Irish Socialist Republican Party

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Irish Socialist Republican Party

Party-Irish Socialist Republican Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Ireland.jpg Ireland
Abbreviation ISRP
Forum [1]
Colors Blue
Founded November 16th 2008
Dissolved September 8th 2009
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0/40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Irish Anarchist Party
Succeeded By Irish Social Democrats
Orientation Far-Left

The Irish Socialist Republican party was rebranded as the Irish Social Democrats in September 2009. It had approximately 103 members before its rebranding, and as many as 17 seats (42.50%) of Congress.


April 2009

"Socialism cannot exist without a change in consciousness resulting in a new fraternal attitude toward humanity, both at an individual level, within the societies where socialism is being built or has been built, and on a world scale, with regard to all peoples suffering from imperialist oppression." — Che Guevara, Marxist revolutionary, 1965

We believe that eIreland is a socialist country at it's core. RL experiences in the country's past, as well as the Provisional Government in August 2008 in eRep has given citizens a tendency to empathise with a country that has been ruled by another. Ireland is fortunate of having peace at the moment, so it is the mission of the ISRP to ensure that:

  • Irish citizens are free and well
  • Any law abiding citizen can enter government
  • We consider aiding countries under imperialist rule, if we are able


Foreign Policy Firstly, and most important, Ireland is a sovereign nation, and are not open to negotiation with regards to joining ATLANTIS or PEACE. That being said, we would like to see bonds being forged between our closest neighbours and ourselves, primarily for mutual economic benefit. We also support and would defend the sovereignty and independence of a foregin nation being oppressed by others. We would be prepared to work at tearing down PEACE vs ATLANTIS boundries in Europe and abroad.

War Games We support and encourage the movement for war games in Ireland for the purpose of training our citizens to fight. Our Department of Foreign Affairs, and our President, and other members of government will do a great job in organising and managing the games.

Wellness Wellness of our citizens in an important issue in terms of productivity. If we can find a way to aid the Ministry of Health in its health schemes, it would be of benefit to our country. Discounted housing should also be made available to Level 6 citizens on application to encourage Wellness. A Gift Buddy scheme was mentioned, and we believe this idea should be pursued.

Taxes We believe taxes are at a solid place at the moment. We need to encourage a high level of productivity here, and discourage the production of raw materials. In this way, we could import raw materials and produce enough to sustain Ireland, and possibly have some surplus to export. What we have to achieve is a stable balance between the ability to keep the private sector working, and have products at a good price.

New Citizens and Activity Our population is beginning to fall, as the “Baby Boom” phenomenon has come to an end. In order to have and maintain a high level of activity, we must provide information about all aspects of eRepublik, to avoid citizens leaving out of confusion or for feeling that there is a lack of things going on. This service is being provided by myself, the Minister of New Citizens, and Severin, our Minister of Information. To take this to another level, citizens should become proactive, helping citizens who have been seen in difficulty. This is usually covered by answering a simple question, or directing them to me, or another source.

Government We support our current government. It has basically the same opinions, but with enough diversity to debate until a final, improved opinion is formed. We also address activity of our government members (TDs) in the party, ensuring that our we keep our high level of representation.

State Companies We are most definitely in favour of the State Companies. They are a great advantage to our country and our citizens. They are indispensable for training up our citizens without damaging the private sector. We trust that the Minister of Industry continues to do a great job in ensuring they run smoothly.

(Taken from the ISRP Press Office's article by Starks Hayter, 27 April 2009

March 2009

State Owned Companies

The last month in Ireland has seen a massive improvement on the State Owned Companies. The current Minister of Finance Inquitus has done a fantastic job in managing them and keeping them efficient. However I believe we should be expanding these companies. Currently we have a Q1 Grain, Gift and Weapon company in operation. However we have failed to utilise the Irish State Housing company that is in the government’s possession. I believe this company may be vital in providing affordable housing and increasing the productivity amongst our massive new citizen base. I would also plan to open an Irish Moving Ticket company as the prices I have seen over the last few weeks have been appalling in this market.

My plan for these State companies would to have them stockpiling in times of economic boom and providing cheap products as well as being a price trendsetter during times of economic hardship. Using this system we can further ensure that we have a fair balance between Public and Private Sector companies.

Health & Housing

On the topic of health, I would first like to applaud Nithraldur, 5n4keyes and Pdiddy for their fantastic work and contribution to Ireland’s current Health System. As one of the people to help re-introduce the Health System back in October, I feel that they have brought this system to a new height of excellence. However, there is one vital flaw in this system, and that is lack of communication with the Irish People. Many people whom I have encountered were unaware that a Health System was even in place, and it saddens me to think so. I would introduce more articles regarding the Department of Health as well all the other Departments of the government. I would continue the system that Nithraldur has had in previous weeks otherwise.

As I have previously mentioned in my State Owned Companies section, I would use the Irish State Housing company at our disposal to house new citizens. I feel this is vital in increasing productivity. Instead of the Irish State Housing company stockpiling during economic boom, it would house new citizens. The system of this will work on a basis of game time and work attendance.


If elected I would introduce a tax reform to raise Income Tax in all sectors by 5-10%. This is for one reason, to fund our state owned companies and to fund our health and housing system. Michael Collins has previously pointed out in the Dail that our treasury is beginning to fall rapidly and we will need to raise taxes to compensate for this. But the citizens should not fear this, as every single IEP received well go towards improving Ireland and almost doubling what they have given in return.

Hospitals and Defence Systems.

I feel that during this time of population boom that we should be taking advantage of our newly acquired workforce and dispersing it across the different areas of the marketplace. I feel that we should be beginning to build more high quality hospitals and defence systems across Ireland. This would involve the construction of a Q4 hospital in the 2nd most populous region of Ireland and also building two defence systems in other regions.

Mutual Protection Pacts

If elected I would like to begin the process of signing MPP’s with smaller more vulnerable countries to help them defend themselves from the more imperialistic nations in this game. By signing an MPP, if one of these smaller countries were to be attacked, we could fight from home instead of wasting money on moving tickets. I feel that as the victim of a takeover in the past that we should be aiming to prevent this hardship from happening to other nations. I will also retain the MPP with the UK.

Northern Ireland

the newer players in Ireland have been fighting for the United Ireland cause over the past few weeks and this has caused a once small issue to become a much larger one indeed. As an Irishman, I can’t honestly say that I wouldn’t like to see a United Ireland happen one day. However, I’m a stern believer of “Keep Real Life Issues to Real Life”. I feel that with an active population base in Northern Ireland that appears to be content with the way things are being run, coupled with the Q5 hospital in NI, that any type of diplomatically orientated solution would be costly and not worth it. However, I have no problem with the citizens of Ireland doing what they believe in and have no problem with a nationalist party in NI.

European Social Alliance

A former political colleague of mine in the UK alerted to me of this at the very beginning. I have liked this idea from the beginning and would love to see Ireland as part of an alliance that strives for Economic co-operation and prosperity. Although many citizens have feared that the ESA may become imperialistic and militarized after a while, there is nothing from stopping us leaving if this happens. To be honest Ireland needs to be in some sort of alliance if we are to get out of 22nd place and up to 10th place in the world rankings.

Regional Assemblies

I believe that with the booming new population in Ireland, that we should be listening to their queries and ideas from the very start. I feel that a regional assembly for each region would be very helpful for this. Each assembly would be on the forum and would be an open forum for anybody to submit their queries and ideas openly to the congress members of this region. After each congressional election, a vote would be held via Private Message to determine who should head this Assembly. He or She will become the mayor of sorts and will disperse power further.


I’m an advocator of a consensus driven government, and would invite members from all parties to form my cabinet regardless of whom they have supported in the election. I feel that this is the only way to help Ireland grow and become prosperous. Irish Defence Force

I would like to applaud the current Minister of Defence, Igor Thunderbrow for his outstanding contribution to the reformation of the Irish Defence Force this month. I would love to see him continue his amazing work. I believe that further reform as well as the Irish State Weapons and proposed Irish Moving Ticket Company we can truly form an effective and strong task force that will be known throughout eRepublik.

Taken From Theus Jackus's Presidential Manifesto March 2009

Party Leaders

As Irish Republican Socialist Party

  • Merolk - September 12th 2008 to October 10th 2008
  • Irish_Rebel - October 11th 2008 to October 24th 2008
  • 'xEpidemikx - October 24th 2008 to October 28th 2008

As Irish Anarchist Party

  • xEpidemikx - October 28th 2008 to November 15th 2008

As Irish Socialist Republican Party

  • Mulligan - November 16th to December 15th 2008
  • Theus Jackus - December 15th to April 16th 2009
  • Starks Hayter - April 16th to July 15th 2009
  • Darragh O Faolain - July 16th - August 15th 2009
  • Theus Jackus - August 16th 2009 - September 15th 2009


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