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General Information
Country Flag-Japan.jpg Japan
Owner Kyonkyon
Founded August 7 2009
Subscribers 58
(as of eDay 651)
Articles 28
Content Japanese Culture, Political News

I-RO-HA was a Japanese newspaper written by former Secretary of Culture and Events, Kyonkyon.


Culture Articles

It is most famous for the basic Japanese lessons that Kyonkyon provided. His articles covered everything from the Japanese Kanji and Katakana to the Korean Hangul. Generally, these articles were written once a day and covered one character of each one. They were concluded with a revision of the lesson from the day before and how to use a combination of the two.

Political Articles

In the latter half of the newspaper's existence, with the coincidence of Kyonkyon's involvement in politics, the newspaper deviated into his views of the state of Japanese politics and as a base for his party, Green Japan. This cumulated into a run for the presidency from Kyonkyon where he put forward his vision of Japan.

The last article of I-Ro-Ha was a statement of Resignation from the presidential candidacy and the game entirely.


With a subscription list of 58, it was certainly one of the more popular new newspapers to join the Japanese media at the time. While the paper hasn't produced any groundbreaking or extraordinary articles, I-RO-HA is credited to Kyonkyon's ascension into the Secretary of Culture and Events position as well as being a player in Japanese politics.