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eRepublik Ambassador
Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
Date of birth 29 January 2008
Date of death 2010
Residence Kanto
Sex Male
Newspaper Big City Lights.
Mayor of Shenyang
21 July 2008 – 20 August 2008
Congress member of Pakistan
2 August 2008 – 1 October 2008
Congress member of Germany
26 November 2008 – 6 February 2009
President of Germany
February 6, 2009 – April 6, 2009
Preceded by DKN
Succeeded by Starkad Rorlikson
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel*.png Lt Colonel*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
 Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. 
(Isy during his term as the President of Germany)

Icon - Ambassador Program.jpg

Awarded title of eRepublik Ambassador. The official Ambassador Program was a one-time program in eRepublik, to honour those players who contributed the most for propagating eRepublik IRL, and in general help the improvement of the game experience by translations and added programs. Requirements included having reached Level 12 and being an active player; and also various activities connected with the improvement of the site and its public relations.

Isy is a Military Veteran & CEO of several ORG-Groups.

Isy was former the Military Head Commander of Germany and the former minister of foreign Affairs and Defense.

From February until April Isy was President of Germany.

His Life in Germany (May 2008 until June 2008)

The first Station of Isy's Erepublik Life was in Berlin (Germany), he came after the first war against the Sweden into Germany, so his Erepublik life started in poorness.

There he met many friends and people like sebl and DKN, with both of them he got a good relation until today.

Also he was against the first German-Polish War, but he fought for Germany in this time. 3 Days before the Polish PTOed Germany Isy changed his Home to Pakistan.

His Life in Pakistan (June until October 2008)

God Emperor Dio Brando of the Crescent and Star This user is a proud Dioist.

He has been blessed by Dio.

At Pakistan he met the most of his friends, and also he learned thousands things which he also used today.

He liked his time in Pakistan. Guys like Senor Schlong and Agent Chieftain made him happy, and also they are until today good friends of Isy.

Isy was belong the food Crisis in August the General Manager of the (National) Sand Ltd SO, and helped Pakistan coming out from this food crisis, after the Food Crisis ended, Isy gave the Company Sand Food Ltd up to AgentChieftain he renamed this Company to "Pig Disgusting Food"

His Life in Sweden (former Germany) until 19 November 2008

Since October 2008 Isy lives in Munich, Bavaria at the Moment Munich is a part of Sweden.

Since November 2008 Isy, lives in Stuttgart, Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Also is Isy the Chairman and Co.Owner of the Deutschland AG.

His Life in Germany

He get voted for the Congress. Also he is Member of the "Freie Deutsche Demokraten" (FDD) in English "Free German Democrats".

Isy get voted as Minister of Defense, after the Presidential elections. Since the 20th December 2008 Isy become Minister of Foreign Affairs, after JewC Jew quit.

Isy got voted as Party President of the FDD and later to the President of Germany. He was two Months President of Germany in a row.

His Life in Canada

After Europe broke down, and Isy saw that there are only Racists & Fascists (for e.g. KalleHolm, Hungary, Romania, Poland and more ...) he left Europe and went to Canada.

Since 28th June 2009, Isy was the Chairman of the Party Committee for Military & Foreign Affairs in the Canadian Paradox Party.

Since the November 2009 Isy is a Member if the e US Marines Corps.

Isy's Return to Germany

March 2010, Isy come back to Germany.

Isy's Military Career

Isy had the Rank of the Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal.

  • Isy fought in the German-Polish War (for Germany) - [Beta Phase]
  • Isy fought in the Hungarian-Romanian War (for Hungary) - [Beta Phase]
  • Isy fought for the German Revolution
  • Isy fought for PEACE GC ( in different Wars)
  • Isy also fought for ATLANTIS (in different Wars)
  • Isy fought also in the third German-Swedish War (for Germany)
  • Isy fought for Canada and USA in the World War 2009

Isy was Member of the 2nd Panzer Division of Germany (Saufnasen Corps) and Member of the 1st Panzer Division of Germany (Brandenburger Corps).

Isy was Member of the CAF and he was a CAF Elite. From November 2009 until March 2010 was Isy Member of the US Marines.

Isy's Resistance Hero Medal

Isy started at the 19th.November.2008 at first the German Independence War in Baden-Wurttemberg. He was the first Commands who was Successful in the Resistance War for Germany. All other Regions and Commanders follow after Isy's example in Baden-Wurttemberg.

Isy's New World Experience

In Germany he learned the first steps of eRepublik.

In Pakistan he learned, how to help people, how to be a good Worker, also he visits the Falcon University of Creative Knowledge in Islamabad. There he learned many things about the Sociology and Political Science.

In Sweden he learned much about the Economy, and how to manage a profitable Company. Also he learned how to care his workers, so that most of them get a high Wellness.

Since April Isy is one of the most hated people in the New World. (mostly Poland, Sweden and PEACE does hate him)

Good friends of Isy

Isy had in eRepublik about 600 "friends" but only few of them are his good/best friends:

  • Chicco, was always Loyal to Isy during his time as President and until now they are good friends
  • henker one of Isy's best friends in erepublik, and one of his Mates at the US Marines Corps
  • DKN Minister & Friend and one of Isy's Business Partners in erepublik
  • sebl Mate & Friend of Isy in the Troop of the Brandenburgers, & one of Isy's Business Partners in erepublik
  • Kieler Mate & Friend
  • Vaclav, I don't even know if there is anyone else who is such a Drama Queen ;D
  • Big Brother, a very good guy
  • C. M. Burns aka Larry Burns, endless discussions with him are funny
  • Dean22, Isy knows him a long time ...
  • Billy Bob Joe a nice guy
  • JerryGFL someone who is awesome ^^
  • Rotfuchs, a good guy from Germany
  • Herr Schmidt, another good guy from Germany
  • and maybe Arthk, anarquia and Glados, anytime when the world is more friendly ^^