House of Gablitz

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House of Gablitz
Royal Arms of the House of Gablitz (2011–2012).png
Coat of arms
Royal Flag of the House of Gablitz (2011–2012).png
Country Flag-Austria.jpg Austria
Flag-Philippines.jpg Philippines
Etymology Gablitz
Titles Queen of the Philippine Islands
Empress of Indonesia
Motto Ad un valorosa cuore nulla è impossibile.
(Italian for "To a valiant heart, nothing is impossible.")

The House of Gablitz (German: Haus Gablitz; Filipino: Kabahayan ng Gablitz) was a royal house in the Philippines.


The House of Gablitz was founded on 18 March 2011 by Bayan Muna, a conservative political party aiming to establish monarchy in the Philippines.[1][2]


List of monarchs

Portrait Monarch Reign Arms
Citizen1594061.jpg Her Majesty
Marie von Gablitz
18 March 2011 – 19 April 2011
(1 month and 1 day)
Royal Arms of the House of Gablitz (2011–2012).png
Citizen2457959.jpg Her Majesty
28 March 2012 – 1 July 2012
(3 months and 3 days)
Royal Arms of Empress Indielfi.png

List of members

Name Title(s) Country
Her Majesty
Lyne Faynel
Empress of France1 Flag-France.png France
His Highness
None9 Flag-Romania.png Romania
Her Majesty
Marie von Gablitz
Queen Mother of the Philippine Islands,2 Princess of Maharashtra,3 Princess of Moluccas4 Flag-Austria.jpg Austria
Flag-Philippines.jpg Philippines
His Highness
Prince of Switzerland, Lord of Vajdahunyad and Fraknó Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungary
His Highness
Sigurd Aasen
Prince of the Philippine Islands5 Flag-Norway.jpg Norway
Flag-Philippines.jpg Philippines
Her Majesty
Queen of the Philippine Islands, Empress of Indonesia, Empress of Taiwan,6 Marchioness of Mindanao Flag-Philippines.jpg Philippines
His Highness
Mr aNiallator
Prince of the Philippine Islands, High King of Ireland7 Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
Flag-Philippines.jpg Philippines
His Highness
Prince of the Philippine Islands, Duke of Beni and Cochabamba, Lord of Chuquisaca and Tarija8 Flag-Bolivia.jpg Bolivia
Flag-Philippines.jpg Philippines
His Majesty
King of the Twenty-six Cantons, High Lord of Bern, Patriarch of Switzerland Flag-Switzerland.jpg Switzerland
His Highness
None9 Flag-Slovakia.jpg Slovakia
His Highness
None9 Flag-Bosnia and Herzegovina.jpg Bosnia and Herzegovina
His Highness
None9 Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatia
Eugene Bautista
Knight of Sabah Flag-Philippines.jpg Philippines

  1. ^ Original title was "Imperatrice of France". Title was not recognized in France.
  2. ^ Original title was "Mother Queen of the Philippines".
  3. ^ Original title was "Queen of Maharashtra".
  4. ^ Original title was "Princess of the Maluku Islands".
  5. ^ Original title was "Lord of Kitties and Ruler of Philippine Kiwis".
  6. ^ Original title was "Holy Kitty of Taiwan". Title was not recognized in Taiwan.
  7. ^ Original title was "Ard Rí of Éire". Title was not recognized in Ireland.
  8. ^ Title was not recognized in Bolivia.
  9. ^ No title.



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