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"The Party"

General Information
Country Flag-South Korea.jpg South Korea
Abbreviation INGSOC
Forum [1]
Colors Black, Red, White
Founded Nov. 09, 2008
Dissolved 2009
President The Triumvirate
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0%
Succeeded By Socialist Gardener's Club
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Totalitarian

INGSOC was a multinational Political Movement founded to offer a community of unity, power, prosperity, and fun for its members through integration of Politics, Economy, and Military Affairs at the National and Super-National Levels. INGSOC seeks to provide a style of play that provides a greater structure to eRepublik for its participants, and more activity in general than other groups. At the time of renaming (November 2008), it had as many as 54% of congress.

Ministries of INGSOC

INGSOC is divided into four main Ministries. In the event that INGSOC is in power in a particular country, these Ministries immediately supplant the Official State Apparatus of Power. The INGSOC Method states that Ministries are to be led by active party members, and when the local INGSOC Party has become large enough each Ministry should become its own Party to ensure political stability in that country.

Ministry of Peace

The Ministry of Peace (Newspeak: Minipax) operates at four concurrent levels. At the Global Level, Minipax is an International Private Military Company under the direct control of INGSOC. Minipax soldiers are employed by Miniplenty Companies in their home country at an adjusted rate of daily pay to account for their Minipax membership. When the domestic INGSOC is large enough, the domestic Minipax becomes its own party as well to maintain national political stability. When INGSOC is in power domestically, the domestic Minipax replaces the Military of that country.

Ministry of Plenty

The Ministry of Plenty (Newspeak: Miniplenty) operates at four concurrent levels. It is an international conglomerated business that allows for the flow of wealth internationally to support INGSOC Controlled Countries, INGSOC, and Domestic INGSOC Chapters and Ministries. Miniplenty has a mandate to operate companies in every available domain within INGSOC Controlled Markets for the employment of Party Members and Minipax Soldiers, and to operate companies in all domains in all non-INGSOC Controlled Countries for the purpose of funding INGSOC, INGSOC Controlled Countries and Ministries.

Miniplenty is supported by monopoly rights within its domestic markets through taxation.

Ministry of Truth

The Ministry of Truth (Newspeak: Minitrue) is one of two dedicated semi-RP branches within INGSOC International and Domestic Parties. The purpose of Minitrue is the creation of an on-topic, RP-informed, entertaining, and informative domestic and international media. Minitrue as an organization provides international distribution of articles from Minitrue Authors, Translation Services, Prolefeeds, and any and all goodthink.

Ministry of Love

The Ministry of Love (Newspeak: Miniluv) is one of two dedicated semi-RP branches within INGSOC International and Domestic Parties. The purpose of Miniluv is to rectify crimethink fullwise.

INGSOC Philosophy

Old logo of the party

The INGSOC Method states:

Politics is best when stable. Within the Party, Politics exists as the debate how The Party can best serve Party Members and Proles. That The Party is what is best for Party Members and Proles must remain unquestioned. Miniluv exists to ensure that all Party Members and Proles exhibit goodthink with regard to The Party, and that all crimethink be rectified.

Foreign Affairs

INGSOC Controlled countries are in principle members of the INGSOC Alliance and have integrated economies when local politics have been stabilized. Therefore, INGSOC Controlled Countries are in principle unable to members of other military alliances. Instead, INGSOC seeks to provide itself as a Neutral Third Party. Through expansive membership in Minipax, INGSOC seeks to make its military available to all warring nations on a contract basis.

In foreign Trade, all INGSOC Controlled markets are fully integrated. In principle, INGSOC Countries do not participate in the Food Domain or the Housing Domains, instead focusing their energies on domains of military necessity. INGSOC Countries collect a 15% VAT, and no Import Taxes on food - while charging a 10% VAT and 99% Export Tax on all other domains.

Military Philosophy

INGSOC/Minipax seeks to be a military partner to all nations and alliances. Hiring of Minipax soldiers in wars should be done through Minipax and may be orchestrated at the Squad, Platoon, Division, or Army level. Minipax will deploy an even number of troops to both sides of ALL engagements regardless of purchase, weighted to provide balance, if no contract is negotiated.

Minipax will seek to prolong ALL battles until such time as contracts are reached or in the event of a battle's end.

Power Structure

Main article: The Triumvirate

The Triumvirate is the 3 person team tasked with running The Party. The group dictates completely the actions, words, and policies of The Party. The Party's General Secretary (Party president) is a person named by The Triumvirate who leads with their permission and authority. The Triumvirate also announces leaders and officers of each of the ministries within The Party, including Minipax, Miniplenty, Miniluv and Minitrue. The world famous Miniwalks is also directed by the leadership of The Triumvirate. The 3 triumvirs are never fully known, but it is believed that the three initial Triumvirs were Father, Teacher, and Watcher, sent to South Africa by Big Brother to complete the task of reforming the country to fit INGSOC policies.

 Minitrue mark current policies in South Africa Doubleplusungood CRIMETHINK. Miniluv mark Minigov to rectify fullwise to meet necessity of doubleplusgood