Irish Efficiency Party

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Irish Efficiency Party

Party-Irish Efficiency Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
Abbreviation IEP
Forum [1]
Founded 6 June 2009
Dissolved September 2009
President Theus Jackus
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 3.03%
Succeeded By suspended
Orientation Center
Ideology Totalitarian

The Irish Efficiency Party was a party in Ireland. It was suspended in September 2009 after the last president resigned and no remaining members had enough experience points to be president. There were 3 members at the time of its banning.



The Irish Efficiency Party was founded on the 6th of June 2009, in the aftermath of the defeat of Starks Hayter and the Alliance for Change. Originally a Communist Party, upon the release of the manifesto, party leader Theus Jackus changed it to centrist party, as he felt it suited his policies better.


The Party was founded by Theus Jackus and Thomas Page originally to offer a solid communist alternative in the aftermath of the departure of the ICF to Slovakia. Seeing this as an opportunity to finally create his own party, Theus asked his friend Thomas Page to invest into the party in exchange for being Vice-President and the Irish Efficiency Party was born!

Party Silence

The Party was founded at an extremely bad time, when Party Take Overs were rampant in eRepublik. To prevent the IEP from being taken over, both Jackus and Page agreed to have a complete media silence in the hopes it would stop a takeover. To further help this, Theus asked his friends GarrettDA and Brian Boru to temporarily join the party to help vote for him in the event of a Takeover. Word got out of the party however, but thankfully the party was not hijacked.

From Communism to Centrism

After the Party Elections had finished, Theus Jackus got to work on the manifesto. He set out to write the manifesto to be primarily communist, but as he wrote he discovered that many of his policies were actually conservative. He wrote a second and a third draft, and the manifesto eventually took the form of a centrist party. Although there was already a centrist party in the shape of the Irish Union Party, Jackus decided to press on anyway with this type of party.

The IEP Today

As of the 19th of June 2009, the IEP has just released its manifesto and boasts a whopping three members, making it the smallest party in eIreland.


Social Policy

  • ESTABLISH a national newspaper called “The Proletariat” to promote smaller articles, allowing them more votes and the cleanup of the eIrish Media.
  • CREATE a national newspaper called “The Irish Informer” to display the progress of Ministries and the Dáil.
  • DEMOLISH the current transparency of the Health System. This vital component of the country needs to be more public in the media.
  • PROVIDE incentives for citizens to attend University by negotiating pay rises for graduates
  • REFORM the University by making all courses relative to eRepublik; let’s keep subjects that apply to reality for the real Universities!
  • INTRODUCE nominal fees for students so as to reward teachers who have successfully completed a course.
  • CONTINUE to promote the eIreland forums in the media, let’s ensure that all citizens have their voices heard.
  • CONDUCT a census on a bi-monthly basis to provide the government with a more detailed and accurate look at what is going on in the nation.
  • EXPAND the amount of fun activities provided by the government.
  • REWARD citizens who have contributed greatly to the eIrish community publicly in the media.

Economic Policy

  • INCREASE Income tax slightly in all sections to accommodate the changes listed in the manifesto.
  • DECREASE Value Added tax substantially, the Government shouldn’t make gains of your hard earned money.
  • INCREASE Import Tax slightly in all sectors (excluding Wood, Diamonds and Oil). Irish companies must be allowed to have a competitive edge over foreign companies
  • ESTABLISH a housing scheme for active players to increase productivity and thus efficiency.
  • FOUND communes that will succeed the current state companies and nurture our young citizens with food and gifts.
  • OFFER grants to businessmen as capital in return for a portion of their produce.
  • ENSURE there is a commune in every domestic sector by October 2009
  • PREPARE for Recessions and Depressions by stockpiling products in the Communes

Foreign Policy

  • IMPROVE relations with all immediate/bordering countries and countries with similar interests.
  • ENSURE that the option is given to the people of Northern Ireland to join the republic through a referendum.
  • RENEW the Raleigh Treaty as is per its terms
  • CONTINUE contact with all bordering/immediate countries and like-minded countries through our many embassies.
  • ESTABLISH Mutual Protections Pacts with bordering/immediate nations (granted they don’t interfere with war games) and countries at threat to imperialism.
  • REFUSE to co-operate with imperialistic countries and countries sponsoring PTO’s through a diplomatic embargo.

Military Policy

  • RESTRUCTURE the Irish Defence Force to further remove the bureaucracy that continues to immobilise our defence forces.
  • CREATE an integrated task force within the IDF to help fight for the freedom and sovereignty of countries and defeat imperialism
  • PREVENT political takeovers both domestically and internationally through the creation of a voting squad.
  • CONSTRUCT high quality hospitals and defence system in the regions necessary.

Congressional and Government Policy

  • ESTABLISH a “Speaker of the Dail” to moderate discussion on the forums to ensure for organised debate and discussion.
  • CREATE an archive to house all discussion in the Dail that is more than 90 Days old for reference.
  • TRANSFER the #Dail IRC Channel to be used for live debate on Rizon
  • ALLOW smaller party & independent candidates a chance of congressional representation through a party jumping scheme.
  • GRANT all small party leaders full access to the Dail forums under honorary congress status.
  • ESTABLISH an Inter-Party Council to ensure parties are working for each other and not against.
  • CREATE county councils to help decentralise politician power in each region as well as allowing younger players to make decisions.
  • REFORM the constitution to make it more applicable to legislation and law
  • REDUCE the amount of Ministerial Positions to remove the bureaucracy strangling the country