Independent Voices

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Independent Voices

Party-Independent Voices.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
Abbreviation IV
Founded August 2009
Dissolved End of 2015 (est)
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%

Independent Voices is a political party in Icon-Ireland.png Ireland. Its original starting ID was 23 and party was one of the biggest, in fact in December 2010 it was the largest party, but winner of the election, irishbhoy1967, renamed it and the party stopped to exist, but only until summer 2012 (est) when the party was restarted with the new id - 3743, taking over, probably, party named Nationalist Party of Ireland‎. At end of 2015, the party was renamed to Irish Liberal Democrats, a party that lasted for couple more months before the party was dissolved completely.


Independent Voices was founded by Digits 05637716 also known as "Digits" with the intention of providing a place for people whose political ideologies did not fit those of Ireland's other parties. As a result the group has no manifesto as such, with each individual member representing their own viewpoints and opinions rather than a set agreed by the collective.

Notable Members

Almost from its inception Independent Voices has had its fair share of Ministers in government. In January 2010 it celebrated the election of its first President of Ireland, who also happened to be Ireland's first female President, Edana Savage

Party Leaders

Irish Liberal Democrats logo, the last party under ID 3743
Name From To
Digits 05637716 August 15th 2009 September 15th 2009
binksy September 15th 2009 November 15th 2009
Digits 05637716 November 15th 2009 December 15th 2009
Edana Savage December 15th 2009 January 15th 2010
binksy January 15th 2010 February 14th 2010
einberliner March 15th 2010 April 15th 2010
Ben Shields April 15th 2010 May 15th 2010
castaneda May 15th 2010 June 15th 2010
einberliner June 15th 2010 July 15th 2010
MoonBeam July 15th 2010 ??? 15th 2010
irishbhoy1967 December 15th 2010 Changed the name of the party
mirek12345 September 15th 2012 October 15th 2012
James Keiller October 15th 2012 December 15th 2012
binksy December 15th 2012 February 15th 2013
Macineely February 15th 2013 March 12th 2013 (resigned from office)
James Keiller March 12th, 2013 March 15th, 2013 (replacement)
binksy March 15th 2013 September 15th 2013
BrianVesty September 15th 2013 November 15th 2013
MoonBeam November 15th 2013 December 15th 2013
Paddy OBrien December 15th 2013 March 15th 2014
MoonBeam March 15th 2014 April 15th 2014
mirek12345 April 15th 2014 September 15th 2014
Trito Fisher September 15th 2014 December 15th 2014
mirek12345 December 15th 2014 January 15th 2015
Cpt. Maine January 15th 2015 March 2015 (est) (banned)
castaneda March 2015 (est) (replacement) April 2015