Igor Thunderbrow

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Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
Date of birth 13 July 2008
Day 236
Date of death September 2009
Residence Dublin
Sex Male
Chief of staff of the eIrish Republican Brotherhood
August 26th, 2008 – N/A
Party president of the Irish Union Party
September 10th, 2008 – January 10th, 2009
Minister of Defence of Ireland
October 2nd, 2008 – October 23rd, 2008
Congressman of Ireland
Military rank Icon rank Private***.png Private***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Igor Thunderbrow was an important member of the resistance in Ireland and an exemplary journalist and businessman. Through his newspaper, Fort of the Ridge, he became well known for his strong views and his willingness to take action to change Ireland for the better. Igor is also notable for being one of a small number of prominent Irish politicians to hail from Ireland in real life.


Igor was a proud follower of Third Way politics and in his time as president of the Irish Union Party he strode to create a party where all political ideologies could mix and work together to get what is best for Ireland. He strongly believes in Centrist politics and that the middle ground is best, taking the best elements of all ideologies and making them work in unison.


Igor Thunderbrow was an advocate of national self-determination, the right of a people to be ruled by themselves. This belief led him to found the eIrish Republican Brotherhood (eIRB) and led to his efforts for a united Ireland. In pursuing this goal Igor has always fought for the end of British Occupation to come about peacefully. He rejects any plans for a military invasion or for any attempt at a political takeover. As a Democrat, he has called continuously for a referendum to be put before the people of Northern Ireland on this subject for the peaceful and democratic uniting of Ireland.


As with all his politics, Igor strived for the middle path to be found in Irish politics. A market where businesses are allowed to develop and thrive while at the same time, Irish citizens are protected by the government.

Igor supported low import taxes especially in raw material markets to encourage competition and lower prices.

Igor supported State Owned Companies in industries that cannot be maintained in the private sector such as housing and raw materials however he opposed State involvement in industries that are already healthy thanks to the private sector.


In early August 2008, Igor set up his SO account Eirecorp. His first venture was into the food industry with Eirecorp Food. At the time food had become unaffordable for the average citizen of Ireland and Igor wanted to change that. Eirecorp has led the way in providing cheap food for Ireland and was well known for its good treatment of its workers. Eirecorp's wages were famed for being so high and Eirecorp's innovative Resistance scheme allowed many Irish citizens to survive without receiving dig outs from Victor Petrescu and Ireland Reborn.

In September Igor teamed up with Inanis and pdiddy to set up The Uni Collective that included Eirecorp Food and Uni Support, a gift company, and there were plans for a new housing company.

The Uni has since gone inactive with their efforts going towards the Free Switzerland movement. Igor Thunderbrow then moved his companies back to the Eirecorp Org in the last days of Beta and expanded his business interests by setting up Eirecorp Grain within 24hours of the V1 launch. This venture into Grain has proved quite successful and Eirecorp Grain not only can provide Eirecorp Food with all the necessary Raw Materials but also was a large supplier to the national market.

Eirecorp again expanded in early December with the founding of Eirecorp Housing. This company helped provide cheap housing at a time when affordable housing was near impossible to find in Ireland. However, in late January this company was sold at a reduced price to a Banc Ceannais to help with the setting up of the state-owned owned companies initiative. It was operating under governmental control as Irish State Housing.

The selling of Eirecorp Housing was quickly followed by the purchasing of a gifts company of Island Group in an attempt to stimulate the Gifting market in Ireland. Despite going very well for a while due to the very small number of competitors, the company found itself unable to operate due to a shortage of Diamonds being imported into Ireland. For these reasons, Igor Thunderbrow decided to cease operations in Eirecorp Gifts on Wednesday 4th February 2009 and moved his employees to other sections of Eirecorp.

eIrish Republican Brotherhood

Igor made his opposition to Ireland Reborn's occupation of Ireland clear in his newspaper but he felt that he needed to do more than that and take affirmative action. To this end, he set up the eIrish Republican Brotherhood (eIRB).

Under his leadership, the eIRB has been involved in numerous international campaigns for justice and freedom including World War I where Igor commanded an eIRB detachment in the defense of Hungary from their base of operations in Gyor, and the political campaign for a free Switzerland.

Due to Igor's involvement with the eIRB, he was part of a group of Irish plenipotentiaries who tried to discuss a forum for peacefully enacting the unification of Ireland. Unfortunately, this did not come to fruition.

In February 2009, however, the eIRB resurrected efforts towards a united Ireland and was raising funds to set up a political party in Northern Ireland, the United Ireland Party and represent Nationalists in the six counties.

5n4keyes Rivalry

Quoted as saying in relation to the perpetrator of a mass election scam in Ireland's party elections in February 2009

 I am not saying anything ..... but let's just say that St Patrick left one behind.... 

Subsequent investigations by Igor would unveil an intricate web of evil within the IFP after the congressional elections.

Irish Union Party

After the election of ImaNewbie as Irish president Igor Thunderbrow felt it no longer necessary to band behind the one party to keep Victor out of office and left Ireland First to join the Irish Union Party. Within days he had taken an active role in the party recruiting actively and setting up the new party forums as the old ones had become unusable due to the admin, Vyse's, absence from the game for a long period meant that new members could simply not access the forums which effectively crippled the party.

While he failed to be chosen as party local election candidate for Dublin in the September 10th Local Elections he went up for the party elections later that month and to great surprise won Party Presidency against long-standing party president patton and well-known congresswoman, Agathon. While patton was happy to work with Igor, Agathon was not and she left for Ireland First.

On September 20th, Local Elections the Irish Union Party received more votes than any other party. Due to the high concentration of their party members in Dublin and Cork however, this huge support only materialized into two Mayoral seats with landslide victories for Inquitus in Dublin and for Wes Tanner who regained his mayorship of Cork. Saying that, shadowking, a relatively new player, put up a tremendous campaign in Limerick and lost out only on political points to 5n4keyes, Irish Freedom Party President. Agathon was also involved in this election but did not feature as a likely mayor at any stage.

Igor then ran for the Irish Presidency in the October General Elections and narrowly missed out. Despite leading for most of the day and topping the favourite, Ireland First president Quatermass was defeated by the Irish Freedom Party leader 5n4keyes. This was largely due to his support from the uni and Ireland Reborn. This presidential race was very tight and raised the Irish Union Party's status as a presidential contender. They doubled their congressional percentage to become the second-largest party in Congress. This election furthered the bad relations between Igor and Ireland Reborn especially Amroth1977 (who by this time was a member of IF) and also Quatermass who Igor accused of launching a "mud-slinging" campaign.

Igor continued on as Irish Union Party president for the next few months despite a heavy defeat in the November Presidential Elections. Igor gradually slowed down his involvement in the New World during the next few months. This resulted in his absence from Irish affairs for over a month under which time Inquitus took over as party president.


After losing CP elections to Theus Jackus, Lord Collins chose Igor, who ascended to the Irish Pentad as an Irish eGod.