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Nationality Flag-Denmark.jpg Danish
Date of birth 4th April 2008
Day 136
Date of death 2013
Residence Denmark
Sex Male
President of Denmark
April 06, 2009 – May 05, 2009
Preceded by A. Holst
Succeeded by Lerdeif
November 06, 2009 – December 06, 2009
Preceded by HoeMarx
Succeeded by dragosv
Party president of HrBjorn Rocks Party
April 16, 2010 – N/A
Congress member of Denmark
Congress member of Sweden
Military rank Icon rank General*.png General*

HrBjorn was a former President of Denmark, elected on two occasions: In April and November of 2009. He was a citizen of Thailand, and Party president of the HrBjorn Rocks Party.


HrBjorn was at first very anti-Sweden. The reason for this is that he started playing the game just before Sweden took over Denmark in the Öresunds war. Many of his first articles were anti-Swedish in nature. For instance, his article Join For Hope. Later, he wrote another article that stated his support of the Resistance Movement, entitled Oh My Din Supporting FBS.

HrBjorn was also the first person in the Danish Resistance to get elected into the Congress of Sweden. His article can be viewed here: To all 22 citizens in Syddanmark. HrBjorn was also the diplomat who negotiated with Sweden to become a nation once more. He was also elected as the first Captain King of Denmark (as mentioned in the Danish Constitution).

He has also written several articles where he saved Denmark, as viewed here:

His final act in Denmark was writing a history about the battle between the Old Danes and the Serbian PTO-Danes [1]. After doing so, he said Goodbye to Denmark and moved to Thailand[2].


HrBjorn was employed by MIG Gifts.

HrBjorn has achieved 19 Hard Worker achievements.


HrBjorn has reached the military rank of General*.

HrBjorn has earned 20 Super Soldier achievements.

HrBjorn has been Battle Hero on one occasion in the past.


HrBjorn has been elected as President of Denmark on two occasions in the past. These two occasions were both in 2009: one in April and the other in November. Additionally, on one occasion, HrBjorn served as interim President of Denmark.

HrBjorn has been a member of Congress on 14 occasions in the past.

HrBjorn was been a member of several parties, including (chronologically from first to last known party):


When HrBjorn became president he made it very clear that he stood for an Anti-Thailand policy [3]. As President, he negotiated with Sweden about some land-swapping. This was to be the last act he did as President of Denmark [4].

On December 19, 2010, he became the new Interim President of Denmark after ErosBVB was impeached from office.

Party leaderships

HrBjorn was Party president of several parties and these are some of the main milestones:

  • Being the last party president of Danish Minority Party in January 2009, HrBjorn renamed the party to Move to Denmark, order as Denmark was liberated and all Danes were to move to their homeland[5].
  • As a founder and party president of the HrBjorn Rocks Party, on the first presidential elections party participated they nominated HoeMarx as a candidate who easily won. It was at this point that he started writing in the third person. His party also became three parties, too, at one point[6][7][8].
  • As a founder and party president of the Chemo Practice Party, which he created "just for fun", was his way to say goodbye to Denmark [9].
  • Started Thai version of the HrBjorn Rocks Party[10]


HrBjorn owns the newspaper Beartastic Action News.

Captain King of Denmark

Being the first Captain King of Denmark, HrBjorn took some royalty characteristics.

  • During his time as King of Denmark, most of his articles were worded with "A Kings View On..." [11][12][13]
  • He elected several noblemen[14]:

The Order of Christian X

For his effort in the liberation of Denmark, he has been awarded the Gold insignia of The Order of Christian X.

First Class Order of Christian X