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The Position of Inspector General is a Governmental Position in Australia. It is restricted to members of the Australian Senate, or to Order of Australia winners. It is their job to make sure the Executive Government is acting responsibly. The position of Inspector General and their functions are outlined by the Inspector Generals Act of April 2009.

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Category: Parliamentary Government Body: Parliament Department: Inspector General Reports to: Parliament as a Body Position Allocation: By nomination and vote according to Act of Parliament

Job Purpose: The 'Inspector General is an Officer of Parliament and responsible for advising the Executive Government and Senate. They are also responsible for ensuring that Legal Considerations, Protocol, and Policy are not breached, that they are enacted in relation and accordance with the Constitution of eAustralia and all other Acts of Parliament.

Former Inspector Generals of Australia

July 2012: lancer450
May 2010 - June 2012: Ranger Bob
January 2010: H.Nelson
December 2009: Dean Kong
November 2009: Aussie Vegeta
October 2009: Cerridwen Voeland
September 2009: Xavier Griffith
August 2009: Alex Australis
July 2009: Alex Australis
June 2009: Alex Australis
May 2009: TheBlackAdder

Previous Nominations for Insepctor General

(Each senator recieves 1 vote on the Senate forums).

May 2009

Xavier Griffith - 7 votes
TheBlackAdder - 6 votes

  • Xavier Griffith withdrew his nomination upon winning. TheBlackAdder was accepted as Inspector General in a vote of 8-0.

June 2009

Alex Australis - 9 votes
Mouj - 4 votes
Mark Sanchez - 1 vote.

July 2009

Alex Australis - 16 votes
Johnathon Brown - 10 votes

August 2009

Alex Australis is believed to have been the Inspector General for this month.

September 2009

Xavier Griffith was elected uncontested owing to the fact that all other nominated people were ineligible.


October 2009

Cerridwen Voeland was voted in as Inspector General. A problem with the transferrance to the new server has made the votes not show up properly.

November 2009

Aussie Vegeta was voted as Inspector General in November. Currently, the vote tally is impossible to determine.


December 2009

Dean Kong - 23 Votes.
Alex Australis - 7 Votes.

January 2010

H.Nelson - 26
Majester - 0
Brenflakes - 1 [8]

July 2012

lancer450 - 12
witherd1 - 7

United States Training Corps

For a limited period of time, the position of Inspector General was held by an officer of the USTC to set out, inspect and enforce the roles of all levels of responsibility in the United States Armed Forces. The USTC's first Inspector-General was Colonel Bia Pandora, promoted from command of one of USTC companies.