Immortal Guard

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Immortal Guard

Immortal Guard.jpg

General Information
Founded August 2011
Country Flag-Iran.jpg Iran
Colors Black
Access policy To join this military unit you need an invitation from the Commander
Total Soldiers 1
Commanded by nadya78
The coat of arms of Iran
Immortal Guard military unit was one of the best and powerful part of Iran Armed Forces. Immortal Guard having been formed by tardid, eShayan, Faraz.RevengeR, 62cm lange and Revolver Ocelot 1991 in August 2011.


The minimum requirements necessary to join the Immortal Guard can be found below.

Immortal Gaurd Requirements
Strength Rank Activity
+3000 Icon rank General.png General High


Immortal Gaurd's soldiers used their avatar in following frame:

Immortal Guard uniform.png


  • Join #Immortal.Guard (on Rizon)
  • Public channel #Immortals.Public (on Rizon)

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