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Nationality Flag-Argentina.jpg Argentinian
Date of birth 27 September 2008
Date of death 25 November 2009
Residence Mesopotamia
Sex Male
Newspaper La Voz Argentina
President of Argentina
March 6, 2009 – March 24, 2009 (estimated)
Preceded by T
Succeeded by Siddy
Congress member of Argentina
December 2008 – March 2009
Party president of Partido Republicano
January 16, 2009 – March 15, 2009
Preceded by Jose Miguel
Succeeded by Jose Miguel
Minister of Health of Argentina
February 7, 2009 – March 5, 2009
Congress member of Russia
April 26, 2009 – May 2009
Party president of Union Desarrollista Argentina
May 16, 2009 – N/A
Military rank Icon rank Commander**.png Commander**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Citizen account suspended for the usage of multiple accounts.

Irenfrea was a citizen born in Argentina. He is deceased.

Early Life

Irenfrea started his life back in BETA, after being invited to the game around September 2008. His first job was in a Q1 food company called Kentucky Fried Chocobo, where he started working in the food manufacturing industry. He also joined the Partido Republicano party accordingly to his center-right ideas, and started his military training by his own.

Being an active member of the community, some issues made him a bit silent after the implementation of the V1. Even when he kept working and training, he disappeared from Argentina and Party forums, and no one heard about him until a few days before Brazil declared war against Argentina (see Brazil-Argentina War).

Political Career

Former member of the Partido Republicano

Right after starting his eRepublik life, Irenfrea joined the Partido Republicano following a family tradition of Liberalism and center-right ideas. He was warmly welcomed by the party's president, fedegen, and shared many thoughts about the party activities and ideals. He voted at the October presidential elections, encouraging other citizens to express their will through voting. His early political career motivated him to start a political newspaper, which he named La Voz Argentina.

His "silent period" left him out from the Party's activities, but after coming back to activity he involved himself quite more than before. He proposed himself as a Congress member for Cuyo, losing the elections due to a party strategy failure, which almost made him leave the party. Other members insisted him to stay, and he did so, taking on some party activities as the party's Press Secretary, recruiting new members for the Partido Republicano, debating about the party's position on Price and Salaries agreements.

In December, 2008, Irenfrea proposed himself for Congress member again in Cuyo, this time winning the elections for a slight margin. This marked the beginning of an active political career, starting with the proposal of a government's plan over the country's food production at the December Food Crisis.

In January, 2009, he ran as the only candidate for the Party presidency elections, obviously resulting as the elected president. During his presidency he proposed the Party's statute. He also ran for Congress member, winning with a broader margin.

By February, 2009, he ran for the national presidential elections along with Jose Miguel as Vice-president, with the support of the Movimiento Americano Social (Argentina) (MAS) party, ending in second place with 41 votes (33,88%). Despite this, he was asked to take care of the Ministery of Health of Argentina.

In March, 2009, he ran for Presidency again, this time the Partido Republicano standing alone on the elections. Despite this, he won the Presidency by a margin of 66 votes against 64 from his runner-up Siddy. Suspicions about fraud sprouted and many citizens expressed that "dead" citizens came back to the game to vote Irenfrea. Yet, he started his presidency on March 06 2009, peaking an amazing political career and becoming the first President from an Argentinian right party, choosing his once-mentor Fedegen as Vicepresident.

However, Real life events made him resign as President of Argentina on March 24, 2009, while he still had 11 days left on the country's Presidency. He had to leave apart his political career, yet he dedicated his little free time to administrate his companies.

After the presidential elections of April, 2009, Irenfrea decided to move to Russia in disagreement of the elected government. There he followed a short political career gaining a seat for the Russian Congress. In May, he returned to Argentina after knowing about the future creation of new Latin American countries.

Founder and Party president of the Union Desarrollista Argentina party

He ran for elections as Party president of the defunct PACO party, refurbishing and renaming it the Union Desarrollista Argentina.

Irenfrea's Political Highlights

  • Ran for Congressman on November and December 2008, and January and February 2009.
  • Strongly refused to Party alliances.
  • Took the party's Press Secretary on December 2008.
  • Elected for Congressman of the Partido Republicano in December 2008.
  • Proposed the Plan Alimentario Nacional (National Food Plan).
  • Elected as Party president for the January/February term.
  • Ran for Country President on February 2009, losing the election.
  • Ran for Country President again on March 2009, now winning the election and becoming the first president from the Partido Republicano.
  • Founded the Union Desarrollista Argentina

Army Involvement

Irenfrea started his military career a week after starting his life, since he never considered himself a man suitable for the Army. Following some friend's advices, he started to train thinking in being ready to defend his country in case that an invasion could happen.

After a couple of months of training, he joined the Ejercito Nacional Argentino (ENA) when the Brazil-Argentina War started. He joined the army in the South Korean Independence War and in the failed revolution war of Western Cape. He also fought on the Argentinian attack of Western Cape, but after finding out that the attack was a cover-up operation to distract the Indonesian army and make things easier to the countries who were invading France in the World War II context, he angrily left the ENA claiming that Argentinian soldiers should have been informed about the covert operation and that he will only fight in a case that Argentina is invaded by some country.

The Indo-Brazilian invasion happened and Irenfrea fought along with the Argentinian forces, retreating until Argentine Northwest. Following the army's rebuilding, he joined the ENA again, being placed on the Ethan division.

Commander of Hijos del Roto.

Vinland Inc

Founder and CEO of Vinland Inc

One of Irenfrea's dreams is to control a vast commercial organization. He considers that his two passions in eRepublik are Politics and Economics.

He founded Vinland Incorporated after raising enough gold to create the organization, buying its first company and having enough money left for salaries. He was successful at hiring enough employees to restart an abandoned company and making it productive, so he began expanding the organization, possibly to international trading operations (setting companies in other countries, buying trade licenses, setting importing agreements among other activities.

Vinland Incorporated is also an active member of the eArgentinian Commerce Chamber, participating in discussions about product prices, salaries and the such. As the owner of a gift company, he proposed a recently signed price agreement on the gifts prices.

Even when Irenfrea holds the position of CEO on his Organization and dedicates most of his business life to it, he keeps being an employee for other companies, since he was taught to be a hard worker. This made him earn the Hard Worker medal two times in a row.

For more information about Vinland Incorporated activities visit its Wiki page.

Irenfrea the Journalist

One of Irenfrea's hobbies is writing, so he combined his passion for politics and economics with his writing skills and started a newspaper, La Voz Argentina ("The Argentinian Voice" in Spanish). After a modest start and the "silence" period in Irenfrea's life, La Voz Argentina got a few subscriptions and reached the first place on votes several times with news about the War and political highlights of Argentina.


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