Irish Radical Party

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Irish Radical Party

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General Information
Country Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
Abbreviation IRP
Forum Forum
Founded 10 July 2009
Dissolved Unknown
Congress Occupancy 0%
Succeeds Irish Libertarian Party
Orientation Center
Ideology Anarchist

Dawn Of The Revolution

The Irish Radical Party was founded by Severin on the 10th of July 2009 and become Ireland's fastest growing political party. It was Ireland's only anarchist party who's objective was to end the status quo and foster real economic and political change while improving upon the country's defense and society. In order to secure this they emphasis the importance of innovation, bringing government closer to the people and a good administration while minimizing State control. The party welcomes all and embraces those from across the political spectrum. We believe in analyzing what can be done with game mechanics rather than trying to implement any real life ideology in full.

Putting People Before Politics

The Importance of the Individual

We are quite a small party and naturally we emphasis the importance of the individual. Members will be listened to, encouraged to speak up and will be giving regular updates on party affairs. Here you can become involved as little or as much as you like. There is no hierarchy or packs of 'glory hunters'. Anybody can take an active role in the party's leadership. We will strive for as much vocal members as possible to save a few from steering the ship alone and to gather as much ideas as humanly possible.

If you choose to get involved you will be taken very seriously and if you need help you will be assisted. We understand it is not enough to simply ask people to get active and involved and we will try to ensure a social network (and moderates) who will delight, inform and entertain you. In short, we will do our best to grip your attention so that entertainment is maximized for all.

Nobody shall be confined to a 'party line' and we will promote rational and logical debate on a multitude of issues. We will try to inform members on both sides of arguments and will try to spawn independent minded citizens (no mobs of members chanting the same thing). Members will be free to scrutinize anything they want (even the IRP itself ). We do however expect people to be polite (after all, who has the right to impair another person's enjoyment of the game). Scrutiny is a key element of democracy and should be encouraged in all political systems (we don't need 'yes men' here).

Cooperation, The Only Way Forward

They are a lot of talented politicians in Ireland across the party and ideological spectrum. Rather than dispute with other parties we should share intellect and Ireland's active talent should work together. As this is a new party it has no stigma or previous rifts with other parties. We have no inherent 'enemies' and believe cooperation is the only way forward (and is in the best interest of Ireland).

Bringing Politics Closer To The People

We are completely open and transparent. There will be no shady behind the doors dealings, no secret 'lairs' (for want of a better word). We want to bring the party as close as possible to the citizens of Ireland and thus will be announcing absolutely everything in the media. Every decision will be made public. In fact, the public will be openly invited to our forums and our ideas will be publicized (no matter how shocking). Of course we an IRC channel for our members to relax among themselves (everybody needs a rest from scrutiny at some point).

As mentioned above we are a small party, our members want real change and ideas/opinions will be pooled. This is party who's never ending goal is to improve Ireland and make the game more fun for all. Never will the party just sit back and just accept things the way they are. Ireland's potential gain shall always come before any futile political ambitions (ie party progress or title hunters).

On The Issues


Ireland's population has been falling for a while now and rather than do something about it we let it slip from about 2400 to 1000. New citizens are essential to our future success and survival. We should be advertising outside the game and we should be attracting more people to our shores inside the game. It is a simple as that and we have people capable of doing it. They are many war torn citizens who would love to seek refuge in our fair Isle. Our culture and values should be constantly promoted and we should ensure quality entertainment for all our citizens (via the media and elsewhere). Of course it is equally important that we ensure a healthy economy, an organized defense and an active government. No citizen should be left behind and the administration should ensure that all new citizens are being looked after. Furthermore, it is essential we get a forum up and running as fast as possible (this is a unique opportunity to improve upon the last one) and it is high time our wiki page (which is gathering dust) was completely updated (we have talented writers capable of doing it).


We believe in consensus driving government and most importantly accountability. Our government should be cooperating with Congress, engaged in ongoing talks with nations abroad while always updating and addressing the nation. Cabinet positions should be handed out based on merit and not any political affiliation. We have many talented politicians across the party spectrum and in these dark times we should be working together not against. Sure we will disagree however that does not mean we should divide and fight. We all have a common cause and that is to serve Ireland and improve this great nation. Self vested political interests should always come last. Many politicians here want the same thing simply said in a different way. Furthermore trying to implement one ideology in full simply isn't practical. There is merit in all ideologies and we should be pooling our intellect for innovations not barriers. Efficiency is another ideal we hold dear and bureaucracy should be kept to a minimum. While it is nice handing out lots of titles and designating responsibility left right and centre it simply does not work (usually leaving a few to do it). Just because someone accepts a job doesn't mean they will perform well, in the same way just because someone says they are going to do something doesn't actually mean they'll actually do it (action is louder than words). Incompetent politicians should be swiftly done away with and responsibility should be giving only to those who are capable of fulfilling it. There is a better way to educate those who want to get involved in the administration so that learning is maximized and widespread.

Foreign Policy

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of Ireland remaining neutral. An MPP with any our neighbors would not only be difficult for us to sustain economically it would also see to it that we become nothing more than a bridge for major nations to war over. Joining a global alliance would be equally ill advised. A non imperialist global alliance would be an unnecessary infringement on our neutrality and such an alliance could not possibly guarantee our security (not to mention talks of such alliances usually amonth to nothing and if anything it could drag us into a war we don't want to be in). While there is a strong pro USA sentiment in Ireland there are also some who advocate we join PEACE. That would be an underhanded, cowardly move that would see us become a puppet for oppression. Do not forget our friends across the Atlantic who have always held us in high regard and all they done for us (free war games, hospital donation etc). I hope they respect and understand our decision to remain neutral. Being neutral those not mean we should stop engaging with other nations. We should always be putting ourselves out there, fostering good relations, making new friends while spreading our ideals and offering our opinion on global concerns. To those who think neutrality is 'boring' before you jeopardize something that players have spent months upon months developing why not consider another war game (all you can do is click here anyway). It is very unfortunate we no longer have war games and we have since been suffering the loss. Unfortunately there is no easy solution to this and for the time being we simply have to endure. War games with the eUK is out of the question and for obvious reasons the eUS can't host them with us while they are engaged in a real war.


The abrupt end of war games has had a terrible effect on our economy and they are certain challenges we need to overcome. We should enter into negations with those we are at war with to bring about peace in the interest of ending trade embargoes. It may cost us the refund for the declaration but this something that should be seriously considered. The cost of production is quite low here and we can become an ideal place for those who want to export finished products. VAT and Income tax should be kept low (in the interest of stimulating economic growth) while import tax should be kept high (in the interest of protecting our companies who are suffering because of low demand). The State should also consider subsidizing private companies who have a good history so that products can be exported abroad while keeping wages secure here. We recognize the importance of State Companies to train new citizens however innovations have been overlooked here for too now and it is high time reform was considered (all in the interest of efficiency). Finally, in regard to inflation, this is something the State simply cannot intervene with and such attempts have failed in the past.


Improving upon certain defensive structures in this country is something to be considered (and we have the treasury to afford it). More importantly though the Irish Defense Forces must be absolutely organized at all times so that we have a rapid reaction force at our disposal in case of an emergency or a call for help abroad. Thus, getting an application working again is a top priority. While we may not look like much to the naked eye, Ireland has great military leadership, dedicated soldiers and some of the best spies in the New World. We will continue to gather intelligence from abroad however it is time we considered sending the best among our military ranks there too (those who are free to travel of course). We have a funded tank division however what use are they if they cannot develop their military capabilities. Furthermore, we should not be hesitant to involve the IDF in foreign missions abroad. The IDF have not been abroad in quite a while and world war would be too easy an excuse to give. We are freedom loving country and protecting smaller countries in peril is a noble cause (not to mention would strengthen our forces). These are dangerous times however we should always stand up for what we believe in and we should constantly seek ways to improve our defense.