Independent South African Republic

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This article is about the unofficial breakaway country, Independent South African Republic. For the official country, see South Africa.

Independent South African Republic Independent South African Republic

General rank n/a
Capital Mmabatho (de facto)
Language No official language
Party South African Independence League (provisional government)
Currency ZAR
Territories 3

Map of Independent South African Republic

ISAR indicated in light green, Free African region in dark green, Croatian-controlled region in blue, and Indonesian occupied territories in red.

The Independent South African Republic (ISAR) was a breakaway nation of South Africa that was created on September 7th, 2008 and lasted until December 2008.


Independence was declared on September 7th, 2008, by Black Lion Front leader Esteban Delgado with the Proclamation of South African Sovereignty in response to the South African administration that came to power on September 1st.

The Proud Africa (PA) party came to power under with a huge majority, prompting allegations of election fraud and the use of multies, the latter of which was proven when the admins banned over 50 illegal accounts. Therefore the PA, being a front to many Croatians, was considered by many in the Black Lion Front (BLF), African Socialist Party (ASP) and Free Africa (FA) to be an 'illegal government' and representative not of the populace, but of the Croatians. Thus a new, separate provisional government was drawn up, finally coming to fruition a week after the general election.

The territories of ISAR were those regions controlled by the South African Independence League (SAIL) mayors: North West Province (Mmabatho). Although not formally recognized as a separate state, ISAR was the third nation to occupy territory on the continent of Africa after the original South African Republic and Indonesian-controlled regions.



There were no official presidents of ISAR, only elected representatives of the South African Independence League that stood for general elections in South Africa united in order to try and take back South Africa from Croatian occupation.

In ISAR, the strongest candidates were appointed by all parties within SAIL not to run the country, but try to win the general elections in South Africa. There was no executive office in government, only individuals who took action and helped out in the cause for liberty, sovereignty, and self-government.

#[*] President ISAR Office South African Election Party Vice President Term[*]
1[1] Citizen660421.jpg Kintor September 1-11, 2008[1] Lost Free Africa Esteban Delgado 1
2 Citizen689201.jpg Esteban Delgado October 1-31, 2008 Lost Black Lion Front Little Missy 2


  •   The numerals indicate the consecutive time in office served by a single person. For example, a person who served two consecutive terms is counted as the first President (not the first and second).
  • 1  SAIL was created before independence of the republic was proclaimed on September 7, 2008, so the first term was shorter than the rest.


The nation's military were the Armed Forces of the Independent South African Republic (AFISAR). It was made up of the SAIL armies, most of which were paramilitary groups of individual South African parties, such as the Azandicas, which were the paramilitary wing of the Black Lion Front.

International Diplomacy


City Region Other Information
1. Mmabatho North West Province