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The Department of New Citizens in Ireland. This Department is responsible for helping out newbie's in the game. This department was founded on the 5th of November.


  • Helping new players get started out in the game
  • Ensuring the new players get jobs
  • Ensuring new players can access the Irish Forums and the IRC

April 2009 Term

Taken from The eIrish Review by Minister of New Citizens, Starks Hayter


I would like to introduce myself as the Minister of New Citizens for the presidential term of April/May. In this article, I will outline the role of the position, what I plan to do this term and the basic information new citizens will be receiving.

The Department of New Citizens is responsible for welcoming new citizens to eIreland. It gives information these citizens need to become functional and interested in eRepublik. As Minister of New Citizens, I will be answering any questions have about any aspect of the country or the New World.

I plan to ensure that every arriving citizen has received basic information through as many letters as possible, and articles. I want to increase the rate of citizens joining, and becoming active in the eIrish forums. I also plan to welcome immigrating citizens arriving in eIreland. All of this, I hope, will increase the amount of citizens that stay and remain active in our country.

I will be offering different information to new citizens. In general, this will involve the basics of working, training and eating. I will explain the importance of Wellness. I can give information on businesses and current politics in eIreland.

If anyone has any questions, they can be PMed straight to me. I encourage anyone who already hasn't to join the eIrish forums at

Regards, Starks Hayter, Minister of New Citizens.

New Citizen Help

Minister of New Citizens Starks Hayter is publishing a series of articles in his newspaper, the eIrish Review, to help new citizens become familiar with different aspects of eIreland.

List of Minister of New Citizens

From To Name Party
November 5th 2008 ? Niamh82 Fianna Fáil
April 5th 2009 Present Starks Hayter Irish Socialist Republican Party