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Impressio HT

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Nationality Flag-Romania.png Romanian
Date of birth 21 November 2007
Date of death 16 May 2017 (discovered)
Residence Romania
Congress member of Romania
Party president of Uniunea Gamerilor Democrati
Party president of Brainstorming Party
November 15th 2009 – December 10th, 2009
Preceded by Xigna
Succeeded by Hlavasca
June 15th 2012 – August 10th, 2012
Preceded by Doru Gradinaru
Succeeded by dusmanu
President of Romania
July 12th 2012 – August 5th, 2012
Preceded by eadrik
Succeeded by FreeGigi
Military rank Icon rank God of War*.png God of War*
Aircraft rank Airman 1st class 0.png Airman 1st Class
« Taking into consideration the real-life age of Impressio(16), he is the best eRepublik player in history. »

Hitman(also known as Impressio HT) was a controversial player well-known for his conflicts and disputes in political life. He became president of Romania on 12th April 2012, after the impeachment of eadrik by the Romanian Congress. He stole from the National Bank of Romania all the money and announced the theft in the media, in the article "O crima necesara/A necessary crime".


He was also known as:



  • With the account Impresio, he was enrolled in Soimii Patriei military unit, and also became the president of Romanian Socialists Party. Because of his connection with president dani36, he was appointed as Minister of Media. After his appointment in the government, the Romanian Congress initiated the impeachment law against dani36 because Impresio was not eligible for that position. The law didn't pass and Impresio was fired from the government.


  • vice-President of UGD and Congressman - With the account Number_ER, he joined Uniunea Gamerilor Democrati (UGD), at that moment being the biggest political party in Romania. He won the congress elections in Oltenia region, and 1 month after his mandate he was designated as the vice-Party President by Felix-Focus, just if he supported Shoby in the elections. That was his last month in the party because of the conflict with malika ela, an influential leader of the party.
  • eRBP Presidency - After some months of inactivity, he came back in the political life and won the presidency of Brainstorming Party on 15th November 2009 against his rivals, vaesir and huud. He raised the number of members of the party from 181 to 242, climbed the party from 6th position into the 5th position and won 12,5% of the mandates in the Romanian Congress. He supported OchiReci for the presidential elections, just if the majority of the members wanted Adiemus to be supported. Hlavasca, at that moment a leader of the party started a campaign against him inside the party because Number_ER negotiated to merge the party with Partidul Managerilor Romani without the approval of any member. The end of that fusion was a huge conflict between Number_ER and the president of Partidul Managerilor Romani. After his mandate, Number_ER resigned from the party.
  • ONP Romania - He was accused that the non-profit organization he was leading was an interface of a stealing-money machine from donations which were made by citizens. The accusations were proven wrong.
  • Vidin Resistance War - Number_ER urged the citizens to fight in the resistance force of Vidin against the official orders of the Minister of Defence. As a consequence, the president of Romania, andyr, made pressures to Soimii Patriei to fire him and not be allowed to enter any military unit for 1 month. He was fired from Soimii Patriei and joined "Scorpionii Rosii", a military unit whose commander was Hawk_RKH.

Return to Impresio account

  • Congressman of Oltenia - He joined Partidul Liberal and won the second term as congressman in Oltenia region.
  • The scandal of user - Delerious announced in the press that Impresio is the same as Number_ER, being an important dispute of that time.


  • He joined Vulturul Negru military unit.
  • He joined again Brainstorming Party, but as an inactive player.
  • He was appointed as ambassador of Romania in Turkey for 1 month and ambassador in Bolivia&Paraguay for another month.

Impresio M

  • He joined for the second time Uniunea Gamerilor Democrati and also enrolled in Semper Pro Patria military unit.
  • He was elected as the candidate of the party for the country presidency, but took only the 3rd position with about 300 votes.
  • President of Uniunea Gamerilor Democrati - He won the presidency of the party after some months and made an alliance with Templierii, alliance which won the country presidency with Alex Craciun as candidate.
  • He resigned from Semper Pro Patria military unit and joined Legiunea Beretele Verzi, whose commander was alzena.

Theft from The National Bank of Romania


  • Political Take-Over - He tried to take the presidency of Forta Democrata Romana through a Political Take-Over, but lost the elections for the party president. Moreover, that was the reason for a media scandal that accused him to utilize multiple-citizen accounts.
  • He was appointed as a member in Statul Major Roman for his position in the Minister of Defence and also for his position in Legiunea Beretele Verzi military unit.
  • eRBP Presidency - With the help of Lego-kun, party president of Partidul Liberal, Hitman won the elections against DoruGradinaru for the presidency of Brainstorming Party. He reinstated the alliance between Partidul Liberal and Brainstorming Party, with the condition that eRBP will support PL for congress elections in exchange of supporting Hitman as country president common candidate.
  • Campaign - Together with Lego-kun, they established the government for next month, but Hitman lost the elections, being the 2nd, after eadrik. Partidul Liberal proposed an impeachment just in the day when eadrik was appointed as president, but the law wasn't voted with a 66% percentage.
  • Impeachment - On 11 July, vipescu, a member of The Matza Party proposed the impeachment against eadrik, which was voted with 75% approvals. Hitman became the president of Romania in this way and started the mandate. The condition of approval of the impeachment law was to keep SantaAndrei as the Minister of Defence.
  • Conflict with the Congress and the Army - There was a poor communication between Hitman and the Army+Romanian Congress during the term, taking into consideration that they had misunderstandings in applying the military planes, culminating with the Non aggression pact signed with Hungary which was never respected by any part of the agreement.
  • dsturzoiu as interim president - As an interim president of Romania for 7 days, he stole 40.000 weapons Q6, and Hitman was accused of this theft.
  • Donation law and theft - The congressmen proposed to donate Flag-Romania.jpg 400.000 RON from the treasury to the National Bank of Romania, and Hitman together with vipescu (from The Matza Party) bribed them to accept the law with 1000 Q6 weapons.
  • Theft - In the night of 2nd August 2012, Hitman stole Flag-Romania.jpg 650.000 RON from the accounts of the National Bank of Romania and made it public in the media.

Party membership

He was member of several parties, including:

  • Icon-Romania.png Romania - Romanian Socialists Party


He was soldier in several military units, including:

  • Icon-Romania.png Romania - Legiunea Straina "Beretele Verzi"