Independent Legion

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Independent Legion

Independent Legion.jpg

General Information
Country Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
Total Soldiers 18
Commanded by Etemenanki


Independent Legion, founded by Nosyt, is a Military unit of Icon-Canada.png Canada, mainly known for their "Timed Strikes" that combine all the Canadian armies as a whole to participate in a fight around an exact time almost always winning the battle. The Independent Legion IRC channel is ILegion!

Mission Statement

The Independent Legion was created to provide as many Canadians with the most efficient supply possible, with the intent of increasing Canada's fighting capability. Members are not required to fight for specific target’s but they are encouraged to participate in organized fighting.

Prominent members

Supply System

Regular Supply

Supplies are handed out 6 days a week. (Monday-Saturday) Members receive 70 unit’s of Q5 food and 10 Q6 weapons a day. Members who are able to supply their own food may apply for an alternate supply of 16 Q6 weapons a day. Supplies are handed out 1 day in advance to ensure that members don’t have to wait for their supplies every day.

Bonus Supply

Once a week, members receive bonues supplies - 4 Q6 weapons for every 25 kills they made during the week.

Timed Strikes

During designated timed strikes Q6 weapons are distributed on #iLegion based on the current wellness of the IL member. Time strikes are held four times a week on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 17:00 erep time.

Membership Requirements

Members of the Independent Legion have 3 simple rules to follow.

   1. They must be employed in an IL supply company.
   2. They must work in this company every day.
   3. They must use their supplies to fight every day.