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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth 29 November 2008
Date of death 2011
Residence Yorkshire & Humberside
Sex Male
Newspaper TheObserver
Congress member of UK
26th December 2008 – 26th March 2009
Congress member of India
26th March 2009 – 6th April 2009
Congress member of Philippines
26th April 2009 – May 2009
Congress member of UK
26th May 2009 – June 2009
26th August 2009 – 26th September 2009
Party president of Radical Freethinkers Alliance
15th February 2010 – 15th March 2010
Preceded by GGRyan
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel*.png Lt Colonel*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

IndieKid was a citizen of Icon-United Kingdom.png United Kingdom. He was renamed to 1nterestingch4racter.

He was born on the 29th of November, 2008 in the Yorkshire & Humberside region of the UK. Quickly joining the forums and establishing himself as one of Yorkshire and Humberside's top posting citizens. He has served both in the UK and abroad in congress 6 times, and has resided in a number of political parties.

He took a break from politics and joined the armed forces.

York City Council

York City Council (YCC) was a policy proposed by Congress member IndieKid in January 2009 to integrate new players into the governance of the region. The Council run low-level features locally to encourage forum membership and political activity through a mixture of powers and incentives. IndieKid and Iain Keers funded the organization and running of the org using their congressman funds. Throughout January-February the council distributed £400 in food and prizes to local citizens. In early March Congress voted to suspend unnecessary luxuries in an attempt to bail out the failing economy.

February 2010, Indie Kid, elected Party President of Radical Freethinkers Alliance.

November 2010, Indie Kid, a long term party member, announced he would stand for Party President. He won comfortably, and in the following congress elections The Unity Party won 38% of the seats, a fair result.


IndieKid has served in congress 6 times both in the UK and abroad. Unfortunately, his trip to India was cut short by a PTO and invasion but it allowed him to serve both in the UK paratroopers and in the Icon-Philippines.png Philippines. He has served in every branch of the UK Military (bar the SAS) and worked as a Special Forces Weapons Supplier.

Over the months he has been members of both Left and Right wing movements but disillusioned with the political state of the Icon-United Kingdom.png United Kingdom, and is focused upon his military career.


He was private in the Canadian Armed Forces serving under the "11th Royal Rifles Infantry" platoon. He was a dedicated member.

He was also a past military commander in Icon-Australia.png Australia.


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