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The media is pretty simple is Erepublik. It's the only "free" commodity in Erepublik, and because of this, you can not gain money simply by posting articles.

Spoiler: This is more of a suggestions guide than an actual guide on how to work this part of Erepublik.

Starting a Newspaper

For starters, we suggest that you read the media section in Erepublik first before starting your own paper. This is so you can see what type of articles already exist. We try to keep to on-topic subjects, but since we have freedom of speech you can write about anything you choose to.

First, name your paper. If you are looking for people to read it, I would find a title that is catchy but that also pertains to what you are going to be covering (ie General News, local news, specific subjects, Off topic, etc).

Second, here are some basic guidelines that some of the other players in Erepublik would suggest:

  1. 1. Try to stay on topic if possible. If you want to write OT, then feel free so long as it is well written, thought out, and doesn't spam the media section.
  2. 2. Don't write more than 1, maybe two articles a day so you aren't pushing other people off the media page.
  3. 3. If you are going to post videos, links, etc please make sure they are non-offensive. Posting offensive ones could result in a ban from the admin if someone reports you.
  4. 4. Language: Try to post in correct, non-offensive grammar and content. Posting rude comments even in slang can also result in a ban, and if you are more comfortable in another language you'll probably want to let people know that. Not saying you can't write any way you want, just trying to save you the hassle of other players posting about your language as it may seem offensive to you.


There is a link when others view your articles or newspaper for others to subscribe to your newspaper. That means they will receive an email when you write a new article. You receive points for each subscriber and is one of the ways that you can measure how well received your writing is. Promote people subscribing by writing concise, well thought out articles and letting them know you intend to keep doing so. If they think you'll be gone in a week, they won't subscribe.

Page Views

The way your paper is "ranked" in the world view is in your profile at the bottom. It will tell you how many people look at your paper. Each article keeps count as to how many views it gets, and they add all views together and total it up to figure out which paper has been viewed the most, and rank things accordingly.