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AK47.jpg This page is about a paramilitary group or organisation.

Paramilitary groups are any organization that participates in military actions exclusive of national armies.

Irish Citizen Army

Irish Citizen Army.jpg

General Information
Founded January 12, 2010
(Day 784)
Country Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
Region Dublin
Total Soldiers 11
Commanded by Flaco Jimenez

The Irish Citizens Army (ICA) is a paramilitary organisation that had claimed roots in the Labour Party. It was started a few weeks after Labour itself was founded and was originally headed by Joe Hitman. It started off slowly but quickly gathered pace. Ireland at the time brushed it off as just another Military Organisation which would die off, this was not to be. After Ireland went through a stage of lack of fighting the ICA deployed to different countries and gained in members looking for war.

At this point irishbhoy1967 left Labour to work on the ICA. He took over and along with help from others, the ICA expanded quicker than anyone expected. ICA deployed more than the IDF ever did. Then Northern Ireland happened. This was probably the highest point for the ICA. It had rallied support all over the world and brought in new fighters. It was the main reason behind foreign support and people recognised that.

After the Northern Ireland campaign, the ICA had found itself taking part in the liberation of South Africa as support for the Bro-nation force spearheading the resistance from Western Australia. During the fighting the ICA had been allowed to start a resistance war in the region of Limpopo as a diversion tactic but thanks to the efforts of the ICA and Croatia with Bro's successful resistance wars mounted commander irishbhoy1967 was awarded the ICA's first resistance medal.

After the success of the South African campaign, the ICA had partaken in the controversial defence of Australia in which the ICA had defended Western Australia from which they had previously mounted an attack. This had resulted in the loss of Western Australia in a controversial win that saw last minute tanking by the defenders.

The next campaign that the ICA had partaken in was the Defence of South Korea from Japanese. This was the ICA's cooperation with fellow internationale militias to defend the South Koreans from the Japanese imperialists. During this time the ICA newspaper had printed a statement in both Ireland and South Korea condemning the invasion through this the ICA had offered aid to the South Korean people in the form of weapons to which they can train at a faster rate just as the ICA soldiers do.

Chain of command

2010: Commander: Joe Hitman, replaced by irishbhoy1967
2012: Commander: ChewChewShoe, 2nd Commanders: Mikhail Alexander and MUFC92
2017-2018: Commander: Flaco Jimenez, Captains: Irish son and Ian Passmore; in April 2020, unit was solely commanded by Flaco.

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