India-Pakistan War Controversy

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India-Pakistan War
Date 2010 –
Location India
Result All conquered regions returned
Territorial Changes No changes
Icon-India.png India
Icon-USA.png USA
Icon-China.png China
Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan
Icon-Indonesia.png Indonesia
Commanders and Leaders
India Iseutz Pakistan Max McFarland 2

India has been at war with many countries in the past, but one of the more famous ones was the India-Pakistan war of 2010. This was famous because there was much controversy surrounding the war. It was no so much the war itself, but what was said by each of the country's.

Pakistan War

Claiming they wanted revenge for the last India-Pakistan war, Pakistan declared war on India. The eIndian president Iseutz attacked USA stating it was a deal, USA advanced on West Bengal and won the region thus blocking eIndia's last region from being wiped off by Pakistan but eventually West Bengal was RWed out by Indonesian tanks, putting India at risk. India started RWs in many of her regions to prevent being wiped off. Pakistan was a lot stronger due to many Dioists all over eRepublik moving to Pakistan and a stack of MPPS, Pakistan easily was able to gain the upper-hand in the war. After completely conquering India, China entered the war by attacking Pakistani-held Indian regions, and returning them to India. At After some time, the war was resolved, though India and Pakistan remained on shaky ground.


Throughout the war, media fighting went on between the two country's. Some of the material written was extremely offensive to both sides, most famously Pakistan. For example, after conquering India, many Pakistani's referred to all of the Indians as "Bovindians, a term coined for all Indians being bovine.

Throughout the war, there were many insults from both sides (Again, mostly Pakistan), resulting in hostility towards each other at the end of the war.

An example of Indians being referred to as "Bovindians"
Another article written by a Pakistani citizen insulted Indians in an extremely demeaning manner.
Also, many Pakistani's used the fact that the cow is considered a sacred creature in real-life India, because it produces many products, to insult the Indians in a racist, highly-offensive manner.