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 Founded in 2008 I&W is the oldest party. I&W has experienced and active members and is always open for players and ideas.

I&W believes that quality of work and cooperation is a value which is very important and it always tries to find solutions in difficult situations and to find the best compromises 

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Iron & Wine

Party-Iron & Wine v2.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Netherlands.jpg Netherlands
Abbreviation I&W
National rank 3
Forum Forum
Colors Gold
Founded March 2008
President odan
Vice President Mael Dunbar
Members 13
Congress Occupancy 7/20 seats, 35%
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

Iron & Wine is one of the oldest parties of The Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands, founded in March 2008 it is still active today.


Classic Iron & Wine logo

Iron and Wine is the oldest and one of the most active parties in the Netherlands, always open for players and ideas. I&W has some very experienced and active members who provided for the Netherlands and several alliances. Even though Iron and Wine haven't been the biggest party by the number of members it has been in most governments of the Netherlands and United Netherlands so far.

Activity on governments included times when other parties made a coalition, but asked Iron and Wine members to fulfill a ministry job. I&W always supported this.

Foreign Affairs

Iron and Wine is an international oriented party. It was a supporter of PEACE Global Community since the beginning. Also, I&W member Flando was one of the two founders of the European Social Alliance (the other one being CreveRoeland of GVD). Iron and Wine has built up many good relationships with other countries and politicians of other countries. A lot of I&W members also have worked in other countries.

Internal Affairs

One of I&W's biggest goals is letting all state institutions (Government, Congress, etc.) provide as much information to the people as possible. As it is the only way for people to know what their representatives are doing, which is crucial for any democracy.

Media & Education.
I&W wants the government to spend more time working on Education, Which will keep citizens active. Also, education must go further than in the past. It must educate active people to be good politicians (Ministers/Congressmen/etc.) This is not only the task of the government, I&W works hard to teach their own members.


Iron & Wine is the oldest party of the Netherlands, and has always been one of the biggest.

April 2nd 2011 - Resurrection

After a period on 1-party rule in the Netherlands, I&W was restarted by Garmr. A lot of the old I&W members quickly followed and joined the party. Garmr had a lot of tasks within the Netherlands, and so, after volunteering for tasks within the party, Flando was asked to take over from Garmr and become party president. Even though the ingame party president elections had not yet happened.

Party Leadership & Presidential History

Former Party Presidents and Country Presidents by I&W can be found here: Iron & Wine/Elections