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Nationality Flag-Austria.jpg Austrian
Date of birth 14 August 2008
Day 268
Date of death 17 August 2010
Day 1000
Sex male
Minister of Health of Austria
19 August 2009 – October 2009
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria
November 2008 – December 2008
Congress member of Austria
October 2008 – December 2008
June 2009 – July 2009
Party president of Austrian Independence Party
June 2009 – July 2009
Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina
September 2009 – 17th November 2009
Acting President of Austria
16th January 2009 – February 2009
Minister of Interior of Austria
January 2008 – February 2009
Military rank Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Citizens account being in process of deletion at owners request
An early Hrvat photo.

Hrvat was a citizen of Austria, politician and acting President during crisis in January 2009. He spent 732 days in the New World.

He was an adviser to the Serbian population in Austria from October until December 2008.

He has spent 5 months in military training and has achieved a military rank of Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal.

Hrvat was also a businessman with a number of Organizations in the New World.

Zaney, leader of the Australian Government in exile, had a huge influence on the early development of Hrvat, and is most likely the main reason why Hrvat entered into the political arena. It was zaney, who shaped the early development of Hrvat's political career.

Early Life

Life in Austria was simple for an inexperienced Hrvat. Eat, work and train... maybe read an occasional article, and that was it.

It was while reading an old Newspaper article about the occupation of Australia, that Hrvat first heard of zaney, a young but effective Australian Statesman who was involved in prolonged negotiations with Indonesia.
After sending a Private message to Zaney, Hrvat was thrilled when he not only received a reply, but also an invitation to join the Resistance Movement of Australia. The lessons learned and experience gained would assist Hrvat through many months of his life in troubled Austria.
As Australia was completely under Indonesian occupation, meetings of the Australian Government in Exile were attended by citizens of many different countries (USA, UK, England, Greece, Austria, Italy etc). It was at one of those meetings that Hrvat met an influential Erepublik citizen, who introduced him to a world of international espionage. Hrvat's perception of Erepublik was never the same again. He worked on constantly improving information sharing among his small group of 'contacts' throughout Erepublik.



President Aanok Tourmil, an Austrian Statesman with a long political career was also looking for future politicians among the Austrian population. Hrvat was one of the Austrian citizens offered a job in Aanok's Cabinet with full access to all of the Governments Departments in Austria.

Austria was a small nation constantly fighting against PTO attempts from other nations. Austrian citizens were usually successful in beating such attempts back - but only by the skin of their teeth.

In September 2008 - Then the Minister of the Interior in Austria, Hrvat received a message from a contact he had in Greece warning him that the Serbian population based there were planning a Take Over of Austria.

Hrvat contacted his colleagues in the Austrian cabinet and the decision was reached to welcome the Serbs into the nation and support them. This was seen as a temporary solution to increase Austria's population, thus giving them more muscle to prevent those PTO attempts.

In October 2008, the Serbians began arriving in Austria and most settled in Upper Austria. They were greeted by a newspaper article written in Cyrillic alphabet, welcoming them into Austria, and offering them a home until Serbia opens in the New World. This article was written by Hrvat, who became a mediator between Serb and Austrian population.

The partnership between Austria and Serbia grew and they were working together as a team. Austria's population was growing... but all the increase were Serbs - not Austrians. After a few days Serb leaders had a meeting with Aanok Tourmil, President of Austria, where it was agreed that Serbs should enter into Nacionalna stranka Karantanije an inactive Party.

5th January 2009 CP elections

Austria was fairly confident with her new-found Serbian immigrants, so the election was more or less unopposed. Azoo Lazzo was elected President of Austria with the support of Austria's Political parties. Azoo Lazzo (later banned for exploiting bugs - in his case the printing of GOLD) became the first Serbian country president in the New World.

After the election, there were no communications for 10 days from the new President, there was no active government in Austria.

Then, one day, Hrvat received a message from the Director of the Austrian National Bank in a panic:

  • 15900 ATS and 215 GOLD were missing (all in all 300+ GOLD value disappeared) from the treasury. The question was... where did the money go?

Hrvat went to work and traced the funds to a Serbian citizen by the name of Matija who donated the full amount to Nikola018.

20th January - Azoo and missing money

Entire Treasury of Austria "mistakenly" ended in the Serbian bank account.
Following is the Explanation of crisis by Azoo Lazzo:

What is happening?- If you ask what is happening now, you'll get an answer. A sum of money has mistakenly ended in the Serbian Bank account in Austria. That sum of money currently can not be returned to the Bank of Austria before obtaining Serbia. This led to major changes of the (ATS) on the market causing a major economic collapse in Austria. Given that the Austrians misbehavior in the new crisis has gone completely mad, we take some measures to save the Serbs in Austria.


Since betrayal by Serbian government officials, Austrian citizens formed Government in Exile.

  • 16th January 2009, Hrvat was appointed acting President of Austria for the rest of the term. Working with remaining citizens of Austria, stolen Gold was eventually returned, but ill feeling between the two opposing side only grew in strength.

Azoo published an article in the Serbian language written in Cyrillic script, where he informed population of Austria about the Serbs Emergency Situation which was translated to English language by Hrvat in his newspapers Translation from Serbian article "State of Emergency":

Until this point, Azoo had kept himself clean of this saga. But this article was a clear endorsement of the actions taken by his two lieutenants.

Austrian community was shocked and outraged. This action by Serbian citizens had wide ramifications. Other countries joined in criticism of, where DonMogul minister in UK government was outraged and he began his action against Azoo Lazzo, Matija and Ser Jolex, which later led to eventual fall of Government in native Serbia.

Even many Serbs were critical of the theft. Nemanja Ciric wrote a summary of the theft in his newspaper eZeitgeist where he calculated that if Serbian leaders sold their companies in Austria they would have received more Gold (even if they only downgraded their companies - result would have been better.)


November 2008 Sardar Mehdi arrives in Austria and opens first Q4 food company in Austria, which was called "Palatshinken". Hrvat is appointed a manager of company on 15th November 2008.

Day 580 Hrvat was in Austria when Party president died in office. After the death of the elected official, Hrvat gained a control of a minor political party in Austria Austrian Independence Party.

Day 613 Elected in a Congress of Slovakia.

Day 623 Welfare system starts its operation in Austria. Goal - to fund citizens back to 40 wellness so they can fight in Training Wars and regain much of their wellness. Hrvat becomes founder and first Administrator of Austrian Red Cross - Osterreichs Rotes Kreuz

Day 636 A new Government Department is formed in Austria Ministry of Health. President Lynari named Hrvat as Minister of Health.

Day 645 Elected as Congress member in Tyrol

Day 664 Appointed Ambassador to Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He remained Ambassador until Day 728 (November 17th 2009) when he tended his resignation.

Day 705 Hrvat was elected in Congress in Lower Austria region.

Day 985 Hrvat, (fed up with bugs, poor economic module and snail paced war module) sent a confirmation note for a deletion of his account.


After many months spent in politics, Hrvat decided to change his career. He started training in military service.

  • Day 527 during the last minutes of the Poland - Hungary War that Hrvat received the military rank of Icon General.jpg V1 General.
  • Day 627 of the New World, Hrvat has achieved a military rank of Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal
  • Day 676 during a battle of Nord-Norge Hrvat received his first Battle Hero medal.
  • Day 728 during an Independence war in Fujian Hrvat received his second Battle Hero medal.