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Communication with other citizens in the community is a vital part of eRepublik.
The table below lists the community run forums, websites and chat channels of the nations of the New World.

Nr Community Website Discord channel
0 Icon-eRepublik.png eRepublik eRepublik Forum eRepublik
1 Icon-Albania.png Albania N/A eAlbania
2 Icon-Argentina.png Argentina eRepublik Argentina Forum eRepublik AR
3 Icon-Armenia.png Armenia N/A N/A
4 Icon-Australia.png Australia New eAustralia Forum eAUS
5 Icon-Austria.png Austria N/A N/A
6 Icon-Belarus.png Belarus eRepublik Belarus Forum N/A
7 Icon-Belgium.png Belgium eBelgium's Official Facebook Page eBelgium
8 Icon-Bolivia.png Bolivia eRepublik Bolivia Forum eBolivia
9 Icon-Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia and Herzegovina N/A N/A
10 Icon-Brazil.png Brazil ErepublikBR eRepublik - eBrasil
11 Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria eBulgaria Forum eRepublik Bulgaria
12 Icon-Canada.png Canada New eCanada Forum N/A
13 Icon-Chile.png Chile N/A Chile Erepublik
14 Icon-China.png China eChina Forum
Forum of eChina
15 Icon-Colombia.png Colombia N/A eColombia
16 Icon-Croatia.png Croatia N/A Croatia eRepublik
17 Icon-Cuba.png Cuba eCuba Forum Cuban National Chat
18 Icon-Cyprus.png Cyprus N/A eRepublik_Cyprus
19 Icon-Czech Republic.png Czech Republic N/A N/A
20 Icon-Denmark.png Denmark eDenmark
21 Icon-Egypt.png Egypt eEgypt Forum (non-official / Catalan) Egypt
22 Icon-Estonia.png Estonia N/A E-Eesti Vabariik
23 Icon-Finland.png Finland N/A N/A
24 Icon-France.png France ErepFrance eRepublikFrance
25 Icon-Georgia.png Georgia N/A N/A
26 Icon-Germany.png Germany eGermany eGermany
27 Icon-Greece.png Greece eGreece official forum eRepublik Greece
28 Icon-Hungary.png Hungary Community Forum eHungary
29 Icon-India.png India Forum of India eIndia
30 Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia eRepublik Indonesia eIndonesia
31 Icon-Iran.png Iran N/A
32 Icon-Ireland.png Ireland eIreland community eIreland
33 Icon-Israel.png Israel N/A The Holy Land
34 Icon-Italy.png Italy eItaly Italy eRepublik
35 Icon-Japan.png Japan N/A eJapan (not official)
36 Icon-Latvia.png Latvia N/A eRepublik #eLV
37 Icon-Lithuania.png Lithuania N/A eLietuvos serveris
38 Icon-Malaysia.png Malaysia New eMalaysian forum N/A
39 Icon-Mexico.png Mexico N/A N/A
40 Icon-Montenegro.png Montenegro [no forum] N/A
41 Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands eNetherlands eNetherlands
42 Icon-New Zealand.png New Zealand N/A N/A
43 Icon-Nigeria.png Nigeria Nigerian Forum N/A
44 Icon-North Korea.png North Korea N/A N/A
45 Icon-Norway.png Norway eRepublik NO N/A
46 Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan N/A ePakistan
47 Icon-Paraguay.png Paraguay eParaguay Forum
eRepublik Paraguay
48 Icon-Peru.png Peru ePeru Forum N/A
49 Icon-Philippines.png Philippines ePhilippine Forum N/A
50 Icon-Poland.png Poland eRepublik Poland #epl
51 Icon-Portugal.png Portugal eRepublik PT eRepublikPT
52 Icon-Republic of China (Taiwan).png Republic of China (Taiwan) N/A N/A
53 Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Unknown eMacedonia
54 Icon-Republic of Moldova.png Republic of Moldova eMoldova Unknown
55 Icon-Romania.png Romania Blog eRomania N/A
56 Icon-Russia.png Russia N/A N/A
57 Icon-Saudi Arabia.png Saudi Arabia N/A N/A
58 Icon-Serbia.png Serbia eSerbia eRepublik Srbija
59 Icon-Singapore.png Singapore eSingapore Forums N/A
60 Icon-Slovakia.png Slovakia eSlovensko N/A
61 Icon-Slovenia.png Slovenia N/A N/A
62 Icon-South Africa.png South Africa N/A N/A
63 Icon-South Korea.png South Korea eRep Naver Cafe 이리퍼 네이버 카폐 N/A
64 Icon-Spain.png Spain eRepublik Spain eSpain
65 Icon-Sweden.png Sweden eRepublik SE eSweden
66 Icon-Switzerland.png Switzerland eSwiss Forum eSwitzerland
67 Icon-Thailand.png Thailand eThailand N/A
68 Icon-Turkey.png Turkey eRepublik Türkiye eTürkiye eErepublik Devleti
69 Icon-Ukraine.png Ukraine N/A eUkraine
70 Icon-United Arab Emirates.png United Arab Emirates N/A N/A
71 Icon-United Kingdom.png United Kingdom eUK Forums eUK Server
72 Icon-Uruguay.png Uruguay N/A eUruguay
73 Icon-USA.png USA eUSA Forums eUSA
74 Icon-Venezuela.png Venezuela Erepublik Venezuela Venezuela 2.0

Note: Discord channels added from update 292.