action Party were foaming at the mouth. Kaleb was well underway with his work. He created the Bank of England and the Ministry of Defence. That was officially endorsed by the President snow_gibbon on December the 21st. These were among the first simulated organisations in Erepublik. This prompted the admins to introduce the Simulated Organisation rules Kaleb also set-up the 1st Commercial Bank to give out loans to people wanting to create companies.

In an interview on the 24th of December Big Duncan Ferguson criticised the Bank of England and Ministry of Defence as doing “nothing” as they were EPP ideas. This of course caused some controversy in the United Kingdom. UK Action seemed in some peoples eyes to be doing nothing but criticise and not offer real alternatives.

The most important thing to happen in the United Kingdom in December though was the formation of UK Reform by shadowukcs. Along with his fellow party member Nelsaidi he set-up the UK Forums that are so popular and active to this day. This happened on Christmas Day, not a bad present to give the nation I’d say. Of course, a certain journalist called shaggy123 decided to disagree with this motion. As tensions between the newly formed parties UK Reform and UK Action mounted in the build up to Elections.

On December 27th the UK Action Party released their Manifesto for the January Elections. Vying for a planned economy, better healthcare and inflation. A few days later though in exchange for Kaleb’s K-Arms company shadowukcs gave control of UK Reform over to Kaleb. He himself wrote a Manifesto which involved helping the weapons industry rather than ignoring it like UK Action purposed.

On the eve of the Election UK Reform posted a quick Question and Answerto further explain their policies to voters. As UK Action continued to criticise UK Reform as a bunch of members from the failures at Erepublik Party Party.


January 2008

The main event in January was that GameFAQs - in particular board 313, the UK regional board - discovered Erepublik.

In the space of a few days over 200 people joined the UK from GameFAQs and set up a number of companies to provide employment for their own and then created a party called 'The People's Front of 313' with which they planned to take over the UK. Many of these 313 users originally saw Erepublik as a joke and a large number soon got bored of ER including the leader of the party, Cubezilla.

Many arrivals from 313 did find that ER could be an enjoyable experience and stayed on. Some left TPF to join UKRP but many more decided that with an absent leader they needed to create a new party. Thus Now El313ct Winners was formed (N.E.W). In all around 140 Gold has been spent by 313 members to further their political aims.

The NEW group are indeed a mixed bunch with some being prominent members of the UK community including several Mayors. But a number of its members still openly state that their express purpose as a party is for the GameFAQs group to take over the UK.

The Right Party is also a small but active party with it's main powerbase in Norwich where it won the local election.

February 2008

Kaleb retained his seat due to a tiebreaker rule in the Election while N.E.W took the lead in Congress.

February was a month of change in the UK. The main event was 94asm stepping down as Now El313ct Winners leader. This sparked a three way leadership race to succeed him. The three main candidates were Zuku_Zulu, Adamlazaruso and Paul Hudson. In the end, Zuku_Zulu took charge and re-branded the Party The 313 Republikan Party (313RP).

The Right Party also had a new leader mr. brodie took over from jamesthecool.

Ip Lockard took control of UK Action Party and rebranded it the Peoples Communist Party.

Sexymatt123 took over the Erepublik Party Party and rebranded it United Action Party.

The Regional Council was formed and Final Destiny of 313RP was elected the first ever Regional Council President. Changing many things on the forum and formed the Hospital voting system.

Just before the General Elections Zuku_Zulu retired from the game. This left AdamLazaruso in charge of 313RP and the party in disarray.

Belgian Annexation

The first recognised war in eRepublik history took place between the United Kingdom and Belgium, when on April 10th 2008 war was declared. After a three day long campaign backed by China, Ireland, Romania and the USA, the United Kingdom annexed Belgium, in a move belatedly declared a union between the two countries by British Prime Minister Kaleb.

Belgium remained a part of the United Kingdom until February 2009 and regained full independence on February 21st although many Belgians stayed behind and integrated into British society.


With the introduction of the V1 war module the need for organised military co-operation between countries became apparent and the Northern Alliance (NA) was founded. In the face of the New World's first super-alliance, PEACE GC the NA member states (apart from Ireland) joined with parts of two other alliances forming ATLANTIS days before the war between the two, commonly referred to as World War I, broke out.

During these early days the United Kingdom became a refuge for the communities of many countries who were either not yet on the map or found themselves under occupation. However, these communities eventually left as nations such as Lithuania, Croatia, Australia and Poland where added or their homes returned to the map.

Operation: French Toast

December 7th, 2008 saw the beginning of Operation French Toast; one of the first direct conflicts between multiple nations from PEACE GC and Atlantis.

Ultimately the plan proved unsuccessful and within a week France was able to start recovering their entire country as all the attacking ATLANTIS nations ran out of gold and weapons.

The British Armed Forces

Although a failure, Operation French Toast lead to the formation of the first structured British Armed Forces. The British “Reserves” were split into three branches, the territorial Royal Guard, the main, mobile fighting force of the Royal Navy and the heavy-hitting “tankers” of the Royal Parachute Regiment.



With the sabre-rattling Swedish President, Kalle Holm, elected on the promise of war with the trial ATLANTIS state of Germany and determined to keep it out of the alliance, an attack was inevitable.

This lead to a split in the alliance, the Eastern European countries (Romania, Croatia and Poland) backed Sweden, and whilst Canada, the UK and the USA remained officially neutral; Germany found a lot of support from the British public.

The third Swedish-German War ended with the annexation helped along by a Political Take-Over (PTO) of Germany by supposed allies.

EDEN and Fortis

The two sides of ATLANTIS eventually separated and banded together into the new alliances of EDEN and Fortis.

There was a great deal of debate over what the UK should do next, with passionate discussions in favour of neutrality, joining the other super-alliance PEACE GC and joining either of the new alliances of ex-ATLANTIS nations, EDEN or FORTIS.

EDEN was seen as an unpopular choice, the consensus was that they were to blame for the breakup of ATLANTIS but had also not invited the UK to join.

FORTIS on the other-hand had requested the involvement of the UK, but talks were hampered when the USA insisted on having a larger vote share. The weighted system proved unpopular with the geographically smaller nations of UK, Canada, and Ireland although subsequent American media campaigns isolated the UK as the cause for FORTIS' failure.

Although the USA eventually backed down, an increasing amount of animosity and worsening of relations between the UK and USA caused the United Kingdom to decline to resume formal ties with its previous allies and pursued a policy of non-alignment and bilateral relations.

EDEN and FORTIS remained divided and were not as strong as the whole. Germany was eventually liberated by Hungary, the world’s most powerful nation at the time, as they worked their way up into Danish regions.

This gave Hungary a border with the UK, but due to their neutral standpoint relations between the two countries improved.

Hungarian Training War

In early June 2009 a region swap deal, under the premise of a training war, was struck between Prime Minister Hassan Pesaran, and Hungary. For a period of four weeks starting on June 11th Hungary occupied Scotland. This gave the PEACE nation a border with the Fortis nation of Canada and EDEN state Norway, and despite promises that Scotland would not be used by Hungary toward an invasion of Canada [1], the United States and Ireland saw this as nothing but a betrayal. Both countries started persistent criticising of the still pro-American British public and calling for the Prime Minister’s impeachment. Public opinion quickly turned to favour what had been up until then an unpopular move.

PEACE Invasion of North America

As France and Russia began WWIII there was increasingly little sympathy from the UK, especially when the USA, Canada and Poland imposed trading embargos with them.

Eventually it was decided by Parliament and the Prime Minister that if the UK was to be treated as an enemy, it would become one, the country aligned itself with PEACE, not becoming a member until July the 15th, and entered into the massive multi-pronged invasion of North America by attacking North Eastern Canada and moving West. Ultimately the United Kingdom controlled about half of Canada and parts of China.

It was here that the United Kingdom played a vital role in blocking enemy counterattacks by performing region swaps and counterattacks of their own. This was so effective that both British and Hungarian control was moved from Scotland as far west as North Korea and China.

This period of international turmoil galvanised the home front, for months the major political parties, politicians and other influential citizens largely set aside their differences whilst many citizens opposed to the changes left for former allied nations.

British Political Takeover of the Czech Republic

In July 2009 unbeknownst to either his congress or cabinet, Czech Republic Country President Radim, asked the United Kingdom for help in order to help prevent another Hungarian PTO attempt. In response elements of the Parachute Regiment (Paras) were mobilised to aid in Anti (Political) Takeover (ATO) efforts during congressional elections.

However, the Paras were secretly briefed by Prime Minister Hassan Pesaran to conduct their own PTO of the Czech congress, and once voted into congress failed to Impeach Radim and stole numerous national currencies from the country’s treasury.

After the event both the people of the Czech Republic and many in Britain were appalled at their actions, and the UK government later apologized and returned the money.

The First King of Britain

For a full history of the Monarchy, see Monarchy of the United Kingdom

The nation existed as a republic until September 18th, 2009 when the House of Lords passed the Monarchy Act Monarchy Act establishing Stephen Fry as the first king of the electronic United Kingdom. This was done in a vain attempt to get the well known tweeter to mention eRepublik and elicit a baby boom.

Interest Free Loan to Ireland

Relations between the UK and Ireland were good even whilst the UK was a member of PEACE, however the Irish nationalist voice was growing ever louder and elements of the British public looked to worsen relations between the two nations.

One such incident ended up with the theft of the Irish treasury, 800 gold and 8000 IEP, by Mannimarco. Due to the close ties the two nations still had at this point, the British Prime Minister, GLaDOS, authorized a 400 gold zero interest loan and banned Mannimarco from the eUK forums and IRC on September 21st 2009.

Belgian Reunification

With a group of Romanians controlling Belgian congress and a new war being costly to open, the decision to open the USA's newly signed Belgian MPP was made in mid-October. In less than a week Belgian regions were once again under British control.

This however led to a four front attack by Norway, Poland, Spain and Sweden.

The Changing of the Guard

On October 30th, 2009 the inactivity and ineffectiveness of the Royal Guard led to it being permanently closed down and replaced by the Royal Navy Training Division (RNTD). The purpose of which was to familiarise new recruits with the basic principles of membership within the Royal Navy.

widdows9000 plunders the Special Forces

On November 18th, 2009 in an effort to force the United Kingdom into attacking the United States, after growing calls for a war the government felt unwise, using his position as the commander of the Special Forces (previously the Paras), widdows9000 emptied every organisation he had access to. Although originally setting a deadline of 24 hours, when the government’s position remained unchanged after a few hours the assets were sold off. For these actions he was stripped of his military honours and removed from the House of Lords.

Leaving PEACE

Having achieved all their goals and with Version 2 on the horizon, November 2009 saw many members of PEACE GC leaving the alliance in what came to be known as the November cascade. This was largely due to an unpopular new charter being proposed by French president Lyne Faynel. Parliamentary discussion on the eUK's membership status in PEACE led to a vote and ultimately a decision to leave the alliance which came into effect on November 21st.

Phoenix Rises From the Ashes of PEACE

It was during the final days of PEACE GC that Indonesia, Serbia and Hungary started to formulate a plan of what their future should look like. In less than two weeks a new alliance had risen from the ashes of what had been PEACE GC, an alliance of former PEACE nations that the United Kingdom played an integral part in leading and shaping, with the Phoenix charter being written by, amongst others, the eUK’s Prime Minister Mr Woldy. Many other prominent citizens went on to take leading roles in the alliance.


Irish Eyes on Northern Ireland

By February 2010 Irish nationalists were in power and had set about striking a deal with EDEN to allow them control of Northern Ireland which was then occupied by Norway. This plan was seen as illegal by many in Ireland and a betrayal by the UK.

Northern Ireland was finally returned to British control in under two weeks via Resistance War.

Dismantling The Fleet

At its height, the Royal Navy encompassed 23 ships in seven fleets. This was seen as the heyday of the British Military, but with the changes in game mechanics brought about by V2, the Royal Navy was disbanded and replaced with the British Army on the 21st of April 2010.

Each weapon skill had its own devoted branch: British Infantry, British Artillery, British Armoured Corps and the Army Air Corps.

This was later reformed into the functionally indifferent tri-service; Army, Navy and RAF after post-rising changes to the military module in January 2011.

Closing the House of Lords

With the House of Lords seen to be corrupt and needlessly adding to the bureaucracy, an amendment to the House of Commons Act on June 6th 2010, lead to all of the then Lords needing a unanimous yes vote to be accepted back in. With the TUP and PCP voting no, the House of Lords was left empty and subsequently closed.

The Player Monarchs

At the end of July 2010, an amendment to the Monarchy Act allowed the election of citizens as Monarchs, by forum-active Party Presidents. This lead to Kumnaa being crowned the first player Monarch on August 1st, 2010.

His reign, however, was short lived and ended with him being deposed by parliament for inactivity on October the 13th. King Woldy was then chosen by forum vote and divine right to become the fifth monarch to reign over the United Kingdom on October the 14th 2010.


Phoenix Burns

Phoenix was officially disbanded on February 3rd 2011, but by the end of December 2010 the alliance was in obvious trouble. Disputes between Hungary and Brazil, split Phoenix, like Sweden and Germany had split ATLANTIS, whilst Hungarian overtures to Poland and their own division with EDEN put the final nail in Phoenix’s coffin.

Over January and February member states left in droves and a new equilibrium was found, Brazil and the USA founded PANAM, whilst the loose coalition of Hungary, Poland, Serbia and Spain was yet to formalise into ONE.


Surrounded by Terra (Formerly PANAM) nations and remaining on good terms with Serbia, whilst most Phoenix nations sided with ONE, the UK joined Terra. Due to its small size the UK rose to prominence in yet another alliance but relations with Canada and the United States were still poor and although Ireland was a neutral nation they had retained close ties with both all this time.

With yet more changes to the economic module, general malaise amongst the general population and no other targets, when the United Kingdom declared war on Ireland it proved not to be a popular move in either Terra or EDEN HQs, who by this time had allied themselves against ONE. This led to many allies fighting against the United Kingdom for an independent nation, until Ireland was quickly admitted into EDEN, forcing the United Kingdom to fight against an “ally”.

In April 2010 a training war with Canada was arranged, leading to the occupation of Northern Ireland by Canada for two weeks. From here they could easily block the UK from attacking Ireland again after yet another “Invade Ireland” campaign during March forced any government to finally live up to their election promises of Invading.

All this was seen as final proof of the low opinion and regard both Terra and EDEN held the UK in, with the distinction between the two alliances seen to be none existent and the UK never having “voted to join EDEN” the country withdrew from the alliance on the 25th of April 2011.

Neutrality and War with Ireland

For the next several months the United Kingdom operated between TEDEN (Terra & EDEN) and ONE, continuing its war with Ireland wiping it out several times before Ireland called in Canada, first as a blocker, but then engaged in active operations against the United Kingdom in an effort to turn the tide of the war.

Employing a tactic of overnight fights (from the British perspective), Canada was able to efficiently take regions, often in joint operations with the Irish but the UK was generally able to regain any region lost, via Resistance War during the day.

London Falls

This continual give and take led to Canada focussing their attention on London, the UK’s V1 fortress, and one of the only regions in the world to have never been occupied up to that point.

The attack was launched at 23:01 GMT on September 16th 2011, and lasted over 24 hours, garnering millions of influence on both sides, before TEDEN damage finally overwhelmed all the hard fought influence that the UK could muster up until the last second of the 14th round.

London fell for a second time, to a heavily supported Irish military on December 5th 2011.

Joining ONE

With the worsening of relations with other Strasbourg Treaty signatories and growing ever closer to the nations of ONE, months of neutrality came to an end, after Parliament first voted to repeal the Strasbourg Treaty, in light of a credible threat from co-signatory France, on December 2nd and with Prime Minister Thomas765 finding a surprisingly warm reception to the idea from ONE a subsequent vote to join ONE passed with ease on December 11th 2011.

Keep Calm and Carry On

On Day 1490, December 19th 2011, two more fronts were opened up along with the war against Ireland. Region by region fell to France, Canada and Ireland, in quick succession and with simultaneous resistance efforts continually splitting British Damage and proving wholly inadequate, the United Kingdom suffered its first wipe in history on Christmas eve 2011, Day 1495 leaving the honour of the last country to be wiped to Indonesia.


The Commonwealth Agreement decided that the southern British Isles was to be considered French territory, with London renamed Londres. This effectively annexed them to France. There have been few successful resistance wars in these regions. Northern Ireland was given to Ireland, though resistance here usually gains back the region on occasion. Since Canada was not in the agreement, its regions were not mentioned.


Peace with Ireland

In March 2012 Prime Minister Talon Karrde negotiated a peace treaty with Ireland. Apart from closing one of the three fronts, the terms of the treaty promised an equitable region swap deal of Scotland and Northern Ireland for Dublin and Louth, which were all largely controlled by Ireland at this time. The treaty was generally seen as a positive, but it angered members of the increasingly isolationist and now second largest party, the UKPP, who called these regions sovereign, and criticised the treaty for having no merit.

Back On The Map

The treaty officially ended the hostilities that had been raging between the nations for two years and allowed the eUK to secure Northern Ireland for Congressional elections that month. This allowed British and allied forces to liberate London from France and double the number of MPs and proposals the country had for the following month, which came in useful for using the millions of GBP that had accrued through taxation.

Rolling On

After months of troubles in EDEN HQ coming to a head, largely over the high damage (former ONE) nation of Turkey, ONE was able to capitalise and regain regions, then bring the attack to TEDEN. This allowed the UK to clear England and Wales then push into France with Serbia and Slovenia along, turning the tables on their former occupier and making a brief foray as far as Paris. The UK ceded control of Scotland and Northern Ireland to the Irish, but did not choose to take Irish regions yet.

April Fools

Before April congressional elections, war with Canada had reared its head again, to the apparent dismay of the USA and the UK was able to make a bridge through their regions, which, in a deal struck with former UK CP and then POTUS Artela, allowed the USA to close the war for the UK. By this time France had been able to retake the south coast and launched a NE proposal. The USA offered to once again close the war, however, this turned into the USA roaming over the UK and taking most of the North Eastern regions before launching an attack on Denmark, whilst France progressed up the country.


Wiping Ireland

In early 2013, the Irish President, MUFC992, provoked the UK Congress and launched a natural enemy law against the UK. Problems had been brewing for months, but everyone, including the Irish, agrees that MUFC started the war. This NE proposal came just before the Argentinian Airstrike. Argentina and Ireland attacked simultaneously, and the UK was subsequently wiped. Eventually, due to strategic planning and help from allies, the UK was freed and Argentina was expelled from the British Isles. Ireland, however, was wiped and continues to stay under the UK's control.

The Start of WW6

On the outbreak of World War VI, the UK attacked Germany and then, Denmark.

Region History

Region History
Conquest Region Swap Merger

Icon-Canada.pngAlberta, Brittany, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan.
Icon-Denmark.png Midtjylland, Nordjylland.
Icon-France.png Lower Normandy.
Icon-Ireland.png Louth, Wexford, Dublin, Shannon, Mayo, Cork.
Icon-Norway.png Sorlandet, Vestlandet, Trondelag, Nord-Norge.
Icon-USA.png Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island

Icon-China.png Heilongjiang.
Icon-France.png Brittany, Lower Normandy.
Icon-Russia.png Far Eastern Russia.
Icon-North Korea.png Hamgyong.
Icon-USA.png Alaska.

Icon-Belgium.png Brussels, Flanders, Wallonia.