Indonesia-South Africa War

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Indonesia-South Africa War
Map of Indonesia-South Africa War
Date 11 June 2008 - –
27 July 2008
Location South Africa, Western Australia
Result Indonesia conquered Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, Northern Cape and Western Cape
Territorial Changes Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, Northern Cape, Western Cape
Fights 2803
Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia Flag-South Africa.jpg South Africa
Flag-Argentina.jpg Argentina
Flag-USA.jpg USA
Flag-Venezuela.jpg Venezuela
Flag-Workers' Militia.jpg Workers' Militia
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-Indonesia.jpg RaFee Flag-South Africa.jpg Bazti

The Indonesia-South Africa War (otherwise known as the or the Indonesian-South African War or the The Indian Ocean War[1] was an armed conflict between Indonesia and South Africa that took place between June 11, 2008 and July 27, 2008 in South Africa. The cause of the war was a political takeover to increase the size of Indonesia. The war was "arranged" through an agreement between Indonesia and Indonesian-backed South African politicians.


On April 18, 2008, Australia fell to Indonesia. South Africa, as the neighbor next to Australia, fells threatened. So they tried to search allies through military protection pacts (MPPs). Because many countries allied with South Africa, Indonesia decided to accept MPP request from Germany and Russia to counterbalance the situation in South Africa. This will trigger Sweden-Germany War and Norway-Russia War before the MPP activated.

Feeling uneasy that Indonesia cannot do anything against these wars, in May 2008, the South African government was political taken over by Indonesia with goal to remove Nordic influence. This was protested by United Kingdom and Sweden. Finally, Indonesian-backed African National Congress party won, and mamangbakso elected as the new president. He dissolved all previous European MPP.

Due to political pressure, and also changes within the government of Indonesia, the new government of South Africa decided that South Africa will remain neutral as a sovereign state and will request new MPPs, especially from Indonesia and Sweden.

Declaration of war

Indonesian president, RaFee proposed war on South Africa in June 10 , claimed just for fun.[2] The result was 4 stood against the other 28. This was seen by members of Pan American differently because they saw that Indonesia wanted to have access to South America. Due to this, three nations of the PANAM were involved officially and many foreign fighters came to stop the Indonesian invasion. Many South American paratroopers were sent to defend South Africa because they didn't want Indonesia to share a border with South America. They use Q4 hospital in Austin as base of operation. Other countries also helped South Africa to repel Indonesia.

War progress

On June 11 , regions of Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal were opened for battle. Defenders set up along the eastern coast of South Africa. Indonesia conquered Eastern Cape. South Africa and allies successfully defended Kwazulu-Natal region. After that, regions of KwaZulu-Natal, Free State, Western Cape and Northern Cape were opened for battle. South Africa and their allies was able to defend Kwazulu-Natal, Free State, Western Cape and Northern Cape regions. They even threatened Western Australia and Eastern Cape regions, but Indonesian was able to defend Western Australia and Eastern Cape regions.

War paused

On June 14, eRepublik team paused the war because of technical difficulties. The reason was most likely do the fact that some Indonesians including their president glitched their strength to higher levels.[?] The Indonesian president at first had his in the mid sevens range but then it shot up to 32 and then 1 00.48.[?] The war was resumed on the July 23. This made the war longer then it really was.

War xontinued and peace treaty

After the war resumed, Indonesia was able to conquered every coastal region of South Africa. They successfully conquered KwaZulu-Natal, Northern Cape and Western Cape. Then they proposed a peace treaty with South Africa. This made obvious that their main goal was to have access to South America.

Pradana, president of Indonesia, also officially said that Indonesia main target was Pietermaritzburg, Kimberley, and Cape Town, so the war was stopped.[3]


The previous war record broken for the total number of fights. At the time when this war ended, this war had 2.803 total fights, which was over 500 more then the last record holder.

Hull, one of South African who will be South African President, stated that they didn't have to afraid for more invasion and can started economic development.


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