Israeli Nationality

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Israeli Nationality ✡

General Information
Country Flag-Israel.jpg Israel
Language English/Hebrew
Owner Emorfion
Founded March 11th 2011
Subscribers 59
Articles 32
Content Various types
Israeli Nationality is a newspaper created on March 11th 2011, by Emorfion. It's dealing with the matters of manly Israel, but also the changes in the eRepublik situation.

Loving Israel

The Israeli Nationality newspaper started a project calling all citizens of Israel to unite, and have mutual pictures that unite them in ways.

I <3 Israel

The first sticker that was presented was the I <3 ISRAEL - BUMPER STICKER, and it was presented on March 19th 2011.

I HEART ISRAEL Bumper Sticker.png


  • The sticker is built like the Israeli Flag.
  • It has two striped of blue (in the Israeli flag representing Talit).
  • In the middle it says:אני 3> את ✡. Fontmattic - Ani Ohev Et Israel - I Love Israel.
  • At the bottom it says in English and Hebrew: With Love From eIsrael