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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

Irish Defence Forces

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Fight smart!

General Information
Disbanded December 2010
Country Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
Part of Irish Department of Defense

The Irish Defence Forces (abbr. IDF), were at one time the military of Ireland. As the official army of Ireland, the Irish Defence Forces (IDF) were supported by the government. They defended Ireland's borders and were occasionally deployed on foreign soil to aid other nations in retaining their sovereignty.
Orders were relayed through the Department of Defence's newspaper and through the military battlescript in Mozilla Firefox.

In December of 2010, Ireland was wiped by the United Kingdom. Because this failure of national defence, was in part due to a great lack of organization in the two militaries of the time (the Irish Citizens Army and the Irish Defence forces), in the months following a new military entity was created called the Irish Army. This new army was intended to combine both the ICA and the IDF in order to strengthen Ireland's defences.


Each month, the President of Ireland selected the Minister of Defence who handles the legal and diplomatic decisions regarding the military in the Dáil (Congress).

Cpl Useless, long time ago, Chief of Staff

Every three months, the President also selected a Chief of Staff who organized the divisions within the IDF and relayed orders from the Minister of Defence. This three month period was so that the military remains relatively stable from month to month rather than having the entire formation changed each presidential election. The Chief of Staff also selected the Commander General and Commanding Officers for each division. She (or he) also assigned which commanding officers the soldiers will serve under.

The Commander General of the IDF was a position that answers to the Chief of Staff. He (or she) maintained the army, disciplined it, monitored the chain of command and implemented any changes that might be required.

The Commanding Officers were the leaders of their divisions. They were responsible for recording damage, relaying orders and encouraging activity in their respective units.

Whether they were the Minister, Chief of Staff, Commander General or Commanding Officers, all military leaders were selected based on activity, reliability, rank and strength.


Irish Air Defence Forces logo

New Soldiers were assigned to a Division regarding their Strength to either Irish Air Defence Forces, Irish Tank Division, Irish Artillery Division or Irish Rifle Division.

Elite Force Na Fianna was only for strong soldiers who are very active and deployable.

If IDF soldiers would move out of Ireland for any reason, but remained loyal to the IDF and fought for Ireland, they were transferred to the Foreign Legion.
There were soldiers of all strengths in this unit.


Irish Tank Division Logo

Na Fianna (Elite Division)
Irish Air Defence Forces (Helicopters)
Irish Tank Division (Tanks)
Irish Rifle Divisions (Rifle men)
Irish Artillery Division (Artilleries)

Foreign Legion

Last known officer positions (June 2010)

Minister of Defence: Marcus Suridius
Chief of Staff: ian arbuckle
Quartermaster: JohnSmith 2K9
Supply General: vacant

Irish Air Defence Forces: Ian arbuckle

Irish Tank Division: MoonBeam

Irish Artillery Division: Sean Power

Irish Rifle Division: einberliner

Military History

V2 Home conflicts

Operation Ireland's Call

Ireland had been struggling to get organized into the Military module and had very low supply stock which gave United Kingdom advantage to attack our main food supply, Dublin. This event occurred around in the month of June and early August. UK opened a front in Dublin and the six counties Northern Ireland the Irish Defence Force tried very hard to defend Northern Ireland but they focused on Dublin which was their main food supply and main defence target. United Kingdom successfully conquered Northern Ireland and failed to conquer Dublin. Irish Country President irishbhoy1967 opened number of fronts on the United Kingdom which activated their mighty MPPs. Also irishbhoy1967 was responsible for the low supply of the Irish Defence Force when he locked them out of the organizations and he successfully returned some of them but he refused to give back the rest for some silly reason. Dáil Éireann impeached President irishbhoy1967 for his actions for activating the MPPs of United Kingdom and stealing Irish Defence Forces supply. Successor [5n4keyes]] took over and his first act was getting State jobs on the market to boost IDF's supply and revive the Private Sector. This was a success but not many Private Companies came back to life. United Kingdom opened a second front on Ireland in Dublin and this region was successfully conquered by UK because of their mighty 9 MPPs irishbhoy1967 activated. On a strange day eRepublik's Phoenix Presidents John Bartlett of United Kingdom and Igor Elez of Serbia were hacked by an unknown citizen. The hacker opened numerous battles and UK lost 2 important MPPs - Russia and Netherlands. Although with Phoenix members busy with many battles around the world this gave Ireland a chance to regain Dublin and this happened on Day 992 when we successfully captured 99 % of tiles and the Capital and this shows a sign that our advantage was good. The credit goes to the President of Ireland 5n4keyes and members of the Irish Defence Forces High Command for their effort in regaining our Capital Dublin. This event occurred in August 2010.

Operation "Brits Out!"

On September 24th 2010 Ireland's Country President Nogin the nog accomplished her goal to capture Northern Ireland from British control to a United Ireland. The Irish Defence Forces were preparing their brave Irish soldiers for the biggest battle in Irish military history. Ireland succeeded into capturing Northern Ireland without getting it land swapped for the first time in Irish History and most importantly Ireland played with strategy while UK's Multi Protection Pacts were busy in Hungary. The brave Croatian Army lend support by taking the UK out by surprised in under 20 minutes with Ireland's greatest warrior Donovan Thomas taking Irish Battle hero with him took Ireland to glorious victory.


Campaign Medals

These are medals earned during the various campaigns in which the IDF has participated. All soldiers who have taken part in a campaign can wear the Campaign medal or ribbon.

IDF Slovakian Defense Campaign Medal.jpg- Slovakian Defense Campaign Medal (November 2009)

IDF Shannon Excercise Campaign Medal.jpg- Shannon Excercise (June 2009)

IDF Greek Defense Campaign Medal.jpg- Greek Defense Campaign Medal (August 2009)

IDF Italian Defense Campaign Medal.jpg- Italian Defense Campaign Medal (January 2010)

IDF Northern Ireland Operations Medal.jpg- Northern Ireland Operations (February 2010)

IDF South African Campaign Medal.jpg- South African Campaign Medal (April 2010)

IDF Croatian Campaign Medal.jpg- Croatian Campaign Medal (April 2010)

IDF Norwegian Campaign Medal.jpg- Norwegian Campaign Medal (April 2010)

IDF Indian Campaign Medal.jpg- Indian Campaign Medal (April 2010)

IDF Australian Campaign Medal.jpg- Australian Campaign Medal (April 2010)

IDF Canadian Campaign Medal.jpg- Canadian Campaign Medal (May 2010)

IDF Liaoning Campaign Medal.jpg - USA Defence of Liaoning Campaign Medal (May 2010)

IDF USA and Russia War Medal.jpg - War between USA and Russia Medal (June 2010)

IDF Polish Corridor Campaign Medal.jpg - Polish attack on Scotland (Operation Polish Corridor June 2010)

IDF Labrador Campaign Medal.jpg - Irish attack on Labrador and Newfoundland (Operation Polish Corridor June 2010)

IDF UK Invasion Medal.jpg - United Kingdom invasion of Ireland (June 26, 2010)

IDF Dublin Liberation Medal.jpg - Liberation of Dublin (August 2010)

IDF Norway Deployment Campaign Medal.jpg - Deployment to Norway (August 2010)

IDF UK Battles Medal.jpg - Battles in the UK (August 2010)

IDF North Korean Campaign Medal.jpg - North Korean attack on USA (August 2010)

IDF Russian Campaign Medal.jpg - Russian attack on Alaska (August 2010)

IDF Portugal Campaign Medal.jpg - Portugal attack on USA (September 2010)

IDF Northern Ireland Liberation Medal.jpg - Liberation of Northern Ireland (September 2010)

Individual Soldier and Unit Medals

IDF Highest Battle Damage Medal.jpg- A unit citation medal for Highest Battle Damage from an IDF Division

IDF Exemplary Individual Bravery Medal.jpg- Awarded to a soldier for exemplary individual bravery by doing the highest total damage in a single battle.

IDF Time Medal.jpg- Awarded to soldier's for Service in the IDF for a certain period of time


IDF used several media for recruitment:

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