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Irish Citizen Front

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General Information
Country Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
Forum [1]
Founded May 16th 2009
Dissolved July 22nd 2009
President Mannimarco
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0%
Succeeds Fianna Fáil
Succeeded By An Pairti Saor
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Totalitarian

Party History

Irish Citizen Front was a political party in Ireland, dedicated to the promotion of Communism while also having a laugh on the side. It was created on May 16th 2009 out of the largely inactive Fianna Fáil party, after the Glorious leader, Mannimarco won the party election. It had 62 members until it was succeeded by An Pairti Saor


Greetings once again from the ever-controversial Irish Citizen Front. This is the article you all have been waiting for. This is where we will outline in detail our views, and how this government needs to change.

First, a statement on the controversy surrounding us. The ICF advocates radical change in Ireland, it is only natural that we will be vehemently opposed by those comfortable with the status quo. Those who slander our name will not silence us, we truly believe in our ideals, and we will fight for them. Change is needed, and change is what the ICF will bring to Ireland. About the takeover of the Fianna Fáil party, we do not wish to engage in debate about the morality of this action. What is done is done. We would, however, like to offer our hand to the disgruntled FF members. We will help you as best we can in forming your party once again.

We at the ICF believe that much can be done to reform Ireland’s economic system. We will aim to achieve the following reforms initially:

We will raise the income tax to 20%. This is not far fetched. The United Kingdom and the USA both have this tax rate, and it has allowed them to have proper funding for their government, while not damaging their economy in the slightest. This is a necessary first step in order to achieve our other goals.

Our State company system will remain, one manufacturing company (weapons), and one construction company (houses). We will fight against the wage reductions that the IUP want to implement, and we will ensure that workers are paid generously, at least enough to afford Q2 food every day.

After the worker reaches skill 3, they will be able to enrol in our commune system. The communes will be companies that will be kept at the recommended employee level. Those who work in the communes will be eligible for extra government benefits and programs (such as free food, free houses, and free weapons), and the workers will be paid the value of their productivity.

The commune system means higher wages for the citizens, easier access to goods for the citizens, and access to goods for the government, which can be used to fund the military, run distribution programs, etc.

At the ICF we believe in a proactive approach to foreign affairs, rather than the passive approach practised now. This government has never informed the public on Ireland’s position on foreign affairs conflicts and wars around the globe, and has used neutrality as an excuse for laziness. Ireland is never involved on the global stage, or in any conflict or war. We at the ICF feel that this is selfishly denying the Irish citizens a crucial aspect of erepublik.

The current government champion Ireland as defenders of freedom and peace. Yet where is the government statement on Sweden selfishly conquering Germany? Where is the statement on the current liberation wars in Greece and Israel? Where was the statement on the USA’s attack on Russia?

At the ICF we aim to change this. We will appoint a foreign affairs team that is capable of putting Ireland on the map and standing up for our interests. Our government will take a serious look at Ireland’s position in the world. We will re-open channels of communication with all nations, rather than restricting us to our immediate neighbours, and we will not remain with the status quo because it is convenient. Ireland’s “do-nothing” policy has been disastrous and has led many Irish citizens to leave for other countries or to quit erepublik all together. The ICF will reverse this decline.

The ICF believe that the military of Ireland needs drastically more attention. Our military reforms will concentrate on the inner workings, instead of the outward appearance, which we feel is fine at the moment.

The current “division” system has had the most success of any system we have tried, and therefore the ICF will preserve this structure. What we will reform is supply lines, communication, and action.

On the subject of supply lines, our commune system complements this perfectly. The military can use the communes to produce the goods they require. If a division needs tickets, the CO can move his division into a ticket company. If they need weapons, move to a weapons company. The division commanders can then distribute the supplies.

Communication within the military is improving; COs are talking more with their soldiers and getting them engaged. The ICF aims to further increase this internal communication by enforcing mandatory roll calls and mandatory forum registration for soldiers. One aspect of communication that is severely lacking is the communication between the military and other branches of government. The Minister of Defence and IDF Commanders should always be aware of the diplomatic moves made by the President and Minister of Foreign Affairs. Military action needs to be interwoven with foreign affairs in erepublik, or else the military will never be able to act.

Finally, we aim to actually have the military do something. We will eliminate the need for the military to receive Dáil permission to act, as this has proven to be a massive hindrance. The military will be given the autonomy in needs to act. We plan to actively engage the military in combat roles around the globe through a “rotation” system. Divisions will be assigned to a country for a period of time, while the divisions at home shall work in the communes to provide the weapons and tickets needed. The size of the divisions “rotated in” and the length of time they spend away from Ireland shall be determined by the amount of available supplies.

As you can see, the ICF plans to bring massive change to Ireland. We believe for the better. If you want to be a part of this,

Join the Irish Citizen Front today!

Sincerely, The ICF Team

Party Leaders

Name From To
Mannimarco May 16th 2009 Incumbent

Party Personnel