Imperium Australis

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Imperium Australis

Party-Imperium Australis.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Australia.jpg Australia
Abbreviation IA
Founded May 16, 2010
Dissolved Unknown
Congress Occupancy 0 /10 seats, 0%
Succeeds Heart of Cerridwen Voeland
Orientation Far-Right
Ideology Authoritarian


This party was officially created by Wally Wilson after the Party president elections of May 2010 (Day 907).

He removed incumbent president Wonder Forward (a former Indonesian President from the position).

During May 2010 it went through many name changes including:

  • Knights who Say Ni; officially created by Mack Craft on May 24th, 2010, after he became Party president, following the resignation of Wally Wilson, in order to run for Senate. It's only stated goal was to wipe Indonesia from the eRepublik map.
  • Ministry of Misinformation (May 24, 2010?); This party was founded after Mack Craft got bored with the Monty Python reference of the last party, and decided to honour an in-game pranker group instead.
  • Church of the Headless Chicken
  • Erase Indo From The Map

In June 2010 it was renamed back to Imperium Australis.

(Mack Craft about Ministry of Misinformation)
 Agent Redlum would be proud! 
(Timeoin about Ministry of Misinformation)

Party President Elections

May 15, 2010:

Picture Candidate Votes Percentage
Citizen1486584.jpg Wally Wilson 44 54.32%
Citizen1374549.jpg Wonder Forward 35 43.21%
Citizen1609616.jpg Xavier Darkmyre 1 1.23%
Citizen1306584 v2.jpg Tim Veltkamp 1 1.23%

Logos of May parties