Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka

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General Information
Country Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatia
Abbreviation HDS
Forum Forum
Colors red and white
Founded December 9, 2008
President Observer from the Shadow
Vice President NoviTigar91
Secretary General Tom Tomasic
Councillor Argrob
Spokesman Observer from the Shadow
Members 58
Congress Occupancy 7/40 seats, 15%
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

About HDS

Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka is one of the most successful parties in Croatia. HDS advocates participatory democracy, a strong economy based on exporting, helping new citizens and building a strong society inside Croatia which will lead the country to prosperity. Military unit founded by HDS is StormRiders.

If you want to find out more about HDS, it is recommended to read these documents:

It has to be mentioned that before June 2009, the ID of the party was 2314 and after June 2009 the ID of the party is 2439 due to the political takeover of the party.

History of HDS

HDS was the ruling party in Croatia for several terms in a row and no matter who sat the President's chair, most of the government positions have been filled by HDS members until winter 2009.

Foundation of HDS and early days

Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka was founded in December 2008. The idea of making such a party came from its first president - Roby Petric. He said that is very important for Croats to have multiple choices in choosing a party which suits them the most.

On the first elections all Croatians decided to unite in one party, so most of HDS members came to Hrvatska Ujedinjena Stranka so they could outnumber possible "takeover parties". Despite that fact, most of the Congress members were from HDS.

At first, it was difficult to decide which party is the best so every party started an "advertising campaign" while HDS did that by pure work. Roby Petric said that despite the fact that his party is the strongest, Croatia needs a strong opposition that will show the same quality of work which will set up a new standard.

Steady growth

When Roby Petric announced that he will not run again for party and country president, it was certain that in order to save the party and to continue its work, we needed a president of the same quality. split1700, a friend of Petric was the new hope of HDS. Despite the fact that he was young he quickly gained experience and continued the work in the same manner. First, he was elected as country president and then also as party president.

June takeovers

In June 2009, Serbs led by Sakal_ks had made a Political takeover of HDS and renamed it to Srpska Demokratska Stranka (SDS). To answer this move, matrixcore, the person who was supposed to succeed IVAN RADMAN as the president of the HDS, has quit the new SDS and moved to Hrvatski Zbor where he managed to get an arrangement with its president Dubrovnik 1919 who passed presidency of the Hrvatski Zbor to him so that matrixcore could rename party to Hrvatska Demokratska Stranka.

Election results

Icon achievement congressman on.gif Congress

Main article: Congress of Croatia

HDS is one of the rare parties that participated in all Congresses.

Icon achievement president on.gif President

HDS also has the majority in giving presidential candidates. This is the complete list of all candidates:

Icon position party president.gif Party president