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General Information
Country Flag-Poland.jpg Poland
Abbreviation XD
National rank 10
Newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza
Organization Super Saiyan Company
Colors green and white
Founded Spring 2015
President emensky
Vice President Blind. Fury
Councillor MR07U
Members 24
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Republikanie
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Anarchist

IksDecja (previously Super Sayian's Party and Armia Krajowa) was a political party from Poland. It was created after Republikanie party collapsed, it wanted to create a new image of old ideas impossible to be achieved because of Republikanie' low popularity.

Super Saiyan's Party logo
On the 17th of March, 2018, the party changed its name from Iksdecja to Super Saiyan's Party due to in-party conflict after party's old spokesman said a lot of false facts about the party during the press conference, which was shown in one of the Polish newspapers. That fail had a key effect on Iksdecja's reputation, which affected in this name and image substitution. This change also affected on the party's orientation (from Far-Right to Centre) and ideology (from Anarchist to Totalitarian).

On 25th March 2018, after being Armia Krajowa for 1 day, the party changed its name back to IksDecja once again when Zordacz took PP role after Ferlunia resigned.


The most important Iksdecja's ideas were:
1. "SIŁA +" (Power +)- one of two key Iksdecja's ideas. It was made mostly for young Polish citizens to help them with their power improvement. It was wanted to make Polish Army stronger.
2. Decrease the Polish workforce to 1% - second of two key Iksdecja's ideas. It was made to help Polish citizens finances, although it was expected to destroy the Polish economy.

IksDecja's CP candidates

elections date citizen result (%) result (place) additional note
January 2018 Ferlunia. 13,84% 3rd supported by Wielka Rzeczpospolita party
February 2018 Ferlunia. 11,59% 3rd
March 2018 Bramur 8,99% 3rd
April 2018 xdedex 7,96% 3rd
May 2018 Iroh89 10,08% 2nd
June 2018 Ferlunia. 13,97% 2nd Best result ever
July 2018 Ferlunia. 10,68 % 3rd
August 2018 Blind. Fury 9,79% 3rd
September 2018 Blind. Fury 6,63% 4th