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Formation October 2009
Disbanded 2011
Succeeded Comintern

The Internationale was an association of far-left oriented parties and organizations around the eWorld, created to help the development of socialism in all the countries. Its paramilitary wing was the Red Army. Its newspaper was l'Internationale.

Previous Chairmen

Chairman Month Year
Osmany Ramon October 2009
Osmany Ramon November 2009
Maksim Chuikov December 2009
Brian Boru January 2010
Comrad3 February 2010
Comrad3 March - April 2010
Manic Eskimo April - May 2010
Chris Carnage June 2010
Johnobrow Dadds June - July 2010
MachtGeil July 2010
Jos Alembic July - August 2010
cas3 August - September 2010
Duracraft October - ? 2010

Member Parties

Member parties of the Internationale, as of Day 962 of the New World.

Former Member Parties

Internationale Red Army

Main article: Red Army

The Internationale's Red Army was a collaborative military effort of militias associated with the Internationale Military Committee.


  • Moravia. August 4-5, 2010. This natural region of the Czech Republic had been occupied by Slovakia. At the request of member-party Czech Socialist Party, Red Army forces participated in helping to liberate it.
  • South Korea. Summer, 2010. In response to an unprovoked attack on South Korea by Japan, forces associated with the Internationale fought to defend South Korean regions. Unsuccessful in preventing the Japanese assault, but helpful in rallying players to the cause of South Korean independence and self-determination.

Prior to the formation of IMC

  • Summer 2009. Far Eastern Russia. A number of leftist militias cooperated in a resistance war in Far Eastern Russia aimed at liberating the region from Indonesia. Although the "communist riot" was not successful militarily, it helped to encourage a movement that later did succeed in returning FER to Russia.