Independent Bulgarians

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Independent Bulgarians

Party - Independent Bulgarians.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Bulgaria.jpg Bulgaria
Abbreviation PIB
Newspaper PIB's News
Organization PIB Headquarters
Forum [1]
President BeJIuKaH
Members 400
Congress Occupancy 8/40 seats, 20%
Succeeds Boycott
Orientation Center-right
Ideology Libertarian

Party of the Independent Bulgarians was founded by NKFV. It succeeds the Boycott Party. It's president NKFV decided to drop the Boycott project and instead of making a new party, used his old one to launch the Party of the Independent Bulgarians. The party was founded with the idea to be an alternative to two opposing coalitions that existed at the time.


The Party of the Independent Bulgarians was founded on December 9, 2010 by NKFV. At that time Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria was shaken up by the diplomatic conflict with Icon-Iran.png Iran and Phoenix. The Party took a pro-EDEN stance, believing that Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria was betrayed by her allies. PIB declares itself against BNF, which it considers a pseudo-nationalist party. After Bulgaria takes a sharp turn in its foreign policy, when the president SturmmannIYI proposes MPPs with various EDEN countries on December 16, 2010, PIB supports the change in alliance, although it criticizes the president for not observing the Constitution. The party is against any alliances with Icon-Macedonia.png Macedonia, Icon-Turkey.png Turkey and Icon-Serbia.png Serbia.

On January 7, PIB officially declared it support for Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria becoming a member of the EDEN alliance. Although the party was growing and managed to get 11 congressman after the elections in the end of the month, it didn't nominate its own presidential candidate but instead supported the nomination of Podkrepa. Because of some mistakes the new president made, he was not supported for a second term (although he managed to win it anyway).

During that time PIB started several initiatives. The position „Agitator“ was created - those people wrote the „Informational Bulletin“, which informed the party members about the things happening in the party. The voluntary members fee was created which was used to help the younger party members. The party created the so called "Blockers" - people who participate in the congress election in regions where there aren't enough candidates to fill the quota. This allows the party to control who gets nominated for the elections. Another initiative was the competition "Journalist of PIB". It didn't gather much interest and wasn't done for a second time. The party forum was created to serve as a method of communication alongside the party chat. The March term of the congress for the PIB congressman was marked with inactivity. For the first time a member of the party was expelled.

On April 7, 2011 the paramilitary unit of PIB - the Army of Independent Bulgarians (AIB) was created.

After four consecutive mandates as a Party President NKFV retired and was replaced by McG Reborn who won the elections on April 15, 2011. After the Party elections for the first time in the party history the party's Board of Directors was chosen on the party forum. In May 2011 PIB started a donation campaign, which gave 100 health to the new players. The campaign was active on the 1st, 10th and 20th of every month.

In June the intern campaign was started. It's goal was to train the young players to became a part of the political life of the country.

In July the presidential candidate form the party - NKFV - was elected. On July 20, 2011 PIB unanimously supported a peace treaty with Icon-Turkey.png Turkey. However the congress votes against it. It brings many negatives towards the party, which is criticized for the terms of the proposed treaty. During NKFV's term a reform was carried out in the army boosting its efficiency.

In the autumn of 2011 nothing of notice happened, and the party fell into a lethargy after BDP dethroned it from the number one spot by party members.

In January 2012 traptukan was nominated and elected for president. A referendum was started on whether Icon-Turkey.png Turkey should join EDEN. 60% were against. Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria defended its position in front of EDEN. Negotiations were made with Icon-Ukraine.png Ukraine about the rented regions. The organization for a Baby-boom was started.

In February the intern program was reintroduced. At that time the relations between Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria and EDEN were very tense. Initially PIB wanted to stay in EDEN but after the alliance High command revoked the decision to stop Icon-Turkey.png Turkey's trial period, the party decides that Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria should leave EDEN. Even then PIB is against MPPs with ONE and prefers for Icon-Bulgaria.png Bulgaria to found a new alliance.

In March the competition "Young Journalist" was started again. During the Baby-boom in April the party gave away about 100 000 HP for the young players. The campaign was dome two more times as and additional 200 000 and 40 000 HP were given.

In June the ambassadors from PIB show high activity. During the dispute about the congress forum, the party publicly condemned the actions of the congress and the lack of debate. The party is preparing new initiatives which it will announce after the parliamentary elections.

On 11th October 2012, the party was officially dissolved.

Party Presidents

Date Party President Date Party President Date Party President
January 2011 NKFV January 2012 LpFiend
February 2011 NKFV February 2012 NKFV
March 2011 NKFV March 2012 BeJIuKaH
April 2011 McG ReBorn April 2012 NKFV
May 2011 NKFV May 2012 LitoII
June 2011 LitoII June 2012 LitoII
July 2011 LpFiend July 2012 Wafrey
August 2011 LpFiend August 2012 Wafrey
September 2011 penchev September 2012 BeJIuKaH
October 2011 KoHaH
November 2010 NKFV November 2011 traptukan
December 2010 NKFV December 2011 Emrace


# of congress Congressman  % # of congress Congressman  %
27th 7 18% 39th 13 28%
28th 11 22% 40th 6 15%
29th 7 21% 41st 6 15%
30th 9 25% 42nd 7 18%
31st 7 21% 43rd 5 18%
32nd 10 25% 44th 4 20%
33rd 3 30% 45th 8 26%
34th 10 26% 46th 6 22%
35th 11 23% 47th 5 18%
36th 9 23% 48th 4 10%
37th 8 20%
38th 6 14%

Country Presidents from this party

see List of presidents of Bulgaria

Term President Cabinet
July 2011 NKFV see Cabinet
January 2012 traptukan see Cabinet