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Party-Illyrians Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Albania.jpg Albania
Founded January 2012 (first time)
Summer 2013 (second time)
President Dalmatian WARLORD
Vice President njesia Teli
Members 36
Congress Occupancy 5/30 seats, 17%
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

ILLYRIANS Party is one of the oldest large Albanian parties. It is connected to the military unit ILLYRIANS. As Albania was wiped out several times, party was originally created with ID 3826 before. Interesting fact is that ID which they currently use, before occupation was held by the largest party in Albania - Partia Nacionaliste.

Party was established in January 2012 and already in the first month become 2nd largest party in the Albania and entered Congress. In April 2012 the party had first downfall in the number of members which lead to drop out the top 5 list for a while.

Nowadays, back in 2014, party is on the 3rd place by membership and holds 20 % of the Congress of Albania.

Logo which they use till today was presented on May 2012.