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Wellness is a key part of your life in eRepublik. It determines how productive you are at work, how much damage you can do in a fight and even wether you can fight or not. Wellness is similar to your Health Points and is an indicator of how healthy you are. If your wellness reaches 0, you die. Although death isn't really death in eRep, as you can revive, you're taken out of your party, you don't get any e-mails and you're taken off all the lists i.e. Presidential candidate, congress etc.

Wellness affects two major activities – your working productivity and your fighting strength. The higher the wellness, the more you produce and the more damage you do in a fight.

Increasing Wellness

There are a number of ways that your wellness can be increased.


Another ePerson can offer a gift to you which will increase your wellness. You can receive a maximum of 10 wellness each day through gifts. For example, if citizen A offered 10 Q1 gifts to citizen in one day, citizen B would gain 10 wellness.

Wellness Packs

You can also buy wellness packs from the "Get gold and Extras" option from the Market menu. These cost two gold and will increase your wellness by 10 once bought. There is no limit to how many wellness packs you can buy in a day.


You may use a hospital to regain wellness if you have:

   * a hospital in the region you live
   * fought in a battle on that day 

If you fulfil those criteria, then you will gain wellness equal to 10 times the quality level of the hospital. For example, a Q2 hospital would increase wellness by 20 while a Q5 hospital would increase wellness by 50.

Night Increase

Every night as the eDay changes, you will gain some wellness if you have food. This increase is based on three things:

   * Your current wellness
   * What quality house you have
   * What quality food you have 

This makes it easier for those on a lower wellness to increase while harder for those on a higher wellness to increase. The formula is as follows:

Wellnessincrease = (1.5 − CurrentWellness / 100) * (QualityOfHouse + QualityOfFood)

You can see that having higher quality food and higher quality house will increase your wellness more than lower quality food or a lower quality house. The highest quality food and house you own is used for these values.

Indian Health Service

India is trying to get together a program which will help keep Indian citizen's wellness high.

Decreasing Wellness


Each time you work, you lose one wellness for each quality level of the company you are working at. For example, if citizen D was to work at a Q3 company, then citizen D would lose 3 wellness each time he/she worked.


Each time you train, you lose 1 wellness.


Whenever you fight, you lose 10 wellness.

General Manager

General Managers lose one 1 wellness for each company that they own, each day.

No Food

You start to lose wellness when there is no more food left in your inventory when the day changes. If your wellness is between 1 and 10, you lose 1 wellness. If your wellness is between 11 and 50, you lose 2 wellness. If your wellness is between 51 and 80, you lose 3 wellness. If your wellness is between 81 and 100, you lose 4 wellness.

Moving Tickets

You can gain or lose wellness each time you move based on the quality of the moving ticket.

0 Wellness

When a citizen reaches 0 wellness:

   * You are removed from your political party
   * You are removed from any elections
   * You retain all currency
   * You no longer receive new messages
   * You keep your job, newspaper, any companies, friends, experience points and messages 

Uses of Wellness


Your productivity is multiplied by a certain amount based on your wellness. The multiplier is:

1 + 2 * CurrentWellness / 100

So if citizen F had 100 wellness, then his productivity would be multiplied by 3 but if citizen G had 20 wellness, his productivity would be multiplied by 1.4


A citizen requires at least 40 wellness to fight in a battle.


The damage you deal is multiplied by a certain amount based on your wellness. The multiplier is:

1 + (CurrentWellness − 25) / 100

So if citizen H had wellness 100, his damage multiplier would be 1.75 but if citizen J had wellness 40, his damage multiplier would be 1.15.

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