Independent Alternative

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Independent Alternative

Party-Independent Alternative.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-South Africa.jpg South Africa
Abbreviation IA
Newspaper The Only Alternative
Forum [1]
Colors Blue, White, Turquoise
Founded October, 2009
President CoskunYunusEmre
Members 49
Congress Occupancy 21/40, 52.5%
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

The Independent Alternative party (IA) is a political party of South Africa.

Mission statement

The Independent Alternative Party believes that people are the most important thing in politics. As a group of diverse people coming together for a common goal, we believe in a NO BS approach to politics. This means that we are open about our motives, do what we promise to do and operate without hidden agendas. It also means we respect each other's opinions and invite a variety of people to our party in order to nurture critical thinking and a supportive space where everyone can voice their views. [citation needed]

When it comes to economics, we believe that a strong and sound economic and financial mind should always be running the RBSA. We endeavor to be supportive of an economic environment that will promote the prosperity of all eSouth Africans, whether they are workers or company owners.

A strong, well-supplied military is the key to our continued freedom from oppression. We therefore believe that regular training wars should be arranged to promote the strength of our soldiers. We believe the military should operate independently from government with the president as the Commander-In-Chief.

Young players are the life blood of the community and we believe in nurturing them to become critical and intelligent leaders and members of the society. Developing such leaders from the time that they are eBorn ensures a vibrant government and the continued security and success of our eNation for long after all of us are gone.

Independent Alternative aims to maintain excellent relations with our neighbors and allies, but asserts South Africa's supreme right to own its original regions if it so wishes to do so.