Irish Air Defence Forces

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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

Irish Air Defence Forces

Irish Air Defence Forces.jpg

Watchful and Loyal

General Information
Founded April 14, 2010 (as IDF Helicopter Division)
Disbanded 2011 (est)
Country Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
Region Dublin
Colors Green and White
Type Aerial Attack
Part of Air Defence Forces

The Irish Air Defence Forces (IADF) is a branch of the Irish Defence Forces formed in the month of April 2010 as part of the Irish Defence Forces Reform for V2. Under Chief of Staff, Cpl Useless, the IDF was split into four divisions in accordance with the four division system of infantry, artillery, helicopters and tanks.

The IADF is specially meant for the Helicopter Skill. All serving personnel of the IADF were specialising in the Helicopter skill when V2 released.

The IDF Helicopter Division

One of the first IDF Helicopters

The Irish Air Defence Forces were first commissioned as the IDF Helicopter Division on April the 14th 2010 by Cpl Useless, the Chief of Staff of the Irish Defence Forces. The Division began with 37 pilots led by Ian arbuckle. The IDF Helicopter Division was a raw bunch of recruits consisting of former soldiers from various divisions in the Irish Defence Forces. There were some notable pilots in the initial list beginning with Irish Princess, Brian Boru, Mr.Ginge, Ian arbuckle, Semprini and Santiago Hortez apart from rising upcomers like Spiffmonkie.

The new team was led by Commanding Officer Ian arbuckle and assisted by Executive Officers Santiago Hortez and Bradums. Both Ian and Santiago recognised the potentials of the unit if developed fully. The platform was set for the Helicopter Division to become the best in the business.

Of Alpha and Of Delta

The first thing Ian arbuckle did after a suggestion from Santiago was to divide the pilots into two squadrons, Alpha and Delta. The Alpha Squadron was led by Executive Officer Santiago Hortez and the Delta Squadron was led by Bradums (though in reality by Ian, since Bradums was AWOL. Bradums would eventually be succeeded by Spiffmonkie).

The Alpha Squadron was almost fully deployable and boasted of having almost a 100% deployment rate during founding. With the exception of Irish Princess and Santiago himself, all others would be able to deploy.

The Delta Squadron, on the other hand, boasted of political heavyweights from all spectrums (leftist, rightist, etc.). During the formation, the IDF was deployed on a mission abroad in South Africa to aid in the liberation. But this did not hamper efforts to revamp the Helicopter Division and the IDF as a whole.

Reform Period

Following the initial time to let the dust settle, Santiago Hortez and Ian arbuckle got down to tidying the Helicopter Division and give it a brand new avatar. The first step was to make the logos for the Alpha and Delta Squadrons. Various proposals came out with einberliner's proposals for logos at their head.

Alpha Squadron LogoDelta Squadron Logo

And then, Santiago Hortez made an emblem for the Alpha Squadron and Delta Squadron which was immediately accepted and liked by the pilots. The logos proposed and accepted are above. The mottos for the Alpha Squadron were "Fortitudo et Amicitia meaning "Bravery and Friendship" and the Delta Squadron were "Fama et Victoria meaning "Fame and Victory".

Following this, Santiago also created the Division logo in true Celtic style with three variants reflecting the three choices of names given -IDF Helicopter Division, Irish Air Corps, and Irish Air Defence Forces. In the meantime, he also argued for the change of name to the Irish Air Defence Forces. This was immediately accepted by Ian arbuckle who said that "we could do better than have a three word name".

And thus, the logo was born for the Squadrons and the IADF as a whole. Also, in this process, the IDF Helicopter Division was rechristened to the Irish Air Defence Forces. But the reform was not over as yet. Next came soldier ranks.

Tired of being addressed as Executive Officer or XO, and due to the fact that all soldiers were of varying ranks in the IADF, the IADF superiors decided to intervene and systematize the ranking system in the IADF. Thus, after some research, Santiago landed up at the following system. In his own words

 All soldiers under the command of an XO are of the rank, Lieutenant. Each squadron, Alpha and Delta are led by Lieutenant Colonels and the whole Irish Air Defence Forces are led by Commandant Ian arbuckle 
(Lt. Col. Santiago Hortez, announcing the new ranking structure at the Dublin Air Base)

So now, all pilots under an XO were Lieutenants, the Xos were Lieutenant Colonels and the CO was a Commandant. Also, he looked up for the insignias and landed up at the insignias of real life equivalents of the IADF i.e, the Irish Air Corps where:

Rank in the IADF = Rank in Irish Air Corps

  • Lieutenant=Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant Colonels=Lieutenant Colonels
  • Commandant=Colonel

Ranks and Insignia of the Irish Air Defence Forces

Military Branch OR-0 OR-1 OR-2 OR-3 OR-4 OR-5 W-1 OF-1 OF-2 OF-3 OF-4 OF-5 OF-6 OF-7 OF-8 OF-9 OF-10 OF-11
The Irish Air Defence Forces
Irish Air Defence Forces.jpg
Irish Air Defence Forces
Insignia - Irish Air Defence Forces - Lieutenant.jpg
Insignia - Irish Air Defence Forces - Lieutenant Colonel.jpg
Lieutenant Colonel
Insignia - Irish Air Defence Forces - Commandant.jpg

Events in the IADF

The first major event since the formation of the IADF complete with logos and insignia on April the 26th was the change in command with respect to the Delta Squadron. With Bradums gone AWOL, Lieutenant Spiffmonkie, a promising youngster was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel by the Chief of Staff Cpl Useless. And thus the Delta Squadron landed into more able and active hands marking the first Command change in the IADF. Santiago resigned from Lieutenant Colonel and departed to USA. Lieutenant CelticTiger211, another promising youngster was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel by Commander General Ian arbuckle.

No other major events have occurred so far. Meanwhile, the IADF already seems to have left a legacy because the Tank Division has also started to have their own logos and avatars for their First, Second and Third Brigades. Though admittedly, Santiago got the idea for the equal ranks partly from them, it was more attributed to the fact that he had already seen this in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, US Mobile Infantry and US Army.

Missions and Deployments

The first mission which the IADF got was the deployment in the South Africa to aid in their liberation war from Argentinean and Brazilian oppressors. This was a very successful deployment and resulted in widespread praise for the IDF as a whole.

The next mission was through MPPs in Croatia to aid in the defence of the nation from oppressors like Hungary. The battles were very tough and exhausting but IADF pilots proved their mettle time and again with ease. From the skies over plains to rocky mountains, the IADF fought practically everywhere during the battles.
IADF in Croatia

Following the MPP with Spain, the IADF also got to fight in wars against Brazil in the Canary Islands, a strategic point forming the link between Europe and South America. This was followed by a battle or two in the Andalucia. The latter battle(s) came up in the deployment to India as part of Indian MPPs (next paragraph).

The first deployment for the IADF (completed) was in India to Jharkhand in anticipation of battles against Serbia and/or Pakistan. Though no battles have been forthcoming so far, it has, however, been said that the battle is very inevitable and will have to come at some stage or the other.

Following Canadian Prime Minister Derek Harland's Declaration of War against France to make Canada gain an active hand in World War V, the IADF was deployed to Canada, or more precisely to Ontario to aid in their fellow Brolliance member's war.

The next mission was through deployment in USA to aid in their defense of Liaoning region from Phoenix oppressors. This was an unsuccessful deployment and resulted in defeat and Liaoning under Serbia's control. IDAF fought in the biggest battle ever fought in history and should be proud of fighting in Liaoning.

IADF were sent on a mission to retrieve their fellow soldiers patton and Irish Princess from Russian attack on Alaska, the USA where they spent their vacation. The brave soldiers of Alpha and Delta stormed onto the cruise and eliminated every Russian soldier abroad and rescued patton and Irish Princess. IADF completed their mission and awarded gratitude for their achievement by Commanding Officer Ian arbuckle.

Medals Earned by IADF Pilots since formation

Campaign Medals

These are medals earned during the various campaigns in which the IADF has participated. All pilots who have taken part in a campaign can wear the Campaign medal or ribbon.

IDF South African Campaign Medal.jpg - South African Campaign Medal (April 2010)

IDF Croatian Campaign Medal.jpg - Croatian Campaign Medal (April 2010)-Also known as the Defence of Croatia Medal

IDF Norwegian Campaign Medal.jpg - Norwegian Campaign Medal (April 2010)- Defence of Norway against Phoenix

IDF Indian Campaign Medal.jpg - Indian Campaign Medal (April 2010)

IDF Australian Campaign Medal.jpg - Australian Campaign Medal (April 2010)

IDF Canadian Campaign Medal.jpg - Canadian Campaign Medal (May 2010)

IDF Liaoning Campaign Medal.jpg - USA Defence of Liaoning Campaign Medal (May 2010)

IDF Russian Campaign Medal.jpg - USA Defence of Alaska Campaign Medal (June 2010)

IDF Polish Corridor Campaign Medal.jpg - Polish attack on Scotland (Operation Polish Corridor June 2010)

IDF Labrador Campaign Medal.jpg - Irish attack on Labrador and Newfoundland (Operation Polish Corridor June 2010)

Individual Soldier Medals

Individual Soldier medals are made by the IDF Medal Maker-in-Chief Anthony Colby and ready for use. Among the medals expected are Service and Bravery medals.

IADF Commandants and Chain Of Command

The following list gives the list of Commandants of the IADF along with their Service dates and other information.

Commandants of the Irish Air Defence Forces
From To Commandant of the Irish Air Defence Forces Photo Notes
14 April 2010 N/A Insignia - Irish Air Defence Forces - Commandant.jpg Commandant Ian arbuckle Citizen1351764 v2.jpg First Commandant of the IADF. Notable Deployments during his period include India, South Africa and Croatia.

The last known chain of Command in the IADF is given below. It was led by Commandant Ian arbuckle who had under him the two squadrons, Alpha and Delta, both of which were led by Lieutenant Colonels Spiffmonkie and CelticTiger211 respectively.

Insignia - Irish Air Defence Forces - Commandant.jpg
Ian arbuckle
Irish Air Defence Forces
Insignia - Irish Air Defence Forces - Lieutenant Colonel.jpg
Lieutenant Colonel
Alpha Squadron
Insignia - Irish Air Defence Forces - Lieutenant Colonel.jpg
Lieutenant Colonel
Delta Squadron

Military Campaigns of the IADF

The following are the military campaigns in which the IADF has participated since it's inception on the 14th of April, 2010 either through official alliances like Brolliance or through troop deployment.

April 2010
South African Independence Campaign
Croatian Defence Against Hungary
Norwegian Defence Against Phoenix (Operation Valhalla)
Indian Campaign (Deployment to India versus Serbia)
Australian Campaign (Australian wars versus Indonesia, Argentina and Brazil)
May 2010
Canadian Offensive against France
Middle Eastern War (Greek Offensive on Turkey)
The Battle of Liaoning (Phoenix Offensive on USA)
June 2010
War between USA and Russia Medal (June 2010)
Polish attack on Scotland (Operation Polish Corridor June 2010)
Irish attack on Labrador and Newfoundland (Operation Polish Corridor June 2010)

Trivia and some Fun Facts

1. The President of Ireland, Patton, is part of the Irish Air Defence Forces even though he is supposed to be part of the Na Fianna. This is owing to his non-deployable status.

2. The IADF can hit more damage to a wall on average than any of the other three divisions in the IDF.

3. This is the first and only unit so far to get its own new name.

4. The average Maximum Hit on the wall for a pilot in the IADF is 194.99 damage.

5. The average damage for the IADF in a single battle is 29,808.13 which is the highest among the four new divisions- Irish Tank Division, IADF, Irish Artillery Division and Irish Rifle Division.

6. The IADF also has most Reserves (Congress members, PP etc.) who cannot deploy to other countries numbering 8 in all.

7. The average wellness is the second highest for the IADF among the four Regular Divisions in the IDF with a value of 90.22, coming a close second to the Artillery Division which has a wellness average of 90.74

8. The average strength of the IADF is also the highest amongst the four Regular Divisions with a value of 12.13

9. Lieutenant Colonel Santiago Hortez has the distinction of serving in the air (Irish Air Defence Forces and US Air Force service in World War III), at sea (Royal Navy) and on land (Irish Defence Forces, US Army, US Mobile Infantry and the Royal Marines)

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