Independent Party

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Independent Party

Party-Independent Party.png
General Information
Country Flag-Netherlands.jpg Netherlands
Abbreviation IP
Forum Forum
Colors blue
Founded Day 911
20 May 2010
Dissolved 2010
Congress Occupancy 0 /20 seats, 0%
Succeeds The libertarian party
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian


Independent Party (IP) was a political party in the center of the political spectrum in the Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands founded on day 911 (20/05/2010) of the new world by Markus Bell and Daniel Parker on the remains what formerly was known as the Libertarian Party.

  • On Day 1091 Independent Party was temporarily dissolved after the party has been (unintentionally) left over to be PTO'd [1]
  • On day 1587 the Independent Party re-emerged from it's ashes and participated in the congress elections of March 2012. [2]

Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif Fundamentals

Party Vision

In the first official party presentation their initial statement was:

  • “We want to protect personal freedom, social justice and democratic values; to make a healthier and friendlier nation."

Party Concept

The Independent Party is a party that gives its members complete freedom, including freedom of thought, speech, opinion and political conviction. It offers an open platform where people can share their ideas and get input from others. It does not have a detailed party program which limits the individual freedom.

IP and others

The Independent Party is a party that seeks to work together with all citizens and other parties. More can be achieved when working together, than when working alone. Independence does not equal isolationism!

other values

  • In-game pragmatism prevails
  • Open dialogue
  • separation and spreading of power; against monopolization
  • fair balance between individual rights and government power
  • better opportunities for the best, equal opportunities for the rest


Independent Party; Where ideas are given wings!

Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif Communication & Media


The (private) IP-forum is the most important place where debates and votings are held among it´s members. In order to gain access to this forum you must:


The Independent Party (organisation) was the official representative organ of the party, it´s was used to coordinate it´s party actions, and is the publisher of the official newspaper. However since game changes resulted into the removal of organizations, the party newspaper is hosted on the personal newspaper of it's party president.


The official newspaper used to carry the same name as the party, however since some game changes, it is hosted on the newspaper of the party-president, it's where important announcements and statements are made. Not only towards it´s members but also towards other political players of the country.

Here you can find the historic newspaper of Independent Party.

Selected articles

Icon achievement Country President on.gif Party officials

Party officials History

Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif Congress

Congress Proposals

Law proposals made in congress followed by a good and earnest debate can have (after voted upon and being accepted by a majority in congress) a great impact on the runnings of the country. We urge all IP members to read and join the Congress debates, and all Congress members to propose new ideas and to vote upon every vote being held.

proposal-debate: date: proposed by: forum vote results: in-game results: note:
symbolic gesture: UNL awards 2010-07-18 Daniel Parker N/A N/A
V2 new products taxes: raise tank, air unit and artillery taxes 2010-07-07 Daniel Parker accepted accepted: air unit artillery tank emergency procedure applied
lengthen vacation period 2010-06-23 Daniel Parker accepted n/a
Next government - CP or coalition 2010-06-23 Boklevski accepted n/a emergency procedure applied
in-game ads 4 forum 2010-06-23 Daniel Parker accepted n/a
change congress rule 3.2B (raise of votes) 2010-06-23 Boklevski unanimously accepted n/a
government communication 2010-06-07 Daniel Parker accepted n/a original idea of Boklevski
lowering taxes 2010-05-22 Daniel Parker accepted accepted: house MT weapon gift food
gov structure 2010-05-24 Daniel Parker n/a n/a this discussion was raised earlier by Daniel Parker in government, and many parts of the original plan were adopted by other parties.

Congress Members

Current Congress members:
Term start Term end Region Congress member Votes Note
26 March, 2010 24 April, 2010 Northern Netherlands Daniel Parker 10

Congress members History

Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif History Timeline

  • Day 911 Party founded on the remains of the Libertarian Party
  • Day 912 Party grows from 28 to 38 members
  • Day 917 Party gains 5 seats in their first congress elections
  • Day 928 Boklevski runs for Country President and comes 3rd out of the 5 candidates (48 votes which is 18% of the total).
  • Day 1014 Daniel Parker abruptly leaves the country and his post as Party President, claiming to quit the game, only to return later.
  • Day 1091 Independent Party is dissolved after the party has been (unintentionally) left over to be PTO'd [3]
  • On day 1587 the Independent Party re-emerged from it's ashes and participated in the congress elections of March 2012. [4]