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This article contains the religious views of Lidoxa. (What's this?)


Lord Phaedrus Lidox Atadünya

Phaedrus Lidox Atadünya
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The Ipsissima Verba ("the very words") is the holy text of Lidoxa. It is the official chronicle of the creation, actions, and life of Lord Papagentes Phædrus Lidox Atadünya. The words were transcribed by Most High Reverend Nicolae Carpathia following séances in which he heard the voice of Lidox.

The Ipsissima Verba is the basis for Lidoxan curricula around the world and is studied along with The Book of Dio by Literature majors at the Falcon University of Creative Knowledge in Pakistan. It is protected as a holy relic in both Turkey and Greece, and there is a small museum in Thessaloniki, Phaedrus's hometown, that holds an early edition of the Ipsissima Verba.

The Ipsissima Verba, left, and the Ipsissima Hymna sit in the First Church of Lidox in Thessaloniki.


Selected Quotes

 From the Turkish tribe, Phædrus chose The Onrche. He met with The Onrche in a well-lit public place, as He did not trust The Onrche, and He spoke, saying, "Your name will be like poison on the lips of my followers. Your deeds will be known around my World and you will be scorned for them. But know that I am a merciful Atadünya. I forgive you for all the crimes you will commit against me and those who take my word as law." 
 Phædrus raised his hand, and the noise of the crowd drew still. Unamplified, he spoke to the gathered ones. "Today is a most cherished day." 
 Lord Phædrus smiled at His child and spoke, saying, "Muda da. It is useless," and His fallen child cried out in despair and anguish. Phædrus nodded and wiped the tears from his face, and continued. "The promised land I had set aside for you is yours no more. You have betrayed my children and my laws, and most distressingly, you have betrayed me. But I am merciful. My heart aches for what you have done and what you will yet do, but there is no anger in me. Raise your eyes and know that you are forgiven. Now and always."