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Flag of India   Coat of Arms of India

On the map

General rank 34
Motto Satyameva Jayate
Capital Madhya Pradesh
Language Inglés
Population 415 (Mar 02 , 2009)
President Abhi347
Party Democratic Party of India
Currency INR
Territories 3

Map of India

India es un pais al Sur de Asia. India fue parte de Pakistan en Abril de 2008 como resultado de la Guerra Guerra Indo-Pakistaní. Despues de 7 meses de la toma del pais por parte de Pakistan, India reestableció su independencia como nacion gracias a la batalla de Jharkhand en 20 de Noviembre de 2008. Esta fue la primera batalla de la Guerra de independencia India.

Icon allcountries.gif Geografia

Los territoris originales estan rodeados por el Océano Indico al sur, por el Mar Arabco al oeste, y la Bahía de Bengala al este. Las regiones controladas por el gobierno Indio, a dia de hoy son:

India has five regions.

Region Regional Capital
Karnataka Bangalore
Madhya Pradesh Bhopal

The following regions are currently owned by Iran:

Region Regional Capital
Bihar Patna
Jharkhand Ranchi
Uttar Pradesh Lucknow
West Bengal Calcutta

The following regions are currently owned by India; Tamil Nadu was gained during the Romania-Indonesia war:

Region Regional Capital
Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad
Chhattisgarh Raipur
Gujarat Gandhinagar
Jammu and Kashmir Srinagar
Kerala Thiruvananthapuram
Maharashtra Mumbai
North Eastern India Shillong
Northern India New Dehli
Orissa Bhubaneswar
Rajasthan Jaipur
Tamil Nadu Chennai

Materias Primas

La siguiente tabla muestra las materias primas deisponibles en India.

Región Icon - Grain.png Icon - Wood.jpg Icon - Iron.png Icon - Diamonds.jpg Icon - Oil.png
Chhattisgarh Medium
Karnataka Medium High
Madhya Pradesh High Medium

Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif Sociedad

India tiene una población de 415 personas, divididas irregularmente por todas las regiones. Karnataka is la region mas poblada del país.

La lengua oficial del país es el inglés y los foros nacionales lo pueden encontar aquí


India es un pais multicultural. Cuando India tomo su independencia, no habia probablemente ningún ciudadano indio (en el mundo real). Pero paulatinamente, mas Indios llegaron intentando hacer mas fuerte India. En India hay gente de muchos paises del mundo: Indios, Españoles, Holandeses, Italianos, Griegos, Americanos y Chinos.


Cuando india retomo su independencia, muchos idiomas diferentes dieron aparición en la prensa local, tales como Italiano, Inglés y Español, esto causó gran confusión en la comunidad ya que muchos no podian entender por desconocimiento de idioma. Por dicha razón se tomo el Inglés como idioma official de India y sus foros.

Fiesta Nacional

Los siguientes dias son declarados fiestas de india.

Las Festividades Indias son:

21 de Abril- Dia del recuerdo, El dia que India perdió su independencia contra Pakistan.

20 de Noviembre- Dia de la independencia.

Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif Economia


India esta en la posición 37 en población de Erepublik. A dia 446,hay 37 compañias en operacion en la India. Desempleo, acorde a los parametros de todo Erepublik, esta a 36.16% lo cual significa que es el 37º pais en numero de desempleados.


A dia 446, India tiene el 25avo puesto en Erepublik.

Importación y Exportación

A dia 446, India es el 17º mayor importador en Erepublik. Y es el 28º mayor exportador de Erepublik.


Producto Tasas a ganancias Tasas de importación IVA (VAT)
Food 10% 99% 10%
Gifts 10% 50% 10%
Moving ticket 10% 1% 10%
Weapon 10% 25% 10%
House 10% 20% 10%
Hospital 10% 1% 10%
Defense system 0% 0% 0%
Diamonds 0% 0% 0%
Grain 10% 99% 0%
Iron 10% 99% 0%
Oil 0% 0% 0%
Wood 10% 1% 0%

Historia India

Biblioteca de la India

La biblioteca de la India se puede encontrar aqui. Fue la primera biblioteca india. La historia de la India puede ser encontrada en Indian Library o Indian History

Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif Militar

India, as of 13th January, 2009 is not involved in any war. Being a neighbor of two aggressive countries Pakistan and Iran has not helped in maintaining a lasting regional security. India is also not involved in any Mutual protection pacts.

The Indian Army

The Indian Army the armed force of India has the responsibility for land-based military operations. Its primary objectives include defending India from external aggression and maintaining peace and security within the country. The Indian army has two sections The Brigade of The Guards which is made up of soldiers who are unable to move abroad, and the Ladakh Scouts who can move abroad and may in the future be sent to help out allies in other countries.

Iran-India War

Indian Soldiers

The Iran-India War is the most recent war that India has fought in. This war was declared by Iran and only one battle has been fought in this war, the battle of Jharkhand. India and Iran are currently at peace.

Although India had a smaller army in this war it had a very powerful army with 6 official tanks on its side and many others who were not from the government.


Like in all countries the congress in India is one of the most important bodies of a country as they make the laws of a country. India's congress always first proposes a law in the Indian National forums and there it is discussed. If accepted in the forums it is proposed in the game and everyone votes yes on it. If a person proposes a law without discussing it in the Indian forums then all the congress men vote no to it.

The Indian Congress has been renamed to the Lok Sabha.

Foreign Affairs

At present India is not involved with any alliance. India has decided that it shall be a neutral country for as long as it can. India is also trying to have good relations with all countries in erepublik.

India's relations with Iran

India at present is in peace with with Iran but fought the battle for Jharkhand a while back. Which India sadly lost. The Indian minister for foreign affairs did a fantastic job talking to the Iranian's and getting together a contract which when signed brought peace between the two countries.

India's relations with Indonesia


Some time back Indonesia signed a contract with Iran and Pakistan which claimed that Indonesia had the right to attack the Indian region of Karnataka and take it over. All Indians were outraged when they heard about this but they remained calm and contacted the Indonesians and asked them what was going on. India learnt that Indonesia wanted to attack her as they thought India had been politically taken over but the Indians explained that the wolontario period (where India was taken over by Italy) was over and that India was in good hands at that time. The Indonesians understood and did not attack India.

India's relations with PEACE

There are people in India who would like to join PEACE but it has been time and again rejected by the Indian congress as most of the people want to remain neutral. India at present is trying to establish good relations with PEACE countries.


India's relations with ATLANTIS

India seeks to have good relations with Atlantis members and is extremely thankful for their help in the Indonesia-India war but the majority do not want to join yet. However there are those in India beleive that India should join them to guarantee their safety.

Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif Politics

Icon position party president.gif Political Parties

The following table lists the political parties of India.

Logo Party name Initials Orientation Number of Members Note
Party-India First.jpg India First IF Center-right, Libertarian 38 All real Indian are part of this party and it is here only to help India
Democratic League.jpg Democratic League DL Center, Libertarian 12 Consists of Spanish citizens who didnt like how Spain was being run and moved to India.
ISDP.jpg Indian Social Democratic Party ISDP Center-left, Libertarian 13 Earlier known as First India. Nothing known about party as its under new administration and have not revealed anything about themselves yet.

Icon position country president.gif Presidents

The following lists the presidents of India

Date Term Began President Party Special Thing That Happened
5 December 2008 Wolontario Free India Impeached
17 December 2008 Lautar0 Democratic League Impeached
5 January 2009 srachit India First First Indian to become president of India after Independence, development finally started and a lot of work was done during this period.
5 February 2009 Dionysus India First

Current Government

Government Office Current Officeholder
President Dionysus
Vice president
Minister of Defence, General Of The Army UgoRaffaele
Minister of Economy Billy Fleming
Minister of Foreign Affairs Anjan Sarkar
Manager of the Indian Government Bank Billy Fleming
Minister of Internal Affairs ShYaM
Minister of Media and Culture rituraj

Presidents of eIndia

Wolontario Period

Just before presidential elections unrest arose in India. Indian Government Bank, the national bank of India, was managed by a member of INC. The bank donated all gold and money to an Italian organisation. Wolontario and his fellow Italians from INC party were blamed for destroying the Indian economy. Wolontario still won the presidential elections, due to a large number of Italian soldiers.

He stayed in office for about 10 days after which an impeachment proposal was made. The proposal was accepted by congress, because many Italians had already left the country. After the impeachment Lautar0 became the new president. In the next few days many Italians went back to Italy.

The few Italians who were still in India left India after congress elections at which they won only four congress seats.

After most former Italian paratroopers left the country, the Wolontario period and the unrest in the country was finally over.

Lautar0 period

After impeachment lautar0 started his term with a bang and everyone thought that India would now finally start developing. Nothing however happened during his period. The ministry of Internal affairs was created and 10,000 INR was transfered to it. Other than that, nothing happened during Lautar0's presidency. Nothing has been heard from Lautar0 for some time and the ministry was unavailable for the government.

Srachit Period

On the 5th of January srachit became India's first Indian president and immediately set about reform. So far there have been benchmarks set, an army created, diplomatic relations with other countries established and a national forums set up.

Dionysus Period

On the 5th of February India First won the presidential elections once again and Dionysus became the forth president of India.

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