Institutul National de Statistica

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Institutul National de Statistica
Government of Romania
Institutul National de Statistica.jpg

General Information
Country RomaniaRomania
Headquarters Flag-Romania.png Muntenia
Established 6 September 2013
Newspaper Institutul National de Statistica
Part of Romania
Type Institute
President of National Institute of Statistics Cronos28
Vice-Presidents Col.Miller, Damian2013
Observer sf petru III

Institutul National de Statistica.jpg National Institute of Statistics (Romanian : Institutul Naţional de Statistică, abreviation INS) is a Romanian government agency which is responsible for collecting national statistics, in fields such as geography, the economy, demographics and society. Institutul National de Statistica.jpg National Institute of Statistics was established in 6 September 2013 by Cronos28.


Official statistics in Flag-Romania.png Romania is organized and coordinated by the Institutul National de Statistica.jpg National Institute of Statistics, specialized body of central general government, legal entity, subordinated to the Government and coordinated by the minister who coordinates the Government General Secretary.

Institutul National de Statistica.jpg National Institute of Statistics is run by a president with rank of state secretary and 3 vice-presidents who coordinate: national statistical system's coordination and dissemination of statistical information; economic and social statistics; IT activities and statistical infrastructure

The president represents the institution in its relations with other authorities of central general government and with third legal persons, with natural persons, as well as with internal and external organizations and has the following general tasks in his field of activity:

a) organizes, coordinates and controls the application of laws, Government ordinances and decisions, of orders and instructions issued in accordance with legal stipulations, observing the authority framework and the principle of local autonomy of public institutions and of economic units;

b) initiates and approves the law drafts, Government ordinances and decisions, under the conditions set up by the methodology approved by the Government;

c) acts for implementing the Institutul National de Statistica.jpg National Institute of Statistics own strategy, integrated in the Government economic and social development strategy;

d) sets up proposals for the monthly budget, which are submit for the approval to the Government;

e) follows up the investments in the system of the Institutul National de Statistica.jpg National Institute of Statistics based on the approved budget;

f) represents the state interest in various international organizations and bodies, according to the agreements and conventions in which Flag-Romania.png Romania is part and to other set up agreements and develops collaboration relations with similar organizations from other states whose field of activity is of concern;

g) collaborates with specialized higher education institutions for the staff vocational training in the system of official statistics.

The vice-president tasks are established through the order of the president of Institutul National de Statistica.jpg National Institute of Statistics.


Headquarters of National Institute of Statistics

In order to achieve its activity, the Institutul National de Statistica.jpg National Institute of Statistics has the following tasks:

a) draws up the system of stastistical indicators, the computation methodologies and the specific technologies and standards to obtain these indicators;

b) organizes and manages the statistical surveys on economic and social phenomena and processes, by means of censuses, exhaustive or sample statistical surveys;

c) designs, prints and disseminates the statistical surveys questionnaires as well as the related guidelines to fill them in;

d) collects, processes and stores data and information with the view to ensure the statistical databases;

e) coordinates the drawing up of unitary classifications and nomenclatures of national interest in its field of activity;

f) designs, carries out and exploits the statistical information system;

g) draws up studies and analyses with a view to characterize economic and social development;

h) carries out scientific research activities in statistical field; i) informs public opinion as well as public authorities on economic and social evolution of the country and provides the interested users with the achieved statistical indicators;

j) organizes and manages the subordinated units, sets out their tasks and functioning norms;

k) collaborates with ministries and other specialized bodies of central general government as well as public services in order to make compatible the official statistics system with the other information systems, supports these bodies with a view to ensure the training of the staff involved in statistical activity;

l) endorses the methodologies of statistical surveys organized by ministries, central institutions and other public services, in order to ensure the survey timeliness and the accuracy of statistical methods used;

m) organizes vocational training in the statistical field for the staff of the institute, of its subordinated units and of other official statistics services and acts with a view to create a statistical culture at national level;

n) represents Flag-Romania.png Romania within international relations in statistical field and cooperates with similar organizations of other countries, with specialized bodies of the United Nations and its agencies, with other international bodies;

Presidents of National Institute of Statistics

This is the list of Institutul National de Statistica.jpg National Institute of Statistics of Flag-Romania.png Romania :

Mandate Start Mandate End Minister Party Note
6 September 2013
5 October 2013
Citizen7767906.jpg Cronos28 Party-Partidul Liberal.jpg Partidul Liberal On 6 September 2013 with the consent of President Gryphon Power Soldiers.png msriasu was founded Institutul National de Statistica.jpg National Institute of Statistics

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