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Nationality Flag-Brazil.jpg Brazilian
Date of birth 27 April 2008
Day 159
Date of death 2009
Residence Center West of Brazil
Sex Male
Newspaper Jornal de Brasilia
Mayor of Brasilia
President of Brazil
2 July 2008 – 1 August 2008
Preceded by Bunaly
Succeeded by TexMurphy
Military rank Icon rank Recruit.png Recruit
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Hoffzin was a citizen of Brazil. His death was discovered in December 2008.

He served as mayor of Brasilia.

He was also president of Brazil in July 2008.

Elected in July 2008 elections, the Hoffzin government was met with great difficulties. Wages were very low since most of the new citizens had low skills. Prices have risen a lot because there was a large consumer market, generating a large profit margin for entrepreneurs.

Adding to this, the numerous fakes created at the time were banned. The population which reached the level of 2,400 inhabitants had fallen to less than 1,000 citizens.

With the highly unstable economy, low wages, the Minister of Finance of the time, TexMurphy, came up with the IERS - Economic Incentive Wage Regulation - granting financial benefits to companies that practice salary ranges suggested by the Ministry of Finance, lowering the cost of production and providing thus more competitive prices. The plan worked perfectly well, eliminating inflation, but destroyed the purchasing power of workers.


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